Wednesday, August 27, 2008

INTRODUCING HftL's Contributing Writer

Over the span of a few weeks during the short life of this blog feature, I met some very interesting fans and a few new friends!

I made a connection with Kena from the “Girls ARE Real Fans Too” blog and asked if she would like to join me on this site as a contributing writer to which she so graciously accepted. I figured that we’d all be missing a whole bunch of “eye candy” if I solely focused on my Penguin boys and thought it was a great idea to have her cover the area from which she’s from - the state of Kansas (and give all of us a new appreciation for good-looking guys from outside southwestern PA) – she’ll be covering the Western Conference guys and her posts will be referred to as “Hotties of the Western Conference.”

TODAY will be her first post! It's up to her as to how often and who she will focus on in her posts - I think she mentioned something about bi-weekly, but I won't hold her to it (maybe we will once we see all the WC hotties)!!

Hotties of the Western Conference: Fabian Brunnström

I'm sure that he's fairly unknown throughout the NHL. However, he's kind of a “foreign Cinderella story” and I for one haven't been able to stop thinking about him since I saw his picture on the Stars website. I hope that there are more out there who agree with me. Just because I don't want to appear too, “strange."

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: This beauty was signed by the Dallas Stars (my favorite team). Who snapped him up as the winners of what was cheesealy (Yes I invented that word just now, I think? [I'm confirming she did!]) referred to as “the Fabian Brunnström Sweepstakes” (Can I play too?? For nefarious reasons of course), [Read About It Here] & [Here]. The Stars gave him a maximum entry level contract for this season.

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: Uh, Duh, he's hot. He's 6'2” 203 lbs. of really pretty Swede. He is one of the new staples on the list of gorgeous Scandinavian type men who thankfully populate the NHL. Check out the eyes. Lashes to die for. Since he's Swedish, he could read me the phone book, and I'd be ridiculously happy. (Love their accents.) He's got that “You don't really know what I'm thinking, but I KNOW you'd like to” look to him. Delicious.

I'm definitely hoping that he plays as good as he looks... which should be MVP of “some” kind.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

You're My Boy, "Ruuts!"

Today is Jarkko Ruutu's 33rd birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RUUTS!!

So I thought I'd celebrate the day by dedicating a post to him (which I had planned to do later, but why the hell not have more than one then - double the fun)!!

If you aren't aware, Ruutu was (and will remain, even though he's a Senator) one of my favorite players. He's an all-around great player and I can't say enough how his contributions to the Pens were often overlooked (and I'm certain will be missed this season) -- not to mention he's HOT!! Nothing like a guy with "smarts" who knows when to "drop the gloves!" You gotta love him.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RUUTU!! I'm blowing you a birthday kiss I'm hoping will make it's way to you in Finland!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

10 Things About Sidney

I call this list MORE Reasons for me to LOVE Sidney Crosby!

I'll go over a select few of the items from this listwith some images to illustrate the text - FUN!! If you need background information, read the original post on my Pens blog.
  • One of his nicknames in the locker room is "Creature" because his lower body is "freakish." I've seen it in a number of pictures and I've heard him talk about needing to get his jeans specially made to accommodate his solid backside - and thighs; to comment on the picture to the right, I don't think I've ever seen sweatpants on a guy fit quite like the way those fit on Crosby - WOW!!]
  • Sid can fight - and there's nothing like a guy who can fight (he can defend his woman)!! AND, he went to Laraque to learn how to be good at it - you gotta love that!! Honestly, when I saw his first fight I thought to myself, "OK - NOW he's perfect and I think I'm in love!" [ladies, I'm married, but I'm not dead!!]

  • he's superstitious. There's really not much to discuss here other than I think it's cute. I've heard that he doesn't like anyone to touch his sticks after he tapes them, etc., but I wasn't aware of the shoes or path to the the Mellon arena things. Do you think this would be one of those things about a guy that you find cute when you start dating him but then turns into one of the very thing that annoys you about him and makes you want to slap him silly? I don't know - we're talking about Sidney Crosby here!!
  • Sid is not a health-food freak. THANK GOD for that!
    "You must have me mixed up with Robs (Gary Roberts)," he said, laughing. "I'm not picky. When I'm hungry, I eat."
    I always thought Gary Roberts seemed a little extreme with that; my husband and I used to make jokes about it that made me want to pee my pants! But I'm
  • he understands the media. He's not only SEXY, he's smart too! I LOVE listening to Sidney talk!! He is just so savvy and diplomatic in all of his answers - you honestly forget how young he is. I think I'd enjoy listening to him recite a phone book - I'm certain he would somehow make it sound so interesting!

