Thursday, December 31, 2009

He Fills Out a Pair of Spandex Nicely!
(you can see every muscle of his perfectly defined body)

You don't think there's an unhealthy pattern developing here, do you? Oh well, it's the holiday season ... I'll allow myself a few guilty pleasures!!

I have NO IDEA how I could possibly pass up this reason for as long as I have, but HUGE THANKS to HftL follower "KK" for sending me the reminder!!! ; ) And it just so happens that the reminder brought another video to mind (remember the one of Sid doing his pre-game warm-ups "behind the scenes?" NO? You're in for a REAL TREAT!!

I really don't think anything else needs to be said ... just watch (and ENJOY!)!!! >: D

Sid and Talbot's Reebok Commercial

This is a new Reebok commercial for "Speedwick Performance Tees" featuring Sid, Talbot and the INFAMOUS dryer (although I think I read in the USA Today article that it was a recreated set, so I'm not too sure the dryer is 'legit'). It will makes it's debut on Friday during the Winter Classic.

REALLY CUTE commercial (how could you not love it, it has Sid and Max in it!)!!

THANKS to all of you
who were kind enough to think of emailing it (or a link) to me so I could share it with everyone else (you guys are AWESOME!)!!! ENJOY!!
"This is Nova Scotia.
This is Cole Harbour.
This is my town.
This is my house.
This is my mom and dad.
This is my basement."

Hockey Scars and Porn

I got a couple emails from readers that included this particular photo - snapped after Geno got his HT during last Wednesday's game against the Sens - which illustrates the fact that Jordy hasn't lost his good looks (did we ever doubt that?!)!! It just makes him look more "rugged" and manly, doesn't it?!!!! And that's a VERY GOOD thing -- just ask Kena if you have any doubts!!

; P

Speaking of more rugged and manly, as of last Tuesday's game against the Sabres, Staalsy has decided to 'chuck' the entire shield from his helmet and has gone back to no protection (I figured as much - that's what they usually do).

THANKS to Petra N. and Sophie for sending me the picture and link so I could share it with all of you (LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS SMILE!)!!!

As a sidenote, Staalsy didn't go home to Thunder Bay for Christmas but "showed off" his scar to the family via web cam!! "Everyone seemed to love it a lot," he said.

On our way to that game last Wednesday, John and I listened to Mark Madden on 105.9 the X who made a remark about how many girls probably wanted to jump him after he got hit and returned to the ice with a scar (do you think Madden reads this blog??!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!)!!!!!!

And speaking of Mark Madden AND Geno's HT ... during the same broadcast, Super Genius said he felt Geno was going to have a breakout game with scoring that evening and said that if he had 4 points he would send Malkin some porn (John and I referred to it as "four for porn" from then on out and wouldn't you know it ... YOU LITTLE DEVIL, GENO!!! ; D [if it works, it works -- who am I to question?!!]!

So how about "FOUR MORE for MORE PORN"??? That's got a ring to it, don't you think???!!!!! I think I'll have to contact Madden about this!! ; P

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kena's "Best of" WCH for 2009

Yes, I know I'm a slacker. Even Stephanie, who is the most understanding of friends, had to poke a bit of fun at me when I admitted that I had slacked off and not delivered this post as promised. ("What, you never forget.") At any rate, and in the spirit of the New Year, Here's a "my favorite/best of the (2+) Year(s) Western Conference Hotties. [Yes, it's Dallas Stars 'HEAVY", sue me. (giggles)]" As it seems that this time of the year causes every one to look back over the past and look towards the future, and the New Year...

10) Brad Winchester - Well, what can I say.. Red hair, blue eyes, 6'5 will drop gloves in the split of a second for a teammate. Need I say more.

9) Patrick Sharp - I don't know why, but yes, he does it. He melts my brain for reasons I do not yet understand.

8) Taylor Pyatt - Yea, He doesn't play for VAN anymore, but hey PHX is still in the WC. His looks really do reduce me to a puddle of steaming hormones, though. And 6'5... I'm going to stop typing now, before I embarrass myself.

7) Niklas Lidstrom - Yes, I detest the Wings. However, Lidstrom is SMOKIN HOT!!!!

6) TJ Oshie - He just fits my "Type", and fits it to a T. [Stop laughing Stephanie].

5) Doug Murray - Um just check out the video, of that hit. Then watch him play, just one game. The way he plays, will stimulate your brain. The way he looks will stimulate your hormones.

