Hockey Babies / Children

LISTED IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER (by hockey player's last name; player's name is link to HftL post -- if a player is not listed it doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't have a kid, but that the blog doesn't have that information)

SO ... if you know of any we're missing, please feel free to email them to HftL and we'd be more than happy to add it!!

Adams, Craig and Anne (Francesca Alice)
Armstrong, Colby and Melissa (Cruise Samson; EXPECTING #2 07/2013)

Bieksa, Kevin and Katie (Cole-2007, Reese-2009)
Burrows, Alex and Nancy (Victoria-04/2011)

Cammalleri, Mike and Jen Bernaudo (Chloe-08/2011)
Carney, Keith and Amy (triplet sons-09/2001, Morgan Grace-03/2003)
Chara, Zdeno and Tatiana (Eliz Victoria-05/2009)
Cooke, Matt and Michelle (Reece Lyn and Jackson; Gaby-from Michelle's previous relationship)
Comrie, Mike and Hilary [Duff] (Luca Cruz - 03/22/2012)

Dupuis, Pascal and Carole-Lyn (Lola)

Elias, Patrik and Petra (Sophia Gabriella - 11/27/2010)

Ference, Andrew and Krista (Ava Tye and Stella)
Fleury, Marc-Andre and Veronique (EXPECTING 04/2013)
Franzen, Johan and Cecilia (Eddie Bo Johan)

Getzlaf, Ryan and Paige (Ryder James-02/23/2011)
Gill, Hal (Talon (?) - 10/12/2011)
Girardi, Dan and Pamela (Landon Mark - 03/08/2010)
Gleason, Tim and Candace (Grady Leo - 03/09/2012)
Gonchar, Sergei and Ksenia (Victoria)
Grabner, Michael and girlfriend (Aidan Johann-03/31/2011)

Holtby, Braden and fiancee Brandi Bodnar (Benjamin Hunter - 05/10/2012)
Horton, Nathan and Tammy (Dylan Jaxon-07/2008)
Hossa, Marian and Jana (Mia-09/2011)
Howard, Jimmy and Rachel (James Russell Howard IV-10/23/2011)

Iginla, Jarome and Kara (Jade Grace-10/2004, Tij-08/2006, and Joe-08/2008)

Johnson, Brent and Danielle (Everly Grayce-04/04/2011)
Jokinen, Jussi and Salla (11/30/2011)

Kesler, Ryan and Andrea (Makayla and Ryker-12/2010)
Kovalchuk, Ilya and Nicole (Karolina, Philipp, and Artem-3/21/2010)
Kunitz, Chris and Maureen (Zachary James and Payton Marie-04/05/2011)

Ladd, Andrew and Brandy (Locklan Joseph-01/17/2013)
Lecavalier, Vincent / Vinny and Caroline Portelance (Victoria-May 2010, Gabriel Vincent-10/18/2011)
Letang, Kris and Catherine LaFlamme (Alexander-11/23/2012)
Letestu, Mark and Brett (Caleb; attended his first hockey [pre-season] game on 09/22/2011!)
Lucic, Milan and Brittany (Valentina - 01/17/2013)
Lundqvist, Henrik and Therese (Charlise - 07/10/2012)
Luongo, Roberto and Gina (Gabriella and Gianni Antonio-12/2010)

Malhotra, Manny and Joann (Caleb-2008)
Malone, Ryan and Abby (William Ryan and Cooper James)
Michalek, Zbynek and Helena (Andreas-06/23/2010)

Osgood, Chris and Jenna (Mackenzie, Sydney, and Max-03/2011)

Plekanec, Tomáš and wife, Lucie Vondráčková (12/04/2011)
Pronger, Chris and Lauren (Jack Hunter-2001, George William-2004, and Lilah Marie-2008)

Raymond, Mason and Megan (Max-4/08/2012)
Reasoner, Marty and Katie (Allie-02/2009, Ryan-03/02/2011)
Roloson, Dwayne and Melissa (Brett and Ross)
Rome, Aaron and Adrianne (Grayson)
Rupp, Mike (fourth child, Marleah Grace-08/30/2012)
Ruutu, Tuomo and Emilia (unknown name / sex - 04/12/2012)

Salei, Ruslan and Bethann (Ava Ruslanovna, Alexis, and Aleksandro)
Satan, Miroslav and Ingrid (Victoria)
Sedin, Daniel and Marinette (Ronja-2006, Erik-2008, Anna-2011)
Sedin, Henrik and Johanna (Valter-2006, Harry-2010)
Skoula, Martin and Pavlina (Vojtech)
Smith, Mike and Brigette (Aksel - 07/2011)
Smith, Jason and Wendy (Britney and Jordan)
Smyth, Ryan and Stacey (Isabella May-2003, Elizabeth Ann-2005, and Alexander-2008)
Spezza, Jason and Jennifer (Sophia Donna)
Staal, Eric and Tanya (Parker Lucas); EXPECTING BABY #2 - December 2011
Staios, Steve and Susannah (Ella and Nathan)
Stewart, Anthony - EXPECTING
St. Louis, Martin and Heather (Ryan-2004, Lucas-2005, and Mason-2008)

Thomas, Tim and Melissa (Kiley-2000, Kelsey-2005, and Keegan-2006)
Thornton, Joe and Tabea (Ayla-07/14/10)
Torres, Raffi and Gianna Santeramo (Kaytlin)

Umberger, RJ and Cara (Brienna Grey-05/2009, Delaney Rose-01/2011)

Vitale, Joe (Summer, Harper - 12/06/2012)

Ward, Cam and Cody (Nolan Kennedy)
Wellwood, Kyle and Bianca Pavon-Solis (Roman - 03/28/2011)

Zajac, Travis and Nicole (Zenon Nathan - 01/2012)