Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crosby Picture of the Week

OK - this post may or may not be coherent because, well - you'll see why shortly (if you haven't already!)!!!!!!! : P Anyway, this picture is a little older and isn't from this past week, but guess what -- I DON'T CARE because it's a sight you don't get to see too often!!!!!

I've been having a hard time looking at this shot while trying to collect my eyeballs from off of the floor to reinsert into my sockets at the same time (but don't worry - I managed!)!!! : P

This week's Crosby pic was taken with Cabbie shortly after winning the Stanley Cup!!!! The only word that keeps popping into my head when looking at this picture (well, two actually) -- SOLID and SMOOTH (and the visions -- well, I'm sure some of your own are popping into your head at this point, so I'm guessing you don't need to hear a description of mine!)!!! ; )

OK -- enough blabbering, I have to go find my eyeballs because they seemed to have fallen out of my sockets again and my tongue is somewhere down there too, so I'll be looking for that while I'm at it. Once you guys catch your breath and collect yourselves, feel free to share thoughts that come to mind while viewing this photo in the comments, but ...

BEHAVE [a little], LADIES!!!!!!!

GOOD LORD - what a perfect specimen of a man!!!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Eastern Conference Eye Candy: Eric Tangradi (Pittsburgh Penguins)

I probably should've done this one sooner since he was recently re-assigned to the Wilkes-Barre / Scranton Baby Pens and no longer on the Pens NHL roster, but the way this kid has been playing I don't think it'll be too long before he's back up here with the "big boys" (this season maybe??)!!

Anaheim drafted Eric in the second round of the 2007 NHL entry draft (42nd overall) and continued to play for the OHL Belleville Bulls up through this past season (and now plays in the AHL for the Baby Pens). Prior to all of that, he played Wyoming Seminary Prep High School in PA (and YES - he's a true blue PA boy from - ugh - Philadelphia - but we'll happily forgive him for that since he's now playing within the Pittsburgh organization!)!!!!

Now, nothing much has been said since the trade in which we obtained Tangradi, but I honestly believe that we got the best of this one --- Ryan Whitney for Chris Kunitz and Eric Tangradi -- SWEET!!! Kunitz is awesome on Sid's wing and Tangradi is VERY PROMISING (and he's caused alot of talk during the time he was here for training camp / pre-season)!!

How does Tangradi describe HIMSELF as a player? He told Faceoff Factor the following when they were lucky enough to land an interview with him this past off-season:
I would describe myself as a very gritty left winger. I work for every inch on the ice and open the play up for myself by being very physical. I don’t often score a lot of highlight reel goals, but I am able to capitalize on the ones around the net where a lot of guys don’t like to be. I’m a power forward.

Who doesn't LOVE a power forward, ladies?!!

First off, it seems that Eric will be needing a new nickname seeing as how his friends / teammates call him "Tanger" -- sorry, Eric, that one's taken already and the "veteran" Mr. Letang will have to pull ranks with it!! I'm sure it won't be long before the Penguins will come up with another good one for him (they always do!)!!

He fits in perfectly with the good looks that run rampant throughout the Penguins organization!! And he's big & tall at 6'4, 221 pounds; but even so, he still plays well with others (specifically our very own Captain, Sid - their line put on quite a show during the Pens first pre-season game against the Columbus Blue Jackets!)!!

OH -- did I mention that he's funny / has a great sense of humor?? He IS / DOES!! Nothing like a guy who's funny!!

Here's a few interesting tidbits about Eric:
  • NHL idol growing up - Keith Primeau (why he wore #25 for the Belleville Bulls)
  • weird locker room superstitions - he likes to keep those to himself, but he did admit it includes having a cup of coffee
  • pre-game meal - chicken & pasta with a Caesar salad

PenPics of the Week

Time to start back up on PenPics, ladies!!! All of these are from yesterday's game in Detroit.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

K-Mart Superstar!!

Yesterday, Max Talbot was at the McIntyre Square K-mart to sign autographs (in another FUN-colored shirt!). He actually stayed longer than he was scheduled to be there (he IS a superstar!)!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

His Hands

I honestly don't think I have to elaborate here (and, YES, I know they're covering his gorgeous face in this picture, but it's to give you perspective of HOW LARGE his hands are - they're almost twice as big as his face!!)!! I mean - LOOK AT THOSE LARGE PAWS!!! I've made it known on several occasions here that I am really into men's hands and Sid's are NO EXCEPTION (look at them - they're BEAUTIFUL and so manly!!)!!


It's A Boy!!

THANKS to Kristina H. for the info!!

