Thursday, April 1, 2010

He's FAST as Hell
(especially when you're sitting in the first row of Section A!)!

I just had to find a way to share this photo because it amuses me (and, although it's not a trick / joke, it sorta ties into "April Fool's Day" with a little humor!)!!! It was one of the first pics I took at the game last Saturday and, YES, that IS in fact Sidney Crosby breezing past me at the speed of light!!

What do you mean, "WHERE?" THAT'S the point ... I had to give up trying for "action" shots and photograph him while he was "standing still" - LOL!! [although if you look to the bottom left corner of the pic, you can see a small portion of the back of his jersey!]!!

It's really amazing just how much faster the game / players seem the closer you are to the action!!


Misha said...

I was at the game yesterday and was sitting in the 3row, sec A and I have to say - I almost stop breathing when HE (:)) skated by me! It was incredible experience! And btw. he never stayed still :)

aBurghGirl said...

Awesome pic.... it does move fast down there!!!

Staal1187Crosby said...

So happy for you to see him up close like that! I saw my first hockey game in the lower level section (row 5) this past Tuesday (Devils vs Bruins), and it is indeed a different experience than my usual mezzanine seats. I'm so spoiled now, I don't want to go back up there!