Thursday, April 29, 2010

He Didn't [Doesn't] CHOKE and is Playing in Round 2
(UNLIKE Ovechkin & Company!)!!!

I'm sorry (and I apologize to all you Caps fans who read the blog), but when you're a Pens fan, it just comes naturally to hate Ovi and the Caps (I think it has to do something with all the comparison everyone makes when it's like comparing apples and oranges!); I'm sure Caps fans can relate with the same feelings toward Sid!!

The only thing sweeter than Sid and the Pens moving onto Round 2 and the Caps out of the Playoffs in Round 1 is the Penguins winning the Stanley Cup back-to-back!!

Speaking of Round 2, here is the schedule for Penguins VS Montreal (corrected; the schedule they had up last night on the Penguins webpage must have been wrong - which is where I got the original schedule from):

Friday, April 30th @ 7:00 PM, Pittsburgh (Versus)
Sunday, May 2nd @ 2:00 PM, Pittsburgh (NBC)
Tuesday, May 4th @ 7:00 PM, Montreal (FSN Pittsburgh)
Thursday, May 6th @ 7:00 PM, Montreal (Versus)
Saturday, May 8th @ 7:00 PM, Pittsburgh (Versus)*
Monday, May 10th @ 7:00 PM, Montreal (FSN Pittsburgh)*
Wednesday, May 12th @TBD, Pittsburgh (FSN Pittsburgh)*

* if necessary


Halley said...

(: I'm the only Pens fan n my house. The rest are Caps. So I toooootally love the fact they're out round 1.

I started reading your blog just a few days ago, and I love it!! Especially How do I love Thee? (:

OUT-standing job!!! :D

India said...

This is hard for me. I live in Montreal, so follow the Habs, but also follow the Pens. Totally split.

J'adoremelissa71 said...

I was totally ecstatic when they lost last night. : )

Stephanie, just a heads up, the Pens game on NBC is on Sunday instead of Friday.

Otherwise, I love your blog and read it first thing in the morning everyday, keep up the good work! :D

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Caps out of the playoffs = PRICELESS

Ovi's big mouth shut up quiet also = PRICELESS

The only thing that worries me is it's GOING to be either the Bruins or the Cryers, and either one of those = ugh!

mariabprice said...

@India i live in montreal aswell, and i truly followed the habs last year however, i'd been following the pens since birth (emotional attachment to mario plays a large to that) and when they changed the entire team up this year and got rid of some great guys in a really terrible way i told myself to pick a team.... it's hard but i did it <3


saved2serve87 said...

Not all Caps fans hate Crosby and the Pens. (Well I might be the only one who likes both teams and thinks Ovechkin and Crosby are amazing.) I'm devestated that the Caps are out of the playoffs already. I can't wait to watch the Pens slaughter Montreal. I was going to root for the Penguins anyway but having them play Montreal just intensified my desire to see the Pens win.

aBurghGirl said...

It really was a beautiful thing. Caps are gone!

Faihurst said...

i know ovie ttaly chocked LOVE YOU SID!!!!!!