Pesonen "Eye Candy" Material?!


What a pleasant surprise this was today!! I was browsing the internet to find some post-worthy stuff for my Pens blog when I came across this gem of a photo - of Janne Pesonen.

Yes, that's right, ladies! THIS is our newly acquired left winger - um, YUM! I never expected this by looking at that ridiculous photo plastered all over the internet this summer of him in his advertisement-laden uniform.

And that baseball cap - I LOVE when guys wear them - how hot is that?! He just may be in the running for a future "Eye Candy of the Week" spot!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

For Every Negative, There's Been a Positive (or TWO)!

OK - this blog has actually taken on a life of it's own and I've decided just to go with it!!

My initial plan was for this "blog" to merely be a feature of my other one and that I was going to work on it as a weekly thing, but there are far more feminine things to focus on than I ever imagined - let your inner sex kitten out and there's a whole new view of the world, ladies (and you learn there are always those who feel the same way as you so don't ever be afraid to be yourself)!!

I said I wasn't going to continue on with the controversial "pb" story / debate and I'm NOT; however, there has been some response from you ladies out there on the more positive side and I feel that it's important enough to focus on! I've actually been surprised with the support but I am tremendously thankful for those of you who have contacted me to share your thoughts and show some love!

Just recently, "Life_As_A_Redhead" (Girls ARE Real Sports Fans To blog) commented on my site and I just appreciated the support so much I decided to post it (I realize that all readers can view comments, but I'd just like to post this one because, as the title of the post says, for every negative, there's been a positive (or two))!!

I would like to say that I understand where you're coming from, on wanting to remove the stigmatisiam *ass*ociated with the term "Puck-Bunny". I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing that use of that term hurts those girls feelings. Or that some of the guys (or girls) have used it in hurtful ways.In my area, (very rural, mennonite (religion which are a lot like Amish) I have to deal with a much different thing than being thought of as a "Bunny" with my love of sports (Hockey, Football & NASCAR). In fact I have trouble with EVERYONE (especially the guys) understanding that I am NOT homosexual (Christ I hope that doesenn't stir anything else up, "Puck-Bunny" was bad enough).So let me say, that I'm gonna be a regular reader, and good luck with the "Eye Candy". *wink*
And, just to stay with the "theme" of this blog, here's some "eye candy" especially for you (and the rest of the supporters)!!

For all my "Ladies" - ENJOY (another look at this week's "Eye Candy," Sidney Crosby)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'm sorry, but that jersey doesn't do anything but make a fine specimen like Bissonnette hotter than he already is!! Could that be the jersey?! And his "heavy endorsement," even HOTTER!!

Honestly, EN posts the fact that the jerseys are

Kind of like what the Stars did with their home Reebok Edge-Super-Duper-Mega-Ultra-Awesome-Humungo-Women-Will-Want-You Uniform System jerseys.
But I'd have to say, it's working if that's what they're going for!!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Negative Attention is Better than NONE at All, I Suppose!

WOW - what a inaugural day for the new feature of my beloved blog!! Was this more trouble than it's worth?? In one word, NO!

So I had to change the title of the blogroll - no biggie! I actually think this is being blown WAY out of proportion! Fine - I made a mistake listing other female bloggers under the "puck bunny" blogroll -- I have MY site under that list for fuck's sake - I suppose I'm insulting myself?!! I respect my peers enough to accommodate them; however, I disagree that I was insulting - like I said in my previous post, I am confident enough with my knowledge and love of hockey that I don't have to prove anything to anybody and these nifty little chickies should feel the same (I've read their stuff - they definitely don't need to defend themselves!).

Here's the poop, I mean scoop (and check out the comments -- WOW)!!

END of story -- no more "controversial" posts; I refuse to veer off from the original intent of this feature!!

To BE [a "Puck Bunny"] or NOT to BE [a "Puck Bunny"] - THAT is the Question (or Debate)!