On Tuesday, September 22nd, Eric Staal and his wife, Tanya, welcomed their first child into the world. A baby boy named Parker Lucas. He weighs 7 pounds, 14 ounces!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Penguins Headshot Day

This is pretty interesting. It shows how they shoot the video / pictures for the videos they play before the games. Some of the reactions of the guys are pretty funny (like Disco Dan and Duper).

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crosby Picture of the Week


I guess this really isn't a picture of Sid - it's a picture of Sid's hands, but look at them!!!!!!

Malkin Picture of the Week

I'm not quite sure this will be a weekly thing, but this picture caught my eye and I'm sure you'll see what I saw when I first spotted it and why I LOVE IT!!!

Honestly, there are TONS of captions I could come up with for this, but I'll leave it to your imagination and if you want to share with the rest of us, FEEL FREE - just post it in the comments!!!!!! ; )

And rest assured, I'm still searching for the PERFECT "Crosby Picture(s) of the Week!" Hopefully I'll be able to post it sometime soon!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Eastern Conference Eye Candy: Garnet Exelby (Toronto Maple Leafs)

I know we've been slacking this summer (me moreso than Kena, I think), so with the pre-season in full-swing and the regular season closely approaching, it's definitely BACK TO BUSINESS, ladies!!

I'm at the Penguins pre-season game against the Toronto Maple Leafs last Friday night in my seat watching the teams warm-up. We were at the end where the Leafs were and for some reason #3, Garnet Exelby, catches my eye / interest - I should've known right away he's a defenseman - I'm drawn to them alot for whatever reason [rolls eyes and chuckles madly]. I, of course, made a mental note to "look him up" after the game when I had some free time.

Once I did do my research, I IMMEDIATELY decided he would be a perfect choice for the EC Eye Candy today and I'm thinking you'll agree!!

He's a big, solid defenseman at 6'1," 215 pounds and was traded to the Leafs this past July by the Atlanta Thrashers along with Colin Stuart for Pavel Kubina and the rights to Tim Stapleton making Exelby the last of the Thrashers' original 1999 draft class to depart from the Atlanta organization. The Thrashers drafted him in the 8th round (217th overall). He's Canadian born in Ste. Anne, Manitoba but raised in Craik, Saskatchewan.

Just look at those eyes and that smile and hair (a similar type of sex hair that Letang has made infamous!) and TRY not to fall to a pile of mush!! Good LORD - he's pretty (scars and all!) - don't even get me started on his upper body!! We can just throw him in the pile with all the other HP's that could pose as models!!!

Although I DO NOT put alot of stock in anything Pierre "Fee-Fee" McGuire has to say, I just couldn't resist including this quote about Exelby in the post, "Garnet Exelby brings a whole lot of nasty" (definitely my kind of man!). The picture to the left from a recent pre-season game against the Philadelphia Flyers last Saturday (September 19th) taken during his first period scuffle with Ian Laperriere would demonstrate that pretty well (even though it appears he got the worst of it). He said himself that he and Laperriere have "bad-blood" between them.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Black and Gold Game LIVE

Listen to the Black and Gold Game from Wilkes-Barre LIVE HERE (they're just starting the second period).

He's ALL FOR the Olympics

Sid was recently asked about whether or not NHL players should be allowed to play in the Olympics and to paraphrase his answer, he said that he believes that they should play especially since it's not an every year event and that the Olympics is about the best athletes in the world, so why not let them play.

I agree completely, Sid (of course!)!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Price Following Suit

Just as Mike Green did before him, Carey Price will be jumping onto the "interactive" blog bandwagon. Although a new webpage has popped up claiming to enable fans to interact with Price (http://www.carey31price.com/), it seems as though there is only ONE official webpage where Carey plans to blog during this upcoming season. He has yet to have a "verified" twitter account.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Broadcast of Tonight's Pre-Season Game

The game will be broadcast over the radio on "The X" 105.9.

As I had posted before, the NHL Network plans to broadcast a few pre-season games (Penguins being three of them), but not tonight's game and it doesn't look like anything will be broadcast (at this point) according to the Penguins schedule. If anyone finds a live stream, please be sure to pass along the information - THANKS!!

I'm not aware of any at the present time, but if I find any live streams of the game tonight, I'll be sure to post it here; otherwise, they'll probably broadcast in on "The X" 105.9 (but I'm not certain about that either).

Check back here for any updates through the day!!

Crosby Pictures of the Week

I can't tell you how good it is to see Crosby's smiling face against the icey, white backdrop of the Igloo and his skates laced up ready to get back on the ice in his Penguins practice uniform to play some hockey (I'm sure you all feel the same way!)!! It won't be long now, ladies, but until then ENJOY THESE PICS!)!! ; )

Talbot's Back!

