Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Western Conference Hotties "Month of Stars" - [Final] Week 5: Loui Eriksson (Dallas Stars)

All right, listen up ladies. I'm sharing Pretty Loui with you all, but it's on a look-but-don't-touch basis ONLY. He's mine, so hands off, OK?! Good, got the preliminaries out of the way. Now on to the good stuff... [OK - you're scaring me a little, Kena!! I think she means business, ladies!]

I first noticed him right after he was called up from Iowa. I thought he was cute and, man, could he play hockey. But he was kind of tentative about it (still is sometimes). But that seems to be behind him now [read HERE]. I'm not sure when I changed my thinking from “cute” to “damn this guy is uber (super/awesome)-hot,” but it happened and I'm generous enough to let all of you drool along with me. [I'll admit, he's growing on me!]

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: The single thing that has impressed me the most in this department. Was his personal late season siege of the San Jose Sharks [INTERVIEW]. He also seemed to have their number pretty good in the playoffs, too. Especially the first couple of games, not so much later on. When he gets on a roll, it is not uncommon for him to score multiple goals, and multiple assists in a game. He kicked ass in Sweden as a kid, and the Stars are putting a lot of faith in him for this season and he has definitely come through for them. He has a really good scoring touch (hands), and unless they check him pretty hard (he's really strong), the opposing players just kind of bounce off. He's also starting to get more aggressive with his own checking. I really look for him to just get better and better this year. He's already collecting steals and winning puck battles along the boards. One unique thing that I find really interesting is the fact that he says he “likes playing on the road better than playing at home.” In fact, I've noticed a distinct increase in points when the Stars are on a road trip, so it seems that this idea is supported with stats as well. His usual line mate is Brad Richards, and the two have combined for a goodly portion of the Stars total goals this year. He is leading the Stars in scoring so far this year. And just earned his very own hat trick a few weeks past. As of last week, he was 5th in Goals, in the NHL. In fact, he was the NHL's first Star of the Week, for the week of Dec. 21, 2008 [Read Here].

THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: 6'1”, 189lbs. (I actually think he's grown since he made the NHL, he looks like it anyway. Personally I'd like to see him put on another 15 or 20 lbs. Ah, to improve his hockey ability of course [innocently blink eyes] Dark blond hair, and those beautiful gold Swede eyes. Which I have personally dubbed “cat eyes” due to the fact that during interviews (not all but most of the time) and when setting on the bench and at random other moments in time, he has a habit of staring at the interviewer (or just sitting there looking very intense) like a great big cat who is considering eating them [watch this interview, too cute]. One thing that does detract slightly from his attractiveness, is the fact that he looks MUCH hotter on video, than in two dimensional photographs. And he looks just as sexy whether he's smiling, brooding or blushing (which is too cute). And I know this is old, and translated from Swedish... but... It's just sooo cute [Read This]. He is just, quite simply, a DOLL! [Another more in depth article HERE] As far as I'm concerned, the better he gets at playing hockey, the prettier he gets. But that's just the way I am.

As a matter of fact, all we hockey loving ladies will be supremely deprived if he EVER figures out how fabulously gorgeous he actually is. He'd never play another hockey game. He'd head straight for Hollywood or New York. Swedish model, indeed!!!! He definitely looks like one!!!!! Except in this [VIDEO] but we'll forgive him for that. I mean after all, it was a playoff run...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crosby Picture of the Week

I enjoy "artsy" photos especially the ones that are shot from a "bird's eye view" like this one is, so it was pretty easy picking this week's photo (from Friday's game in NJ).

When I see these kinds of pics, I often wonder where the photographers are located to take them. Interesting to think about.

Make-A-Wish Luncheon

I haven't had a chance to post this until now. This is video from the Pens recent "Make-A-Wish" practice / luncheon held the Friday before Christmas for 25 children.

From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article posted December 20th:

Forward Mike Zigomanis stopped by Julie's table to talk about his missing front teeth. Defenseman Philippe Boucher gave Julie — who underwent surgery on a brain tumor last year — a high-five after he learned they were both left-handed.

The Penguins have been hosting the event for 23 years. Every member of the team stopped by the Igloo Club to make small talk, sign autographs and pose for pictures with the children — who all have a life-threatening medical condition.

Just another example of the many charitable ways this team gives back to the community (and how it shows that they genuinely enjoy doing so).