4) Shane Doan - How can you not love him? Really, how?!

3) Kevin Bieksa - His post speaks for it's self. It takes very little "convincing" to make you fall in love with him. He's quiet, till it's time for action, then... well, watch the videos (SERIOUSLY WATCH THEM!!!)

3) Mike Modano - Does anyone still even need to ask why he's on this list? ... Nope, didn't think so. [Wipe the drool Stephanie
: P]

2) Steve Ott - The quintessential "pest". He'll make you fall in love with his charming personality, then make some guy lose it, and try to kill him. Above all he's FUN!! (as demonstrated by THIS COMMERCIAL.) [Oh, and for a treat, there's a link to a fight between him and Kunitz at the end of the post. Yes, "that" Kunitz, I just can't spell.]

1) Brenden Morrow - Enough said, my all time Hockey Crush. (Sorry Jordan, I'll just have to make it up to you some how. [sly grin]). Seriously though. He "moves" me with that something special. And just because of that. I'm adding THIS VIDEO (and there's TONS more in the post [the "come into the cold" commercials come highly recommended) so there's more than just me incinerating undergarments.

Talbot's Latest Commercial

Our little "superstar" has been quite busy these days shooting a number of commercials and this one is classic Talbot (funny as hell!)!! This one is for a pool and spa store in Greensburg, PA (Valley Pool & Spa ... nothing on Max, I checked!)!! Except for this little nugget ...
Pittsburgh's own Max Talbot chooses Valley...Why shouldn't you?!?!
; P

One thing is for sure - everyone is jumping on the Max Talbot commercial bandwagon (and I'm hoping it's not distracting him!)!!

THANKS to HftL reader Melany M. for bringing it to my attention (I would NEVER want to miss a minute of Max's comedic talent!)!!

"Excuse me, miss. Don't forget your rubber ducky!"

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Crosby Pictures of the Week

These are from last Wednesday's game against the Ottawa Senators which I was at (and took pictures during), but I'm certain these are probably much better than any I took (no - I actually haven't looked at them yet which is why I never post any of my pictures -- I take them then don't have time to go through and prepare them to post!).

The one of him on his knees (LORD, HELP ME!) was while he was actually making a pass (I remember it because I was thinking how amazing that was!! And look at that intense face in the other pic (again, LORD HELP ME!)


Pens 'Weather' the Snow Storm

OOPS -- in my little "sexy" rant, I forgot to mention this was the coaching / support staff and not the players (when I saw the pitures on the webpage, it hadn't made a difference to me after realizing it was them - STILL SEXY, so I just forgot to add this little piece of information from the post this morning!)!! And being "older" myself, I do find the older guys like Bylsma, Guerin, McKee ... extremely sexy too!!!!!

LIST OF SEXY THINGS ABOUT MEN #187,066 - men in suits performing manual labor.

So I don't really have a "list of sexy things about men," [mental note: start a list of sexy things about men!] but how many ways can you say something is sexy on this blog?

When I saw these pics on the Penguins webpage, it got my panties in a bunch (in a good way, ladies)!! Look at all of them all dressed up pushing that bus then running to get back on. Why is that sexier than hell?? I have NO IDEA, but I'm just going with it (why question it, just enjoy it!)!!! ; P

Any of you have the same / similar reaction?

Monday, December 28, 2009

PenPics of the Week

This weeks photos come to us courtesy of HftL reader, Jessica, who went to the Penguins practice at Southpointe yesterday (one among many according to the Pittsburgh news) and was kind enough to send them along to share with the rest of us!! GREAT pictures, Jessica - THANK YOU!!!

ENJOY, ladies!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Interesting Development: Hartnell and Carter

It seems that the rumor about Jeff Carter having an affair with Scott Hartnell's wife which was first posted on The Philly Four blog) has "enraged" (if you call whining to the media for an article "enraged") him.

This is seriously ridiculous and I normally take offense when negative judgement comes to a blog / blogger for things that I have done myself, so I posted a few comments of my own on the

I can't believe the amount of people that are actually giving this kid a hard time!! Seriously - get a life!! This isn't a media blog and he never said it was fact! Being a hobby-blogger myself (and picking up on this "rumor"), I realize how easy it is to post news and rumors that I innocently come across over the internet and usually do making sure to post the source. And for crying out loud, the Flyers (Hartnell and Carter) are actually distraught over this??? Give me a break!!! They're professional players and should prepare themselves for this type of crap because it's part of the deal, people!! Rumor or not, they put themselves and their business out there whether they like it or not -- it's the way it goes when you're in the public eye - people want to know about you and most LOVE the little "dirty secrets!" For it to affect them like the Inquirer alleges is really sad and pathetic on the part of the players and organization -- why don't they spend more time trying to fix their team instead of going after innocent fans / bloggers!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!

