Thursday, April 22, 2010

He Can Dance with the Puck
(and it's FUN to watch!)!!

I'm talking about that fancy footwork of his in Game 2 of this Round against the Ottawa Senators.  I mean, look at him ... he makes Jason Spezza look like marionette and literally skates circles around him!!!  It also distracted the goalie enough for Tangers to shoot the puck into the net!!

How can you NOT love Sid (or at least appreciate his incredible hockey skills?!!)???!!!!!!!!


CrackerLilo said...

That was so awesome! I couldn't take my eyes off of that even if I'd wanted to! My Beloved, who worships at the altar of Pavel Datsyuk, was cheering and saying, "That was *amazing*" several times. Letang couldn't do anything *but* make the shot, could he, not after the hard work Crosby put into that assist!

Stephanie said...

I know!!! He's done it a few more times since then. Did you see the little segment they had on it between periods during the game after he did it? He's just THAT special (even your hubby can't deny it!)!!! ; P

aBurghGirl said...

TOO dang awesome. The way that man can skate and puck handle is insane. Props to Sid!