Monday, December 29, 2008

Cover Boy Once Again!

For the second straight year in a row, Sidney Crosby is #1 among the "100 People of Power and Influence" in the hockey world as ranked by The Hockey News.

Fellow Penguin hottie, Evgeni Malkin, also made the ranking at #91.

The December 29th edition of The Hockey News features Crosby on the cover (pictured in this post).

Friday, December 26, 2008

Thanks - SO MUCH!!

I just wanted to take the time to thank all of you who e-mailed or posted "get well wishes" to me! You just do not know how much I apprecite your thoughtfulness and just how greatful I am for such wonderful readers!!

I am feeling SO MUCH better, so hopefully I'll have this place up and running like "normal" soon!!

And another BIG THANK YOU goes to Kena because, without her, there wouldn't have been much of a blog these last few days while I was sick (all of the posts were hers)!! She's been such a great friend to me since I met her and just another wonderful blessing that has come out of my working on this blog!  Thanks always to you, Kena!

THANKS also for all of your holiday greetings!  I'm hoping all of you had a better day than I did although mine wasn't all that bad -- Santa did bring me what I asked for -- a new camera (with which I hope to take TONS more awesome pics at the games I go to -- so you guys benefit too)!!

Well, Merry Christmas and THANKS again!!  I just love you ladies - without you, there is no true value in this blog!!

PS - there's a little something I posted below that Santa left under my tree for all of you!!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Pens!!

Even though I'm a day or so late posting this, it is SO WORTH watching ANYTIME!!  How adorable are our boys, ladies?!! And Geno - OMG!!!  Adorable doesn't even describe it!!  He seems to have found the "H" that Fleury was missing in his "Appy" Thanksgiving greeting last time (although Fleury does seem to be concentrating on the "H" this time around)!!! 

Oh - and for those of you who enjoy cutting on Mark Eaton, I DARE YOU to find something horrible to say about him after watching his holiday wish to the fans (how cute is that?!)!!!

ENJOY (my gift to you, ladies - MERRY CHRISTMAS)!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Western Conference Hotties "Month of Stars" - Week 4: Fabian Brunnström - Revisited (Dallas Stars)

We've already covered this "beauty" in a previous post here on HftL [LINK HERE]. However, I believe (and Stephanie is humoring me - I'm sure the readers don't mind all that much either!) that he bears "revisiting" in the hotness category (especially in light of all the, ah, "new material" available to um, illustrate my opinions [laughs]).

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: A highly sought after Swedish

 "import" (at one time there were 12 NHL teams vying for his services), he was signed to a maximum entry-level contract by the Dallas Stars. It's turned out (so far) to be worth every penny. He's one of the leading goal scorers (3rd) on the team. Notably, he scored a hat trick in his very first game [VIDEO] which puts him in some very impressive company (only the third 1st game hat trick in history). Since the Stars have been riddled with injuries recently, he's been getting TONS more ice time than expected. My opinion is that he's developing into a very good defensive forward. He's been really good at going after pucks, and getting in the “nitty gritty” of banging around on the boards. Personally, I'd like to see him taking more shots, but then that's my thing. I'd like to see them all take more shot s, and go after the rebounds really hard. That's my favorite style of hockey and he'd be pretty good at it. I know his game has a lot of developing to do yet [read], but so far I like what I see.

THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: Dark blond hair, (YES, again [laughs, honestly I do look at guys who aren't blond, really I do] WHO are you kidding, Kena?!!); pretty aqua blue eyes. 6'2" 203lbs. Always gracious (and from what I've seen, "flirtatious" is a good descriptive term also) with his fans, and a genuinely sweet and outgoing personality. He can wind you around his little finger with a smile. Some of the Stars fans started referring to him by the singularly adorable nickname of “Bunny.” Of course, since I'm the world's most atrocious speller (and wrapping your tongue around all those letters is definitely not easy), I jumped on this

 nickname. He possesses a singularly awesome work ethic (I don't need to tell you all what I'm speculating that might transfer to, I'll let you all

 come to your own conclusions). He was a “burger stuffer” at Burger King back home in Sweden (while he was in the Swedish minor leagues), while getting up early to go to the rink in the morning for extra practice on his own. Talk about dedication (again, just my speculation, but does that have  possibilities, or does that have possibilities?!). As a particular added bonus he's as attractive when he's leaving as he is from the front. I can say this tactfully “he provides an amazing improvement to lower body  apparel” or I can just be simply, brutally honest - the guy's got a gorgeous ass!! But either way, it bears mentioning. You should've just saved yourself the trouble and said it the brutally honest way to begin with (which is the Kena we've all come to know and love)!!