Give the kid a break!! He’s not a professional blogger and NOT part of the media!! It’s a free country and the last time I checked we have the right to free speech (he didn’t say it was fact!)!! The difference between reporting on the players and his family, as a commentor suggested, is the fact that the players are in the public eye and should prepare themselves for this crap!!! For Hartnell and Carter to say it’s affecting them and their play is really pathetic and sad for the Flyers. The entire organization should spend more of their time trying to form a winning team then going after innocent fans / bloggers — REALLY RIDICULOUS!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

HOLY BALLS that's a Rock!!

Photos courtesy of People Magazine and Ottawa Citizen

If the size of that engagement ring reflects how much Mike Fisher is in love with Carrie Underwood then I'd say she's set for life!! LUCKY GIRL!!
A spokesperson from the Diamond Information Center estimates thebrilliant round diamond comes in at whopping five-plus carats, with an estimated value of close to $150,000.
Really - is that all??!!! No, seriously ... compared to his salary I'd say that's a drop in the bucket, so maybe she isn't set for life although, according to Ottawa Citizen, you "can't put a price on love."

Regardless, she's wearing more on her one little finger than I'll ever see in a lifetime!! CONGRATULATIONS to the love birds!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jordy is Still Pretty!!

I know you were all concerned yesterday when Staalsy got hit in the face with the puck (I was actually at last night's game - which I'm trying to forget about - and my husband says to me, "there go his 'pretty boy' looks!" so I just HAD to text it to Kena to which she replied, "tell him [my husband] to kiss my ass!" -- all in fun, OF COURSE!!)!!! We all had a good laugh.

ANYWAY, in all seriousness, it looked awful when he hit the ice and began flopping like a fish. It appears that with a little time to heal, he'll be back to 'pretty' in NO TIME!!! These pics are from today's practice -- still all geared up in the full face shield (with bruising where he was hit - OUCH!)!!! But I'd like to point out how STUDLY it was of him to gear up and come back to play the rest of the third period (and no one has to ask what Kena thought of that!)!!

; P

The pics are from the Penguins webpage and they're actually calling it a "nose laceration" which seems to convey a milder outcome compared to [I'm assuming] how it felt!!! The important thing is that he's able to play (and he participated in practice today!)!!

Crosby Picture of the Week

This picture is PRICELESS which is why I chose it as this week's Crosby picture!!! That girl looks about, what?, 12 or so??? Too cute!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

ENGAGED!! Underwood and Fisher

They seem to make a really great couple.

And today, through Carrie's publicist, Jessie Schmidt, the couple announced their engagement (Mike also made confirmation to the Ottawa Sun). Rumors had been circulating since last night when "a friend of a friend" (several reports claim the person is Mike's best friend as well as a friend of Mike's cousin - nothing confirmed) posted a 'tweet' congratulating the couple.

And, until late, they had kept their relationship secret. Underwood included Fisher in her liner notes for "Play On" on her current album:

"Thank you #12," she wrote, referring to Fisher's jersey number. "You are the most amazing addition to my life! You are such a wonderful person and have had such an amazing hand in the building of this album and in the growth of me as a person. I love you so much! You make my life better in every way! I thank God for you every day... xoxo, Carrie."
No wedding date has been set.


PenPics of the Week

Saturday's game against the Buffalo Sabres was a pretty exciting one and it came down to a shoot out. MAF was on fire (in the words of Bob Errey when Derek Roy (I think that's who it was) tried a 'smooth move', "take that move back to the playground, son!" because Fleury just wasn't buying it!)!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Where My Ladies At?

(How I Became a [Female] Hockey Fan)!

I was born in 1994, so a couple years after Mario. My mom and dad we're pretty big Mario fans, but after that they ultimately switched to the Blackhawks. Chelios it was. I can remember the first time I saw "Waynes World" was because
they had the Blackhawks symbol nearly everywhere. But I'm from St.Louis! Since almost the day I was born, we would sit there and watch Blue's games, and go go Blue's games.

