Friday, April 23, 2010

Where My Ladies At?

(How I Became a [Female] Hockey Fan)!
I'm so glad that you posted this topic for everyone. I know that it seems that the PuckSluts are taking over the world these days, but some of us actually know a cross check from a poke check.

Which brings me to where I am now. You see, up here in Northern Canada, there's not much to do in the winter other than go out on skidoo or play hockey. I moved up here to Labrador when I was six, and pretty much haven't left. Being originally from the city, I had never had a pair of skates on my feet - so my parents enrolled me in figure skating just to learn the basics. I first thought that I'd love figure skating - but I quit when the teacher wouldn't pass me up to the next level :P

So the years passed and I discovered my dad's obcession with the Leafs. And I fell in love with them too. The Playoffs of '99 was the time that I realized that I fell in love with the game...and a certain hockey player. Tomas Kaberle is my man - always was, always will be. I remember looking at my dad and telling him that I wanted to play hockey. He said no at first, but said that if there was a female team in town, he'd have no problem with it.

Sure enough, my dad started the first female hockey team in Churchill Falls that following fall. When he asked me what number I wanted and what position I wanted to play, he knew the answer. I wanted to play defense and wear the number 15. This girls team had never won a game at the regional level, but when we went to provincials, we dominated. I scored my first goal, which also happened to be the game winner, in the Bronze Medal game.

So, I owe all of my hockey devotion to Tomas Kaberle! I'm going to the Leafs - Pens game on the 9th of January, to see him and my other lovers, Max Talbot and Jordan Staal

I love the fact that girls play hockey and I'm also a little jealous since when / where I grew up there wasn't even a boys hockey team let alone one for girls (thats changed now, but it's still relatively new to our area; football is "king" here - UGH) and I'm certain if it was a more popular sport when I was growing up that I would've definitely had skates and a stick permanently attached to my body!!! ; P  I think it's just SO COOL that your dad started the first female hockey team and its the reason why you got to play - how awesome (what a great dad!)!!! ... THANKS for your amazing story, Charli!!  Be sure to let us know how your team is doing as you continu to play (I'd love to hear about that as I'm sure the rest of the readers would too!)!

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aBurghGirl said...

Thumbs up! Great story and I love the part about knowing a poke check from a cross check.

Shan_Francisco said...

Yay, this is my new favorite website!

Stephanie said...

@Shan_Francisco ... YEA!!! THANKS for the compliment!!!

; )