Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Entertaining Cabbie Video

This one covers tricks players use to intimidate their opponents (and Bill Guerin makes an appearance) -- FUNNY stuff as always!! And get a load of Eric Staal - looking good in that gold shirt [calm down Kena -- how many times have you watched this already?!!]

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The way he handled that trophy!
(What a MAN!)!!

I'm being totally serious about this even though it just may be a tad bit overboard, but come on, how many of us weren't watching intently with the question swirling as to whether or not he would touch it since he didn't last year and they fell just short of hoisting the Cup?!!

When I saw him just reach for it and latch his mits firmly on that Prince of Wales trophy, I swear it was one of the sexiest things I've seen him do and I lost my breath for a minute -- that is until I screamed, "what a man!" No, I did - REALLY (and my husband ignored it as he always does when it comes to my hormonal rants about Sid!)!

If you didn't catch it (or want to watch it AGAIN, like me!), I made sure to post it to illustrate this week's reason!!!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Western Conference Hottie: Derek Meech (Detroit Red Wings)

Ok, I'm ducking. I know the Red Wings may or may not be in the SCF when this gets posted. I don't know. I'm saying my prayers to the Hockey Gods, on behalf of the Blackhawks (THANK YOU playoff beards, it's again a pleasure to look at Brian Campbell). But all team favor aside, today we're serving up Mr. Derek Meech for your drooling pleasure. Honestly he may or may not have been a request. I've been laying down on the job here recently (Hah, don't I wish!) So I honestly can't remember. If I forgot you, please leave a comment or email and I apologize.

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: While playing junior hockey for the Red Deer Rebels of the WHL, he teamed with future NHL star Dion Phaneuf as the team's top defensive pairing. On June 23, 2002, he was drafted 229th overall in the 7th round of the 2002 NHL Entry Draft. He made his NHL debut on December 7, 2006 [Pearl Harbor day] at home against STL. He played in 4 NHL games during the 06/07 NHL season. While playing for the Grand Rapids Griffins of the AHL, Meech was named an (AHL) All Star after posting 6 goals, and 23 assists (29 points) in 67 games. In 2008, Meech was named "Detroit Red Wings Rookie of the Year" by the Detroit Sports Broadcasters' Association for his play in the 07/08 season. Based on the system the Red Wings employ, Meech has sometimes been used as a left winger. His versatility to play both forward and defenseman has led to extra playing time (that is one skill that always impresses me even if the player isn't the best at either; there's something special about being able to do it at the NHL level). Scored his first career NHL goal with the Detroit Red Wings on December 4, 2008 against Curtis Sanford, VAN.

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: Ok, I have an addition for my list of known weaknesses. (Oh yea, the blonds are still "on top"), so I'm pulling editorial rank and adding "Fruit Loops aka. Fruit Rings" to the list and you can all feel free to laugh. You may ask what prompted this little "baring of the soul." Well, none other than this - we've all been taught that breakfast is the single most important meal of the day and that notion wasn't lost on Derek. Spending the morning at the home of Pat and Lee Meagher, Derek and his family enjoyed a breakfast of Fruit Rings out of the Stanley Cup, washed down with gulps of champagne. "Yuck," laughed Derek. "That's a lethal combination!" [Link Here] It's a really good article about his day with the Stanley Cup. You know those blonds I mentioned before [yes I have a one track mind], he's one of them, with pretty blue eyes, 5'11 and 197lbs. Swoonlicious, interesting tidbits I found are: once met Chad Kroeger, lead singer of the Nickelback [COOL], favorite foods are lasagna and meat balls. Favorite movie is Good Fellas [Not bad]. Favorite TV show is Entourage. All in all, pretty good for a guy who plays for the Devils Spawn ... Oops Detroit Red Wings.

Crosby Pictures / PenPics of the [Playoff] Week

Since I missed this on Monday and Tuesday, I'm just posting it a little late today (and combingin the two); besides -- these are the best pictures to date (the EC Champions and the Prince of Wales trophy!)!!!

