Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Did You See This Pic?

That's how the conversation started, innocently enough ... Kena (YES - THAT Kena ... remember her?  The previous WCH writer???!!!!).  Anyway, Kena texted me this pic and simply asked, "did you see this pic?"

Well, have any of YOU seen this pic??  Let's see how many of you react like I did and how many react like Kena did ...


James Neal (I think - LOL!) welcoming newest Penguins defenseman, Douglas Murray


Stephanie: "No ... LOL!!"
Kena: "Sweet, huh."
S: If you're referring to Nealy's ass ... YES, SWEET!!!  Sweet Jesus!!
K: Ha ha.  You recognize him from just his ass?  I'm impressed!  Ha ha ha ha ... Poor Sid ...

... CONVERSATION continues ...

K: Although, I have now been made aware of Neal's ass, I will be pre-occupied for a while.  Lol
S: HAH!!

So, ladies, what caught YOUR eye in that pic??  Responses are welcome in the comments ... we'd love to hear from you!!!  You just GOTTA LOVE Under Armor!!! : D