Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Western Conference Hottie: Fredrik Modin (LA Kings)

Hey, when you work the hours I do, you have to resort to watching strange and unusual things, for your entertainment. Like for instance, the Kings in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Where I found this little (well actually not so little) jewel ...

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: Well, in a certain arena in Sweden, he's almost as famous as (gag) Zetterberg (who's hotness is still under debate, in my own inner struggle) as the arena where they both played youth hockey is now renamed "Modin and Zetterberg hallen" (Modin and Zetterberg Hall).

Modin was drafted 64th overall by the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 1994 Draft. He was traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning on October 1, 1999, and won the Stanley Cup with the Lightning in the 03-04 season. He has played three seasons with Toronto and his last five with Tampa. For the 2004–05 season, Fredrik Modin returned to Sweden to play for Timr√• IK because of the NHL lockout. He scored 12 goals, 24 assists and had a total of 36 points. On June 30, 2006, he was traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets along with Fredrik Norrena for Marc Denis.

He is a member of the Triple Gold Club having won the 1998 World Championships, the 2004 Stanley Cup with Tampa Bay Lightning and Olympic Gold Medal in 2006.

Modin served as an alternate captain for the Blue Jackets. He has begun to decline in production, due to injuries, but remained a significant part of the Blue Jackets line-up. He scored a goal in Game 4 of the Blue Jackets' opening round playoff series against the Detroit Red Wings, the Blue Jackets' first-ever playoff appearance.

On March 3, 2010 Modin was traded to the Los Angeles Kings for future considerations. (Which I still don't think we know what are.)

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: Swedish, 6'4, 218, that's a whole lot to drool on right there. (and you can bet I'm drooling on every inch.) Dark blond hair, blue eyes. Yup, another one of those "golden boys" that I always fall for.

Has a "studly countenance" look at the pictures for yourself. He's got one of those sexy Olympic medals (why this always makes my thighs sweat, I don't know, but I always go with it, life's too short...).

I don't know if this really fits here, but hey, I'm writing this so I'm taking editorial "privileges" (relax ladies, it's nowhere near the "privileges" I extend to Mr. Modin, so no worries. I behave part of the time, just don't tell anyone.)

I mean really a game-winning goal over Satan's Spawn er... the Detroit Red Wings. (yes, I still hold a grudge.)

My personal fantasies involving this one, are nowhere near the soft and romantic. Just the hot and sweaty. I just can't picture him as anything other than a pillaging Viking warrior. Opinions...


Jenny said...

haha if it'd be in swedish it wouldn't be "modin and zetterberg hallen". i'd take a guess at "modin och zetterberghallen", rather. and it's in njurunda, sweden.

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

@ Jenny - I was figuring there was more to it than that, but I can only go with what I find. Your translation, sounds a lot better. : ) My source, didn't have a town listed, so thank you for the addition.

Kristina said...

Okay... so I'm on these prescription drugs to help you quit smoking and a big side effect is enhanced dreams. Mr. Modin has popped into my dreams more than once, and I am happy to have him there. Wondering if he'll be there tonight... haha.

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aBurghGirl said...

Hmmm... Definitely a hottie. *thumbs up*