Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ANOTHER Penguins "Daddy-to-Be"

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More and more Penguins players are becoming daddies these days - what a happy time for a lot of them!!!

We just got confirmation (by way of a Penguins article today) that Brent Johson's wife is expecting their first baby!!!  The couple will be spending this "All-Star break" back home in Michigan with family and friends:

“She’s got a baby shower back home, so we’re using the opportunity to get that in for her family,” Johnson said. “It’s going to be a lot of relaxation with my family.”
And on the topic of babies (and weddings), if you know of a hockey player becoming a daddy OR husband (and have solid confirmation you can share), WE'D LOVE TO KNOW ... feel free to send it along to us!!

What Are Some of the Penguins Players Doing Over "All-Star" Break???

COURTESY OF the Penguins webpage today ...

He and his wife are returning home (Fort Myers, FL):

“We’re going to Fort Myers, Florida,” Mark Letestu said. “(My wife) deserves a little vacation. She’s been hanging around Pittsburgh by herself for a while. It’s nice just to get away for a couple days and recharge for the remainder of the year.”
He and his family are taking a trip to Disney World over the weekend:

“It kind of snuck up on us and we were trying to think of something to do,” Adams said. “It was actually my wife’s idea. I think it’s great, Rhys will really enjoy it. He’s really excited. We’ve got the propaganda going with the Disney stories just to get him excited.”
He's taking a trip Palm Beach, FL

He's also taking a trip:

“I’m going down south to get some sun,” Talbot said. “Hopefully it’s going to be nice out.”
He and his family are staying in Pittsburgh since he wasn’t able to get a passport for his daughter in enough time:

“We couldn’t really plan anything, so we’re just going to stay around here,” Dupuis said.
He and his wife are headed back home to Michigan:
“She’s got a baby shower back home, so we’re using the opportunity to get that in for her family,” Johnson said. “It’s going to be a lot of relaxation with my family.”
He's headed home:
“I will be going back to beautiful, sunny Minnesota,” Goligoski joked. “I’m just going back to relax. Break’s going to be good, especially this time of year.”
“Things kind of can be a little mentally grinding,” Goligoski said. “I’m going to rest up for that and get ready for the home stretch.”

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The "Hat Tip"
(if that's not one of THE SEXIEST things ever then IDK what is!)

Letestu to Become a Daddy!

Mark Letestu has been having quite the year already (beginning in 2010) becoming a husband back in July, making the Penguins NHL roster this season, signing a 2-year contract extension, and NOW becoming a father for the first time.

THANKS to loyal HftL follower, Alanna K., for sending us this piece of news that was in an article in yesterday's Tribune-Review about Mark's recent contract extension. THANKS AGAIN, Alanna!!! : )
"My wife is expecting, so we’ll try to save as much (of his new contract) as we can to spend on that kid when it comes. That was the first thing I thought of about getting an extension done, ‘Let’s save some money and spend it on him.. or her.’"