And you just gotta love how Crosby grabbed that trophy - with such conviction. Almost like, "Yeah, this is ours - we didn't take claim to it last year and we didn't win, so we're taking claim to it this year!" It was a sight to see -- it made you proud to be a Pens fan, that's for sure!!!

What a win (LET'S GO PENS!)!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

His LOVE of the Game!

You KNOW he loves this game; you can see it everytime he skates onto the ice and you can especially see it everytime he or any of the Pens score a goal!! It's something special and I would imagine you would have to have it in you to make hockey your career (and would enable a player to know when to "hang up his skates" -- lose the love, no reason to play)!!

The Pens webpage had an interesting article posted yesterday about the "Crosby Effect" ('Crosby Effect' Sets Agenda for Pens' Success) talking to a few of his teammates -- here's what his linemate, Billy Guerin, had to say:

Sure, Guerin likes being on the receiving end of Crosby's pin-point passes and he loves the open ice he enjoys as opposition players make futile attempts at double- and triple-team coverage of Crosby.

But it is also just Crosby's love of the game. The zest with which he attacks practice and all the other stuff which players must do when they are not actually playing games was the tipping point for Guerin.

"It's his attitude toward the game," Guerin said. "He's competitive. He's got a lot of drive."

How much drive? Consider that Guerin admitted Wednesday that he is practicing harder than he has in years.

"I have to, just to keep up," he said, breaking into a smile. "I'm not kidding either. That's the God's honest truth. He goes so hard in practice, he pushes me and he pushes Chris (Kunitz, the other wing on Pittsburgh's top line). I think it makes us better."

Scoring on the First Date -- NOT for the Classy Man!!

You GOTTA LOVE that (coming from Boucher!)!!! And Staalsy talks about being "nervous" and touching "boobs."

Watch Cabbie's interview Philippe Boucher and Jordan Staal after Game 1 against Carolina to see what I'm talking about (THANKS, Lauren, for "introducing" me to Cabbie -- LOVE his interviews especially with the Pens!):

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Western Conference Hottie: James Neal (Dallas Stars)

Neal was a "call up" for the Stars early this last year when it was apparent that we were going to be to riddled with injuries to really put a competitive team on the ice. He was a huge part of the Stars almost run at the playoffs. Thanks to him and his
amazing chemistry with Mike Modano who describes him as having "great hands, great touch, and a great sense around the net." [OK - that statement just makes my toes curl coming from Mo!]

We was a big part of our (or my I guess) Stars grand success in the prospects tournament (along with Brunnstrom )

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: Ass kicking rookie, not much more needs be said!!! At the time I started writing this, he was 1st among all Rookies in the league in goals scored (I think he ended up finishing 2nd overall. His final goal total for the season was 24 G 13 A for 37 P). Including 2 goals in the 10-2 ass whippin the Stars laid on the NYR (yes, I know fat lot of good it did them, but it was fun at the time). He was really rolling for team Canada in the worlds here recently before taking a stick to the face and getting stitches in his eyelid. (ouch... um... "kiss and make better, sweetheart?") [aren't you thoughtful, Kena?!]

Stars Captain, Brenden Morrow, describes him as "a badass, western Canadian kid" (via radio interview [laugh quieter Stephanie, the ladies are trying to read... OF COURSE I was listening personally]). [how did you know I was laughing - wait, it has to do with YOU and your Morrow, thats how!]

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: Adorable!!!!! Despite the "zombie like" photo of him that was taken at the "young stars" game this past Jan, (2009) in Montreal, he's MUCH better looking on TV and there are much better photos available. Kinda shy but also cocky at the same time [sucks in deep breath to avoid estrogen overload] [DOING THE SAME!] Which is a combination no red-blooded hockey-loving female can possibly hope to resist. He always seems so quiet, sweet, and unassuming then he drops the hammer. S.E.X.Y!!! Of the Dark brown hair, and really neat gray eyes. (The eyes are "To die for" according to HftL reader Kristen H. and I can't agree more.) He is quite the stud at 6'3 and 205lbs. James "the Real Deal" Neal as a moniker is just so TOTALLY cute, it even transforms me into a giggling fuzzy little ball of puckbunny. [LOVE that description!]