In my humble opinion, hockey players in street clothes are a VERY special treat. Just like unwrapping a very special gift on Christmas morning. I know I definitely wouldn't mind finding him under my tree tomorrow. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!  Sorry, Kena - I may be able to pull off a whole bunch of things, but this isn't one of them -- this post is the best I can do with that wish!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Crosby Picture of the Week

Pittsburgh Penguins' Sidney Crosby celebrates his game-winning ...

This is of Sidney's game-winning goal in O/T last night against the Buffalo Sabres (which I didn't get to see because I was still sick and decided to go back to bed after the 2nd period).

WAY TO GO, Sidney!!!

SORRY for the Lack of Updates!!

Hi guys (miss me?)!

I apologize for the lack of updates, but I caught the flu-bug from my parents while visiting them over the weekend and I haven't been well since (I've actually been held here captive so that my mom can nurse me back to health which really isn't a bad thing!).

I'm going to try and see how far I can get with an updates post (because I'm sure you're more aware of the news than I am right now), but I tire out pretty easily and today is actually the first time I've felt somewhat better so I'm not too sure how that will turn out.

THANKS for all your e-mails (a lot of which will probably help me along with my post)!! I truly appreciate all of my readers!

Stay tuned!

PS - to give you a true idea of how sick I really am, I have tickets to go to the game tonight (and watch Whitney's NHL debut), but I'm not going and instead, my husband is taking his dad - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

BAD BOY of Winter: Mike Komisarik (Montreal Canadians)

The million watt smile hides the fact that he's one of the leaders in blocked shots and hits. He's one of if not THE main reason Carey Price looks so good (never hurts to have one of the best D-men in the league, in front of you). His smile also hides the fact that, in true NY style, he's a party boy who has dated the likes of Alecia Cuthbert [Read about it Here (good pics)], and Lindsay Rosen.

PLEASE tell me what female would not want to be in official #92's spot at about 0:22 in this video?????

If you do a little digging, (which I admit I did). You'll find that a surprising (or not) number of Komisarek fights, er. end with him, ah on "top."

As proof I offer this one... Komisarik kicks the stuffings out of Dubinsky...

and this one...

That was the last one, I promise...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Western Conference Hotties "Month of Stars" - Week 3: Steve Ott (Dallas Stars)

I'm actually not sure that I'm qualified to write a piece (and this “piece” will probably be “epic!” without my exercising some self control) on Steve Ott. I'm also not totally sure that he really belongs in the “hottie” category since I have been ripped up one side and down the other for referring to him as “hot” (don't worry, the actual accusers shall remain nameless [laughs]). But be that as it may, I still find him hot. [I honestly don't know what these people were looking at, but it definitely wasn't him because he is definitely hot; besides, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder!"] Frighteningly so. Hopefully, with this piece I can convince the rest of the planet that I know what I'm talking about or, maybe on second thought, do I actually “want” to share? [You convinced me before, but you saw him first, so he's all yours! ; ) ]

First I must make note, that Steve Ott is my FAVORITE hockey player. This in no way means I consider him the “hottest” or “most attractive” (NOT THAT HE'S A DOG!!!!!) or that I think he's the most skilled or has the most natural ability. What I find him is the most entertaining, unique and enjoyable. He has played a very large part in my “development” as a fan of this utterly awesome sport. In personality he is second to none. Hard work and dedication – personified.
IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: What Ott brings to the table in a hockey game, will never show up on a list of statistics. [Read Here] It's passion, it's intensity, it's unbridled enthusiasm for the game. And I'm not the only one who holds this opinion [ It's make the other team so blind crazy with rage, that they attack you. Then you sit in the penalty box for 2 minutes, while they are confined for 5 (and still come out hunting you). I have dubbed this style of play “masterful manipulation of the instigator penalty” [VIDEO]. This type of play results in creating many opportunities for your team to be on the PP. You could make a case for his motto being “fight smarter, not harder”. [Read] I have read that his teammates will not repeat what he says to the opposition out on the ice. I don't know if this means that they approve or disapprove, but my curiosity is definitely peaked. Unlike some of the “agitators” we've (I've) been seeing in recent headlines, he's pretty good at scoring goals, and usually has quite a few assists. He can play either center or wing equally well. He's currently out for the month of December, with a broken right hand. Needless to say, the team is missing him.

THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: 6'0” (I'm not sure he wasn't standing on a brick when they measured his height. But if he's shorter than 6' my fantasy life takes a really painful hit. So I just ignore this stat.) 189 lbs. Great big blue and very intense eyes, and yes, for all the doubters, he REALLY is blond (just a little “strawberry”) [Boating VIDEO]. However, (and I speak from personal observations, just not observations of him in the flesh.) he does have a red beard (if you read your Scandinavian mythology, you will find several characters with this coloration, even some accounts of Thor himself sporting blond hair and a (fearsome) red beard). And Otter's was definitely “fearsome” at the end of last season. He gives the best interviews. He credits his Mom, for his personality. He's always paying special attention to the little kids, who come to watch practice, etc. It seems that he's always provoking guys who are bigger than he is. In fact in one of those interviews I mentioned, he admits he's gone so far as to learn “certain words” in many different languages so as to be the best he can be at his job [poking the sleeping watchdog]. I am not sure if I should call this trait courageous or ignorant but it's still awesome. And if you like hockey fights, you really should look up some of his when you have an afternoon to waste (or any other excuse you can think up to watch guys fighting for that matter... [VIDEO vs Cunitz] [VIDEO Ott v Carcillo] [VIDEO vs Steve Montador]).

I have no idea why I feel like I need to defend myself after writing this post. Just an old habit, I guess. But to all the nay-sayers, and ew-yuckers (you know who you are) of the past. Bite me. (But just remember, he's first in line. [laughs]). [I could be wrong, but I believe you can feel safe here, Kena, since I don't think anyone will judge you or your taste!]

Another GREAT post, Kena - THANK YOU!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crosby Picture of the Week

This picture was taken during last Wednesday's game against the New Jersey Devils and is one of the rare occasions when Sid goes to the penalty box.

He's cute even when he's being BAD!! ; )

Pictures from Practice at Southpointe

Yesterday, HftL reader, Lauren, was lucky enough to attend the Penguins practice yesterday at Southpointe AND she was gracious enough to share the pictures and I'm posting a few here!!

THANKS, Lauren - and ENJOY, ladies!!

Penguins Visit Childrens Hospital in Oakland

Yesterday, the Penguins made a trip to the Childrens Hospital in Oakland to play Santa to a few children hospitalized there. This is the most adorable thing I've seen (even more adorable than "Project Bundle Up")!! There are just too many priceless moments in this video to name (so you're just going to have to complete the miserable task of watching it for yourself)!!

But our boys are the best on and off the ice!!

And thanks to Lauren for the "heads-up!"

Monday, December 15, 2008

GOOD LORD - Strip Hockey (with Pictures!)!!

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette posted an article about practice last Friday and how some of the players participated in "strip hockey" (YES - you read that right AND that's what the PPG called it)!!
As practice wound down, several players engaged in strip hockey -- you don't score on a breakaway from the blue line, you take something off; you score, you get to put something back on. The clear loser was defenseman Kris Letang, who eventually was trying to score on one skate -- his left foot was bare -- and was also without his helmet, gloves, jersey and upper-body pads.
And, by golly, we don't even have to wait for pictures -- some kind soul took them and already posted them on LGP message board!! However, these pictures aren't quite as good as the "Shirts vs. Skins" since no one was without a shirt! The all of Tangers (and some including Duper).

Look at all the hockey gear on the ice in a pile to the right!!

And there's Tanger's bare foot (resting on Duper's skate)!!
HftL reader, Elizabeth C., was nice enough to send me a special birthday greeting yesterday and it was just TOO GOOD to keep to myself!!

Enjoy, ladies AND THANKS A BUNCH, Elizabeth (nice work - I LOVE it!)!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Hockey 101" with HftL: The Mystery Men in the Striped Shirts

I know everyone asks it, "what was that penalty for, again?" Well did you ever think about who exactly those guys are who decide in the first place and what they do? Well, now you and I both are going to have a better understanding.

Each NHL game is officiated by a team of "linesmen" and "referees." This team consists of 2 linesmen and 2 referees.