I would've NEVER guessed that this new feature would cause such a stir among the female hockey bloggers, but it has (and I think they're starting to gang up on me)! To think - I was so excited about this new section and then come to the realization of what a big mess I have to deal with!

First off, I would like to apologize to any of my fellow female bloggers / hockey fans out there who were insulted by this feature of my blog. More specifically, I'm sorry that my use of the term "Puck Bunny" has offended some of you! I made the very innocent mistake of trying to eliminate the stigma by using the term loosely here. I figured that if I embraced that side of me here, amongst other female bloggers / fans then counter it (and maintain credibility as a true hockey fan) by writing intelligent, knowledgeable information on my other blog, I could begin to create an understanding of the female fan! Sort of a contradiction in terms - the point I was trying to make. Perhaps, making light of the whole situation. Not the case, according to my peers!

And for this very reason, I have changed my blogroll to read "Other Knowledgeable Female Hockey Bloggers," so that I may make amends with all of you - truce?!!

Now - the true sense of the word "puck bunny" brings visions of stalking and the sheer need to attend a game with a sign that reads, "Marry me, [fill in the blank]!" or "Future Mrs. [fill in the blank]!" -- THAT, my friends, is NOT EVEN CLOSE to who I am as a female hockey fan / blogger which is why I felt comfortable in "loosely" calling myself a "puck bunny" and poking fun at the whole ridiculous debate -- it's something that us true female hockey fans shouldn't have to worry about because WE DO have integrity and WE ARE credible!! And men should just DEAL with the fact that we also find players attractive - SO WHAT?! I still understand the game and it doesn't make me (us) any less of a fan(s)!!

I enjoy the game - why can't I enjoy looking at the players and be open about it? And what is the difference between posting hot pictures of players and/or using the word "hottie" on a blog -- doesn't it give the same impression (and the reason why some fans are tagged as "puck bunnies" in the first place)?

I can't eliminate the stigma by myself, ladies! I'm hoping we can join together instead of creating more of a reason for the guys to think we're a big joke!


WELCOME to my New Blog Feature!

for the Ladies

That means for the ladies ONLY (you guys wouldn't be interested anyway). This is the side of hockey that only we ladies can truly appreciate - and why guys may incorrectly categorize us as "puckbunnies." Actually, a part of me is a "puckbunny" and I LOVE that side which is why I created this new feature of my blog (I need to pay more attention to it and be proud of my feminine side -- guys can do it, so why can't we?!)! I want my blog to encompass all sides of the female fan (girls CAN find players attractive AND enjoy/understand the game - I'm proof of it and I know there are other females out there just like me) so men should just DEAL WITH IT!!


My plan for this feature is to not only include "eye candy," for the ladies to ENJOY but also to provide information that the female fan may not know or understand about hockey.

Our First "Eye Candy of the Week"

Who else would be my first "Eye Candy of the Week?" Why, none other than our very own team Captain, Sidney Crosby!

ENJOY ladies!!

Unsung Hottie

An "unsung hottie" is a hockey player who's not always the first guy you think about when you mention sexy but that doesn't make them any less hot!

This week's "Unsung Hottie" is Kristopher Letang who recently was voted into the Hottie Hockey Dream Team by "Wrap Around Curl" blog readers.

The Defensive Duo; Kristopher Letang and Mike Komisarek. I wasn’t entirely hot on Komi, but I have taken a liking to him. I adore Kris. I always feel compelled to say, “oh heyyyyyy Letangggggg” and slip him my phone number. I was rather hurt Mike Green ended up having to face Kristopher. That one pulled at my eartstrings. What to buy these boys… something to tend to them after they get into fights. I want them in top condition, at all times. Ahem.

Random - Michael Phelps

So I know Michael Phelps isn't a hockey player, but his body is definitely worth posting; plus, he's all over the news (notice that I said body - I'm still not sold on the rest of him - sometimes he's hot and sometimes not)!

And I found so many good "body shots" that I couldn't just choose one (all of my good finds are posted)!

But you can't take away the fact that he won 8 for 8 gold medals! UNBELIEVABLE!!

I don't know how you ladies feel, but I sure do wish that Sidney was a swimmer (at least in the off-season) - I would LOVE to see him shirtless more often!