Well, his blog is anyway.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pens Summer Sticks Golf Tournament

The Penguins held their 22nd Annual Summer Sticks Classic Golf Tournament yesterday teeing-off at noon. The tournament took place at the Longue Vue Club in Verona, PA. The teams were comprised of three individuals who were accompanied by a Penguins player or coach and the proceeds from the tournament benefit the team's scholarship and Pen Pals programs.
“Pretty awful” were the words that Kris Letang used to describe his golf skills.

“I’m not golfing,” Letang said. “I’m just going to enjoy it and chat with the guys.”

Sid and Bill Guerin at the White House

Yesterday, the Pens webpage posted videos of their White House visit which included those that I already placed on the blog in addition to one more featuring Sid and Bill Guerin. I'm posting that one here too for your viewing pleasure! ; )

Another Colby Post!

NO -- Pens fans can usually never fully let go of players who once donned the black and vegas gold especially when they endeared themselves to us and we're usually such big fans of hockey and our team that once you played with the Pens, you're most likely in our hearts to stay (and continue to capture our interest) -- such is the case of Colby Armstrong who had always been a fan (and team) favorite in Pittsburgh!!

It seems as though married-life is treating Colby well! HftL reader Jane N. sent along the link to this video of Army delivering tickets to Thrashers' STH and he looks as adorable as ever -- seriously, he looks really good!!


2009 - 2010 Face-Off Luncheon

Friday, September 11, 2009

VIDEO: Penguins Visit the White House

Video from the official White House YouTube account - The White House channel (in HD).

And the Penguins talk to the media after the White House ceremony (is it me or does Orpik look particularly happy?!).

Thursday, September 10, 2009

How Could I Overlook ...

the fact that it's Jordan Staal's 21st birthday today??!!!!!!!!! THANKS to Char for reminding me!!!


As Char so eloquently said -- HIDE THE LIQUOR!!!!!! : P [we don't need anymore mugshots of Mr. Staal!]
He's honest
(diplomatic, too!)

When a reporter asked Sidney this week during his return visit to deliver Alice Kilgore's season tickets what he thought of her original prediction of their not winning the Stanley Cup the season of his original delivery, he responded candidly,

"I wasn't happy at all," Crosby said of Kilgore's earlier prediction, which stuck with him. "I wanted to win."

"I don't know if I want them. I kind of want to know, but I don't want to know. If she's going to give me one of these 'not this year, maybe the next year,' I don't want that, so I'd rather not know!"

His Canadian accent
(it's SO DAMN cute / sexy!)

"You were right, eh?"

PensTV Exclusive

Yesterday, PensTV posted video of an exclusive interview Alyonka had with our very own Evgeni Malkin and he's as ADORABLE as ever (talking about what he did over the summer, what it felt like to win the Stanley Cup, and how he celebrated on his day with Lord Stanley!)!!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Crosby Pictures of the Week

Some women are SO LUCKY!!!

Yesterday, the Penguins players (Crosby and Malkin) began delivering season tickets to a few STH (season ticket holders) and it continues again today.

But for one lucky fan, Sid made a repeat visit due to her prediction. He delivered tickets to Alice Kilgore prior to the 2007-2008.
At that time a local Pittsburgh reporter asked her if she thought the Penguins would win the Stanley Cup.

“Not this year, maybe next year,” she said gently tapping Crosby on the shoulder.

So it was said, and so it came to pass.
In honor of Alice's prediction, Sidney delivered her season tickets once again yesterday, but brought something special along with him this time -- the Stanley Cup!!!

ME and Lord Stanley!!!

Yep, that's right!!! I FINALLY got to meet Lord Stanley up-close and personally (after missing it at the beginning of the summer when Dana Heinze brought it home!)!! I'm still buzzing from the excitement actually!!

Sunday was Penguins trainer Chris Stewart's day with the Stanley Cup and he brought it home to Johnstown, PA for a few hours at his father-in-law's house. It wasn't something that a lot of people knew about and we were lucky enough to find out because his father-in-law's house is next to Joey Dell's who John's aunt works for which is how we found out!!

It was from 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM and we were there early enough to get to see him arrive in a limo. It was a day I will NEVER forget!!!

I can now say that I touched something that has been to Nova Scotia celebrating Sid's 22nd birthday, Magnitogorsk with the Malkin's, various parts of Canada (THANKS to Chris Stewart and Aunt Margie!!)!!!

Geno Delivers Tickets!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Talbot Prefers Montreal Women

Although I do not speak French, I translated the page this video came from (Hockey30.com) which said, "Video: Max Talbot and women" and "Our partners Montreal.tv interviewed Maxim Talbot. We learn interesting things: Talbot prefer women in Montreal!"