At the time we lived in a smaller part of the $tL. My half brother, Ryan, had played ice hockey since the age of THREE! He switched back and forth from roller and ice, I can only vaguely remember the roller. Hockey was my life, and I was only a few years old. Days that he didn't have a game, or practice? Blues. I can remember getting really into it, and I fell in love with the game.

Your going to laugh at this one. I used to lay in bed with my family, and we would watch the game. Almost every time my dad would ask me "Who are you going to marry?" and I would say "BRETT HULL!" and I was about three.

My big brother was my bestfriend (And still is ;]) but he was also my half brother. We ended up moving to a much nicer part of Missouri (Probably even closer to the Savvis center) and he went to his moms house. I still went to his games.

When I was about nine, he was 13. He started travel hockey. I would get out of school countless times for a trip across the country. While my sister complained about nothing but hockey, I thought it was the best part of the trips!

When he started high school, things changed. He moved to his mom's and visited much less. I saw him almost never. We never watched the Blues on tv, they we're one of the worst teams in the league. I got caught up in a lot of other things when I was 14. I'm a girl, (Obviouslyyyy.) so I started to go shopping, hanging out with friends, facebooking, texting, you know, parties, makeup & doing my hair, school. The usual. To the people who say I'm not a real fan are FULL. OF. IT. This year, yes, 2009 I had come across Sidney Crosby. Let me tell you, I was blown away. And it was Valentines day(: I turned on a Penguins game and was sucked back in immediately.

Every single day since that day, I have done everything that I could do to prove I am Sid's biggest fan (Besides anything along the lines of stalking, I'm not a creeper.) There is thousands of pictures, videos, newspapers, and just about everything else. The media is obsessed with him!

Everything started to come back to me, how much I loved and missed the game of hockey. I would go home from school every single night and watched them beat almost every team. I let their loss's take a toll on me, that just the way I am.

My guy friends didn't even want to talk about it as much as I did. I'm no puck bunny (Unless it comes to Crosby.) I know much more than anyone does about the game. I know stats, I know numbers, and I KNOW that Sidney Crosby is the bigger package than Ovechkin! My entire life this year was about the playoffs!!!! I even got my whole family back into loving hockey. I find it amazing that the year I picked him, Sidney & the Pens got their OWN first stanley cup<3 - Ashlen
Yet again, another great story about the making of a [female] hockey fan -- THANK YOU for sharing, Ashlen!!

Don't forget, if you wish to submit your story, I kindly ask that you
email them directly to me so they don't end up being repetitive for some of the readers. Also, if you don't want me to include your name, please let me know that as well (what I'll normally do is put your first name and last initial if I have it OR just your screen name).

I also want to let you know I LOVE these stories (and so do alot of our readers) - I've always found it interesting no matter who the fan, so I'm enjoying ALL OF THIS IMMENSELY!! KEEP THEM COMING, but I ask that you email them please - THANKS!!!

Also, I ask that you please BE PATIENT as I've been receiving TONS of stories in addition to the ones that are already posted in some of the "comments" sections here that I'm hoping to re-post. If you sent in a story, it will eventually be on the blog - I promise!! ; ) JUST BE SURE TO KEEP THEM COMING (the more the better!)!!

Doan's 1000th

I don't discriminate when it comes to hockey players (and a pretty face)!! My favorites and the ones who typically capture my interest are good at hockey (and I will admit that it never hurts if they're attractive!)!!

I've been a fan of Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan since seeing him during the NHL All-Stars skills competition last year when he'd skate back to his daughter waiting for him on the bench with a huge smile and she'd give him a big hug and hang all over him (TOO CUTE!).

The Coyotes game yesterday against the Columbus Blue Jackets was Doan's 1000th in his NHL career and I thought that was something worth mentioning here (plus LOOK AT THAT PICTURE - that smile lights up his entire face and gets me everytime!)!! ; )

Something else worth mentioning is the fact that Doan has played his entire 14 years in the NHL with the Phoenix Coyotes / Winnipeg Jets organization (serving as team Captain for the past six).

Along with appearing in his 1000th NHL career game last night, Doan has also become the second palyer in franchise hisotyr to play in 1000 games with the organization, the 24th player in NHL history to play 1,000 games for the team that drafted him, and the 42nd player to appear in 1,000 games with one franchise.

Bylsma and the Penguins Coaching Staff are Members of the KISS Army

Penguins HC Dan Bylsma and the rest of the coaching staff attended the KISS concert Sunday night at Mellon Arena.