Derick Brassard vs. James Neal (Neal drops him with one punch, and he begs off (baby) to go get stitches, in the cut over his eye.) Watch the fight, even if you have to make a special effort of it. It is SO worth it!!!! BADASS western Canadian kid, INDEED!!!!

Comparing Staals

Kena wrote up a pretty cool post for her blog, Girls ARE Real Sports Fans Too, on Staal vs. Staal comparing the two and how they were pretty much quiet throughout Game 1.

Pens "Punisher" Tees and "Stixburgh"

Hey guys, one of my readers emailed me to ask if I knew where to get the Pens playoff t-shirts that they wear in the locker rooms and on some post-game interviews (CLICK HERE for previous post on them at TSCSF and CLICK HERE for the previous post on HftL).

I believe those aren't sold to the public (or else I would have one by now), but I promised him that I'd post a request to all of my readers in case there is somewhere you can get them. If you know of anyway / anywhere, just email me or leave it in the comments -- WE'D ALL APPRECIATE IT!!! THANKS!!

AND ON A RELATED NOTE: KDKA-TV and WTAE-TV reported yesterday that "Stixburgh" shirts (in honor of Fleury) will be available in Pittsburgh stores around the area -- Definitely You, Hometown Sports, Honus Wagner, and stores along the Strip District; possibly Dick's Sporting Good stores may be carrying them later on this week (below are pics from KDKA).

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crosby Pictures of the Week

Why do I all of a sudden wish I was Ovechkin???!!!

Sidney Named One of 50 Most Beautiful Canadians


The 50 Most Beautiful Canadians were named by Hello Canada Magazine.

Crosby is joined by fellow hockey player Sheldon Souray (according to VERSUS' Christine Simpson) and Shania Twain tops the list.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the pictures of Sid and Sheldon from the magazine (because they were HOT - they showed them on VERSUS during the game)!! Although you can look back on our previous WC Hottie post for Sheldon to see some pretty sexy pics of hims!!

If anyone has this mag and can scan the pics, WE'D ALL APPRECIATE IF YOU COULD SEND IT!!!

Is THIS the Year We Find Out Who Dad's Favorite Is?

It just may be (but you can find out NOW who Mom's favorite is!)!

We all know too well that [Jordan] Staal vs. [Eric] Staal has been the big storyline of this series, so in keeping with the 'theme' of the "Staal brothers Eastern Conference Final," here's an interesting spin on it.

ESPN the Magazine was focusing on mom, Linda Staal, for their Mother's Day edition of PAGE 2 "For Love or the Game" feature. The magazine put all four of the brothers to the test to see who knows mom best and which one is her favorite!!

This is just too cute - ENJOY, ladies!!

Staal brothers

BIG THANKS to Kena for scanning your brother's mag!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Playoff Videos - Crosby and Staal

Just got a chance to look through PensTV for the first time in a few days and noticed they have a "Playoffs Channel" and found the following videos (one featuring Sidney and the other featuring Staal).


Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Unsung Hottie" Sergei Gonchar (Pittsburgh Penguins)

Quiet, layed-back Gonch (or "Sarge" as some call him) fits the true meaning of an "unsung hottie."

Gonchar is a really important part of the Penguins team and brings a certain veteran presence both on and off the ice. He's not flashy, but he does get the job done and its a job that's quite important as he's the "last line of defense" before the puck enters the point of "no return" where they have to go back and skate after it in their own zone during a power play. It's an art that he seems to have mastered since he makes it look effortless when he's on the ice and it makes a noticeable difference when he's not!

He's not one for talking, but does bring a certain calm to the team especially on the power play which they miss when he's out of the lineup. As Kena puts it, only a seasoned veteran can posses such a quality and it's true. It's something his teammates depend on game-in and game-out.

