Friday, April 30, 2010

Where My Ladies At?

(How I Became a [Female] Hockey Fan)!
I have been around hockey since I was 2 years old. I hated it growing up and would frequently fight with my parents about having to go watch my brothers play. It was not until I was around 18 that I really started to enjoy it. I guess part of me realized that there would come a day when neither of my brothers would be playing hockey and that really bothered me.

Growing up my parents always told my bothers and me that we could either take a few nice family vacations a year or we could play sports all year round. Of course we picked sports. Because of this hockey tournaments served as our “vacations.” My family and I traveled all over the place and although I hated it at the time, I now would give anything to spend hours in the car driving to hockey tournaments like we use to. Hockey was a huge part of my childhood and I love the sport not only because it is exciting and fun to watch but also because it has brought my family close together.

A few years ago I was reading one of my little brothers hockey magazines. To be perfectly honest I only read it because of the cute guy on the cover. That cute guy happened to be Sidney Crosby. After reading the article I was amazed with how humble he was, his love for the sport and how he wanted kids to be able to enjoy the sport just as much as he did when he was growing up. Because of Sid, I started watching professional hockey more and I ended up becoming a Penguins fan.

Maybe it’s weird that I only started watching professional hockey because of a silly little article. Some people may classify me as a puck bunny but I honestly do not consider myself one. I like the whole team and I enjoy watching them all play. I went to my first Pens game last week when they played in Boston and it was AMAZING. I enjoyed it so much that I spent $300 on tickets for when they come in March. I’m a 21 year old college student and I really should not be spending that amount of money on a hockey game but I think I would be miserable if I had to watch the game at home knowing that they are only 45 minutes away from my house.

Being a Penguins fan isn’t easy. I’m constantly surrounded by Bruins fans and I although I was REALLY excited when they won the Stanley Cup, it was a little depressing to celebrate the victory on my own. I constantly have to defend myself when I tell people I’m a Penguins fan but I honestly do not care. I love watching them and I am proud to be a Penguins fan :)

- Anonymous fan from NH
Thats a really cool way to have family time together (and it incredible of your mom and dad to give you the option of vacations or sports because either way they knew that it was going to mean family involvement) - AWESOME!!!  I can imagine it isn't something that you'd appreciate when you were younger but can as you get older and, don't worry, it's something we all go through (missing the days back when you were a kid, lived at home with mom and dad and did things with them as a family)!!  THANKS for sharing such a great story, "Anon!"

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aBurghGirl said...

I really thought I commented, but I guess not. Great story!

I love how hockey is such a "Family Affair" for so many people. I know it was for me growing up.