The Referee's job is overall supervision of the game. He has control of all other officials, including off ice officials (i.e., video/replay judges). He is responsible for determining and announcing all penalties, and identifying and announcing the player scoring the goal or committing the infraction/penalty. He has no responsibility for assigning assists. His decisions are final. Referees may not stop the game in matters of off-side or icing as these are the duty's of the Linesmen. The one exception to this is injury/incapacitation of a Linesman.

The Linesman's job is primarily calling violations for "icing" and "offsides;" he is also responsible for "backing up" the Referee (by reporting his opinions on any incident that may have occurred on the ice). He is also responsible for facing-off the puck in all situations except the start of a game, and the start of each period or after the scoring of a goal (basically, anytime there is a face-off at center ice.

In addition to the players on each team working in harmony with one another, it is important as an official to work in harmony with your "officiating team." This means that you strive for consistency and communication (with your counterparts and also, to some degree, with those you are "overseeing").

Communication with your counterparts is very important because nothing is more frustrating to the players than not knowing exactly what actions are acceptable, and what aren't. Which is why all good officials try to avoid the "well, it's roughing in my zone" type of trap. Good officials will try to keep track of each other, in addition to watching what is happening in the game itself. Good officials want, above all, a safe and fair game.

[this post was written by Kena]

Thursday, December 11, 2008

BAD BOY of Winter: Jarkko Ruutu (Ottawa Senators)

So how many of you ladies guessed that I would be doing my first "BAD BOYS of Winter" on Jarkko Ruutu this week? As you probably all know - he's one of my favorites!! Sorry - there's no prize, just wanted a show of hands!

Even though Ruutu was with the Pittsburgh Penguins for 2 seasons, he's not a well-known guy (he is well known, however, for being one of the NHL's top pests!). I believe he was, as a Penguins player, very underrated -- he was a smart player and never got the credit he deserved; I believe this was because of his "bad boy" image that had him on every ref's radar. In April 2008, he was voted as the NHL's 3rd dirtiest player tying with Chris Simon in the SI Players NHL Poll (which I believe is unsubstantiated - I'd really never consider Ruutu "dirty" -- on the ice anyway [grins]).

He was born on August 23rd and I'd never usually find this interesting or normally include it in a post, but it's my dad's birthday so I thought it was something neat when I found out about it!!

Here's a few of his fights where he gets the best of his opponent:

February 10, 2008 fight against Steve Downie (Philadelphia Flyers) for which one of the greatest signs was made and posted at the arena thereafter (see the photo below from my own personal gallery ; ) )

But the BEST part of Ruutu, by far, is his mouth and sheer talent for getting under players skin by using his brain (really sexy!); CLICK HERE for the THE MOST AWESOME DISPLAY OF THIS as Ruutu mouths off to Garth Murray of the Montreal Canadiens on the bench and Pierre Maguire picks it up on his mic during a VS broadcast (make sure to listen to all of it; you won't be sorry - it's HILARIOUS -- they actually have to turn Pierre's mic off at a few points)!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Western Conference Hotties "Month of Stars" - Week 2: Mike Modano (Dallas Stars)

As far as I'm concerned, he's an American hockey icon. He holds NHL records for American born players in 3 categories. (Goals scored by [537+], points recorded by [1300+] and points recorded by in the playoffs [145] Totally current numbers here).

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: Since I'm writing a blog post and not an encyclopedia, I'm just going to say that his career is EPIC! [VIDEO] [VIDEO] [VIDEO]You can read the details HERE and HERE. In addition to the above records, he's been and continues to be the “face” of American hockey and of the Dallas Stars. The first round (and first overall) draft pick of the Minnesota North Stars (now Dallas Stars) he's one of only 5 Americans to share this distinction in NHL history. He was Captain of the Stars for 4 years straight, [2003 to 2006] Some notable accomplishments (to me anyway) include – Personal best of 50 goals (1993/94), Most points in a game 6 [2-4-6], 7 career Hat Tricks and an Olympic Silver Medal (2002) [I don't know why, but Olympic medals really impress me]. But how does he play, you may ask. SMART! Easily one of the smartest players you will EVER see play. My favorite thing is when he makes 2 or 3 guys “bite” on him on a PP, and then passes it off for a goal or even scores it himself. Simply awesome.

THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: THE poster boy, for what I call “shy sexy”. [VIDEO] - I can't agree more!! Just look at him grin, just once. You'll be in love instantly, you can't help it. [VIDEO] He's 6'3” 205lbs. and possesses the 2nd best hair in the entire NHL (more on that in a later post. And another aside, let it grow, Jordan, then we'll talk...) that dark blond/brown that's all frosty on top. I still have trouble remembering what color his eyes are. You know that amazing gold/brown color. Just about every time I look at them I fry braincells, so at least I do have a semblance of an excuse. He's always so calm, cool and collected. Makes me kinda want to see him come undone... you know... And check out this [VIDEO] That's what I'm talkin' about. There's passion in there underneath all that poise and class (and if that doesn't make you drool, you're dead). If your new to the sport. I highly recommend checking him out (I know I do at EACH and EVERY opportunity!). Sex in a suit (or a hockey sweater)... Yummy! [Kena comes up with the most amazing descriptive words that I just LOVE!]

The dish he brings to the “eye candy” table, is the “classic American boy-next-door” look. (Stephanie keeps telling me “vintage,” because hell never go out of style) [Kena was originally offended by my using this word for him; however, it was not intended to be negative. Modano has stood the test of time and I remember him from when I started watching hockey, so he's like a favorite blanket from childhood -- makes me all warm and fuzzy thinking back to such a great time] Unassumingly hot, but absolutely NO assumptions are necessary. Just don't scorch your eyeballs looking ladies. Remember, you're not supposed to look directly at a bright light and he is THE (Dallas) “Star.” [and THIS is darling!! (but you have to ignore Brett Hull)].

I just have to thank Kena for this post since I believe it's one of her BEST YET!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Crosby Picture of the Week

This is just CLASSIC (and literally illustrates the meaning of the phrase, "I got your back!")!!

This picture captures only one of the times Sidney decided to play "backup" to Dany Sabourin last Saturday against the Ottawa Senators as I noticed it a few more times throughout the game!!

You gotta give Sid credit -- he's all over the place (I'm just wondering how much Sabourin liked it or whether he gave it any thought at all - it could quite easily give the impression that Sid doesn't trust his net-minder)!

Talbot Video Tribute

PensTV has a new video highlighting Max Talbot's career as a Pittsburgh Penguin. The video site also has a cool "retro" video for Kris Letang (mimicking an old TANG commercial).

Monday, December 8, 2008

Unsung Hottie - Rob Scuderi

I've been finding Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Rob Scuderi somewhat attractive these days (I haven't really figured out as to why all of a sudden), but I'm just going with it and making him this week's Unsung Hottie!!

He is known as "Scuds" to his teammates and shared the alternate captaincy for the month of November with fellow defensemen and partner Hal Gill.

Scuderi is an American-born player from Syosset, NY and played hockey for Boston College where he was also teammates with Brooks Orpik. He's a big NY Jets fan and just had an article posted about it in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette written by Dave Molinari.

Again, Scuderi is another Penguins player who you can't find much personal information about (just as with last Unsung Hottie, Mark Eaton). He's currently married and has two children.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hockey 101 with HftL: Penalties

Since we started out last week with something a little more in depth like face-offs (which was nicely done by Teri, BTW!!) and because this week we're "on our own," we thought we'd cover some basics.

The week's that HftL doesn't have a post from Teri, we're going to be covering penalties which will include a type of penalty, a call along with the signal (one of each a week).

First, let's just briefly go over types of penalties:

  • minor
  • major
  • goaltender's
  • coincidental minor / major
  • misconduct / game misconduct
  • match
This week, we'll start with a minor penalty and the call and signal for boarding.

MINOR PENALTIES are those that players get two minutes in the penalty box for and forces that player's team to be short one player on the ice (short-handed). If the other team scores a goal within that two minutes, the player is automatically released from the penalty box and that player's team is back to "even strength" (the same number of players on the ice as the opposing team). Some minor penalties include, but are not limited to, boarding; charging; clipping; cross-checking; delay of game; elbowing; high-sticking; holding; roughing; slashing; and tripping.

This is when a player shoves (checks) an opponent into the boards in a violent manner. The ref's signal for this is pictured to the left (pounds the closed fist of the non-whistle hand into the open palm of the other hand).


HftL reader, Lexie, was nice enough to share a few of her pictures with us! A few are from a recent practice at Southpointe (at the IceoPlex) and a few from are from the game against the New Jersey Devils on November 29th.

THANKS A BUNCH, Lexie (these are really great pictures)!!