"I am glad I went," Bylsma said. "I enjoyed it. KISS was not a band I was allowed to like when I was a young teenager and before that. I felt liberated last night."

After Kiss finished their song "Detroit Rock City," the crowd booed for their displeasure of the Red Wings. Bylsma was asked A) if Kiss should have played the song and B) if he liked the fact that Pittsburghers booed.

"We were commenting on the fact of whether they should have played it or not. They should have and yes I did."
Members of the band attended the Penguins game the night prior to the concert and spent time with Mario Lemieux in the owners' box (pictured below with Eric and Tommy).

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I KNOW -- I'm a week late with this, so I hope you ladies aren't too mad at me (but when you see this week's reason, I think you'll forget that you were ever mad!)!! I am sorry to have made you wait, but I honestly think it was probably worth it (I hope I didn't disappoint you!)!! ; P

He Looks Good in a Santa Hat!!
(so just imagine what he'd look like in that and nothing else)
I just couldn't resist

OK -- I'm back to the "not-so-serious" reasons, but that's what makes this OH SO FUN!!! Part of this was actually a suggestion from a reader who said that we'd all be happier if I just pasted Sid's head on Chara's body (NO SHIT! Why didn't I think of that?!!)!!!

So here you have it (some early Christmas CHEER, HftL-style!!) -- Sid's face on Chara's body WITH ("la pièce de résistance") a Santa hat!!


PS -- Dear Sid, if you happen to come across this, DON'T BLUSH - everyone knows you're a hottie (although I'm sure this would be perfect locker room material, so let's hope your team mates don't come across it first!) - [sorry!!]

Here's a Juicy Tid Bit ...

And just in time for tonight's game!!!

According to The Philly Four blog (from "a credible source"), rumor has it that Flyers forward Jeff Carter had an affair with Scott Hartnell's wife, Lisa, and is a possible reason for the team's current disarray. Apparently, the team is "split over the situation."

Honestly, this just REEKS Philadelphia (they just have SO MUCH class - on and off the ice!)!!!

In a related allegation (also on The Philly Four blog), Danny Briere could be in the process of getting a divorce from his wife.

OK - I see her point (YUMMY!)!!
; P

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Western Conference Hottie: Lubomir Visnovsky (Edmonton Oilers)

There's just some thing about Edmonton, that just attracts gorgeous men. I mean look at that team. It must be some kind of secret requirement, that you be hot, to play up there. Seriously.

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: Prior to joining the NHL, Visnovsky played with Slovakia with team, Slovan Bratislava. His play attracted the attention of the NHL and he was drafted 118th overall in the by the Los Angeles Kings as their 4th choice in the 2000 draft. He made the team for the 2000/01 season and was named to the NHL All-Rookie Team after a 39-point campaign, tops among rookie defencemen. Visnovsky remained with the Kings for seven seasons, recording a career-high 67 points in 2005/06. He returned to play in his home country for the locked out 2004/05 season and was voted best player in Slovakia. An honor that he also recieved is Best Slovakian Defenseman, which he earned in the years 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2005.

On June 29, 2008, he was traded to the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for forward Jarret Stoll and defenseman Matt Greene on the day before his no trade clause would take effect. [Authors note, I always have thought that this was a seriously chicken-shitty move by the Kings.] He was put on the injured reserve on February 5, 2009, after dislocating his shoudler in a game against the Chicago Blackhawks on February 3. It was later revealed He required surgery to repair his shoulder after a season-ending injury.

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: Well, first off, hits like THIS ->

Then we get to watch stuff like this ->

Take note, the REALLY good stuff starts at about 45 sec in. [keep the drool catchers handy ladies. Safety first remember, and computers do run on electricity you know. Can't be too careful you know.] Heart-stopping, panty-melting blue eyes. Coupled with that intense stare, well, it does make me wonder sometimes, if there is a decided lack of oxygen in the room when I watch him skate past. You can't forget the staples of any member of the Oil, you might want to catch up on, because we've got the 5 Questions Article & the This or That Article, to give us a little peak into the minds of those very desirable men we call hockey players. Then there's also this little jewel "Bid on their favorite things" (now the wine bottle with his baby announcement is just down right awesome because you know there's just nothing like a man with a ring, to make us all swoon. And a man with a kid, I think I'll stop right there before I embarrass myself [well, I probably will anyway, but hey, I tried]). Light brown hair, 5'10, 188 little ball of fire, if you ask me. Pretty smile. Yup, the winter icicles melted right off my heart while looking at him. Also, has anyone found a place to buy fire retardant undergarments? If you do, please, by all means drop me a line. I'd appreciate it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crosby Pictures of the Week

These are some action shots of our captain showing just how hard he works on the ice - even sacrificing his body - all for the puck and ultimately THE WIN!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

DON'T FORGET: Meet the Penguins Tonight!!

