Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sid's New Reebok Ad for ZigTech Shoes

According to NY Times "Media Decoder," the latest of Crosby's Reebok ads debuted on ESPN Monday night.  This time he's endorsing their latest "ZigTech" sneakers (with the catch phrase "the energy drink for your feet").

It's a pretty cool video (for pretty cool shoes!)!!  CHECK IT OUT BELOW:


aBurghGirl said...

I like this, and I think the shoes are cool looking too. I wonder if they are comfy???

CrackerLilo said...

Not bad at all! Being a marketing major (even if I don't use it), I think it's cool that this is being shown to a general sports audience, not just hockey fans. The shoe he holds did raise the question, at least for me, "Did they have him hold up the biggest shoe they had to really make the product stand out, or are his feet actually that big?" :-)