See for yourself!

As my own sidenote, not only does Max get a strike for admitting that he prefers Montreal women (does he think we won't find out?!), but he gets another strike for that sweater / vest!!! Does he get dressed in the dark during off-season or is that how they like their men to dress in Montreal (in that case, the women of Montreal can HAVE him!)??? : P


EVEN MORE Colby and Mel Wedding Pics!!

OK -- the floodgates have opened!!

After seeing the recent posts with all the pics from Colby's wedding, HftL reader Jen P. was generous enough to send along even more pics!!

Mel made a really beautiful bride (and they both look really happy!)!!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

MaMa and PaPa Malkin in Magnitogorsk with the Cup

I know we were recently commenting on Malkin's short hair, but if you look at this pic he looks a little skinny too, doesn't he??? Either that or he really bulks up with his uniform (or maybe his longer hair makes him look bigger). What do you guys think??

Regardless, the Malkins are an ADORABLE family!!! Where's Oksana, I wonder???!


Watch Sid Receive the Order of Nova Scotia

The video is in two parts (BIG THANK-YOU TO PK_37 for finding this on YouTube and passing it along!!)!!!

PART 2 (Order of Nova Scotia ceremony)


Washington Capitals defenseman Mike Green has a new blog (and a twitter account)!! I'm sure all of you die-hard Green fans (*cough*Kylie*cough*) already know about it, but I wanted to pass along the information to the rest of my HftL readers (just in case you might be interested!)!! ; )

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Western Conference Hottie: Anton Stralman (Calgary Flames)

I'm not sure that anyone from the Flames has graced the pages of this blog, but I thought the beautiful Mr. Stralman, one of their most recent acquisitions would make a fine initiation for us all to the Calgary Flames.

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: A 5th round draft choice of the Toronto Maple Leafs, 216th over all [and yes, I love it when the later round draft choice guys are playing full time in the NHL] He was picked in the seventh and last round of the post-lockout 2005 NHL Entry Draft. Earlier the same year, on April 4, he had already signed a two year deal with Timrå IK (in the Swedish Elite league). During the following 2005–06 season, he seemed to adapt to the Elite League very quickly and became a regular player. On January 20, 2006, this effort was recognized as he was named the third in the line of four candidates for Elitserien Rookie Of The Year 2006. The award was eventually won by the (no capitals) forward Nicklas Bäckström (you know, that guy that makes Ovechkin look so good).

On May 16, 2007, it was announced that Stralman had signed a three year contract with the Maple Leafs. He made his North American professional debut on October 6, 2007, with the Toronto Marlies of the AHL and played his first game for the Leafs on October 23 of the same year, in a home game against the Atlanta Thrashers. On March 21, 2008, he scored his first NHL goal in a game against the Buffalo Sabres and recorded his first multi-goal game against the Montreal Canadiens on March 29. On July 27th, Stralman was traded to the Calgary Flames along with Colin Stuart and the 7th round pick in the 2012 entry draft, in exchange for Wayne Primeau and the Flames' 2nd round pick in the 2011 entry draft.

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: I'm beginning this section with THE most important part. he possesses that singularly angelic visage, that I myself am so personally attracted to. Blond haired, blue eyed, 6'1 180lbs of deliciously Swedish defenseman. He'll defend himself if he feels he needs too (granted it's not much of a fight, but at least he tried). He looks particularly adorable when he gives us his views on last season, before the season started. Watch it, it's cute.

The Tronto Valentines Day special (Skip to 57 seconds in) I honestly couldn't find much on his personal profile. But I doubt any of us would remember reading it, after watching this video anyway.

Blank stare, anybody got a light, I need a cigarette...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Malkin Hosts the Cup in Magnitogorsk

Malkin's tight schedule spending the day with Lord Stanley began early this morning visiting the local hockey academy at 9 AM. He talked and took pictures with the young players. Then he stopped at "School No. 28" where he used to study.

Afterwards, he paraded around Magnitogorsk with the Cup in a limousine as people stood to watch him pass while taking pictures and video. He visited and took pictures at the World War II memorial where the Cup was on display "at the town's main square, opposite the local economic mainstay - the metallurgical plant."

“Of course I have outlived the euphoria [of a Stanley Cup victory] by now. But, anyway, I think this feeling will stay with me for a long time. We have kept all our players, which is most important. The coaches are also staying and that’s a big plus. Everyone knows each other and the chances are high this year. It's hard not to think about big wins with a team like this, when you have a goalkeeper on the team like Fleury, and a captain like Crosby. So we expect victories. We’ll do our best to be in the [Stanley Cup] finals again,” - Evgeni Malkin