6 PM - 8 PM
Meet Pascal Dupuis, Kris Letang, Brooks Orpik and former Penguin Phil Bourque

FREE autographs, raffles and memorabilia for sale. Proceeds benefiting the Tommy Wilson Foundation for Exceptional Children. TELL THEM TSCSF sent you!!

Tom Clark Chevrolet
1063 Long Run Road, Route 48
McKeesport, PA

Eastern Conference Eye Candy: Aaron Ward (Carolina Hurricanes)

Today's eye candy is courtesy of loyal HftL reader, Cathy Z,who sent this to me for inspiration last week; I just decided to use it as a post since it was pretty well laid out for me! THANKS, Cathy, for the "day off" allowing me to enjoy the eye candy without all the "work!"


Aaron Ward
6' 2"
209 lbs.
Shoots: Right
Defenseman - Carolina Hurricanes
Pro player for 15 years
Born: 1/17/73 (36)
Birthplace: Windsor, Ontario
Married (Kelly) - one son (Liam), two daughters (Libby & Phoebe)

He has played for the Red Wings, Rangers, Bruins & Hurricanes.

What's special about him:
After winning the Cup in 2006 he used his day (with the Cup) to raise money for a children's hospital on the campus of the University of Michigan.

Also, an article from HOFF about his day with Cup in 2006:

At 4:30, Aaron visited the kids at C.S. Mott's Children's Hospital, located at his alma mater, the University of Michigan. Taking the Stanley Cup from room to room, Ward would greet each young patient with, "Hi there! How's it going? Do you think you have room for the Stanley Cup on your bed?" No one, as you might imagine, was unable to find room for Lord Stanley's Cup. Each child got a pennant and an autographed team Stanley Cup poster. "There's my ugly mug, right there," he'd say, pointing out his picture, complete with playoff beard. Each child would stare at the photo, then look up at Aaron, quickly breaking into a monstrous grin. It was all most in the room could do to keep the tears from tumbling down their cheeks.

For two hours, Ward lugged the Stanley Cup into each room. Katelyn, Kyle and all the young patients waited their turn to meet the hockey hero. One little boy of 4, who had been flown in from Kansas, was especially shy when Aaron visited his room. Ward spent a fair bit of time with the youngster, kibitzing and teasing. After Aaron left to visit other children, he turned around at one point, only to discover the young lad tagging along behind him, pulling his IV pole as he went. "I just find it so redeeming to bring the Stanley Cup here," Ward explained. "The kids are so appreciative of the visit." It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Aaron Ward was Carolina's nominee for the King Clancy Trophy, going to the player who best exemplifies leadership qualities on and off the ice, and who has made a noteworthy contribution to his community.

- HOFF Stanley Cup Journal
He founded "Cuts for a Cause" a charity event to raise money for the MassGeneral Hospital for Children’s Pediatric Oncology Unit (children fighting cancer). For this event players have their heads shaved, including Ward. Fans would pay for the fun to watch this (and to give to a great cause) plus, the second year, there was an auction for fans to be able to bid to shave the head of their favorite (participating) Bruin. The second year (2008-2009 season) raised over $33,000 (part of that must have been a percentage of the drinks sold lol).

This year (2009-2010) he purchased a suite and started Ward’s Warriors the purpose of which is to give out the all inclusive suite to various military personnel at every home game.

If I weren't playing hockey, I'd be ... a taste-tester for Ben & Jerry's ice cream. (interview w SI)

(On having to travel in suits):
"Actually, we're pretty fashion-forward guys. It's the heavy European influence, guys who've come over to the country. There's actually kind of a competition in the locker room to outdo the next guy in terms of getting dressed. I spent so much time in Detroit [on the Red Wings] with Russians. Those guys love Prada and Versace. Igor Larionov used to say, "If you look like a professional, you'll be treated like a professional." -

What's the item in your closet you couldn't live without? My Breitling Montbrillant watch. -