Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Meeting Up with the Wild

I received the following account from HftL reader, Karson, who was fortunate to meet up with two Minnesota Wild players at an autograph session at the Minnesota Sports building last week.

Hello Hockey for the Ladies readers! So, yesterday [Thursday] when we were walking around the Minnesota State Fair Minnesota Sports building, and I saw a whole bunch of people standing around two men at a table surrounded with Wild signs. Of course, I hopped in line right away, not even sure who it was. As I got a little closer, I started to figure out who it was. Casey Wellman and Nate Prosser, from the Minnesota Wild! (Nate Prosser is number 39, a defenseman in the blue and Casey Wellman is number 17, a forward, the one in the black). They were both super hot, and so of course I was a little bit nervous when it was my turn to get the autographs. I walked up to the table and they were both really cool, and having a good time. They were hitting each others pens, and making fun of each others writing.. I think their messing around made everyone comfortable in line, and it was really funny to see them being so normal and cool. (: When I got up to the table Nate right away said hi to me, and was really cool and nice. He was so easy to talk to, and he told me he liked my 'sweet Blackhawks hoodie' :) . Casey was exactly the same way! Very easy to talk to, and really nice! They both seemed like great guys, and I can't wait to watch them play this season!

(By the way, Casey is 22 and SINGLE and Nate is 24 and married). ; )
THANKS for sharing, Karson!!  That's an awesome picture and those are definitely two players worthy of a future WCH post (making a note now!)!!! ; )  Is it me or does Nate look a little like Seann William Scott (from American Pie, Role Models)?!


Sara said...

The Wild players already call Nate "Stiffmeister", so yes, he does look like Seann William Scott. Too funny.

Stephanie said...

TOO COOL ... I called that one!!

; P