He's truly a solid link in the Penguins hockey chain and I believe that he was a pivotal part of the Pens turn-around during the regular season and that he gave them a lift when he returned to the lineup on Wednesday for Game 7 of Round 2 after suffering an injury from a hit he took from Ovechkin.

And all of this is worth singing his praises!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Carolina Hurricanes

FULL NAME: William Robert Guerin
BIRTHPLACE: Worchester, Massachusetts
COLLEGE: Boston College (2 years)
POSITION: Forward (Right Wing)
DRAFTED: 5th overall by the NJ Devils in 1989
TRADED: to Edmonton on January 4, 1998; Boston on November 15, 2000; San Jose on February 27, 2007; Pittsburgh on March 4, 2009
SIGNED: as a free agent by Dallas on July 3, 2002; St. Louis on July 3, 2006; NY Islander on July 5, 2007

won the Stanley Cup in 1995 with the NJ Devils; won the gold medal playing in the World Cup of Hockey; named to NHL Second All-Star Team in 2002; represented the US in the 2002 Winter Olympics (won silver medal) - represented the US in a total of three Olympics; played in NHL All-Star Game in 2001 (also named MVP), 2003, 2004, 2007; served as the NY Islanders Captain since 2007

Season Highlights (2008-2009)

  • recorded his 800th career point on March 5th with the Penguins (making him the 14th US-born player to do so)

  • led the Islanders with 16 goals and 181 shots

  • scored his 400th NHL goal on December 26th vs. Toronto becoming the eighth American-born player and 79th NHL player to reach 400 career goals
Other Hottie FACTORS:
He's had at least one fight in each season (and / or post-season) <-- CLICK to see fight card -- since his rookie year 1991-1992; his most recent fight was against Ryan Malone on February 7, 2009 defending a teammate (CLICK HERE TO WATCH)!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

BAD BOY of Winter: Brooks Orpik (Pittsburgh Penguins)

You know, ladies, players don't really have to fight to be bad boys (in my book anyway). Take Brooks Orpik, for example, he doesn't get involved in too many fights, but he's a physical player and keeps the "peace" on the ice. Serves up alot of good checks when necessary -- I'd say that's pretty bad ass (AND sexy).

Speaking of sexy -- get a load of this screen-cap of him last year talking to Stan Savran after Game 5 of the Final -- SHIRTLESS (and smiling no less!) - YOWZA!!! I remember it well because I was just so stunned that he'd be on camera without a shirt (lucky us!)!!
Anyway, I got a little side-tracked there (and for good reason!). Really - what would the Pens do without Brooks? He's a very important part of the makeup of this team doing a damn good job of keeping on-ice bullies in line!!

As far as fights, Orpik does have a few under his belt (his total number of fights probably equalling some of the top fighters total for one season) - 13 since the 2002-2003 [AHL] season according to I tried to find video of one of his better fights, but of the little there are, they were either "draws" or not very exciting (lost or won by "not much"), so instead I figure I'd keep it to what he's good at -- HITS!!

So here's video of him at his best last year in Game 3 of the SCF (his infamous 4 hits in 15 seconds)!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Since the Pens crushed the Caps hopes of moving onto the next round, I thought it was fitting to give a reason that dealt with the Caps (and I actually came up with two -- well, Kena came up with one, so I have to give her credit for #21 -- THANKS, Kena!)!!!

Without further ado -- Reasons #20 and #21 ...
He Does His Talking ON THE ICE

(not in the media!)

Many of you may remember earlier in the season when the Capitals' Alexander Semin gave an interview bad-mouthing Sidney Crosby. I've always said that Sid does his talking on the ice and doesn't have to lower himself to talking like that. For those of you needing a reminder, here's a few quotes from Semin:

What's so special about [Crosby]? I don't see anything special there. Yes, he does skate well, has a good head, good pass. But there's nothing else ...

I think that if you take any player, even if he is "dead wood," and start promoting him, you'll get a star. Especially if he scores 100 points. No one is going to care about anyone else. No one is going to care whether he possesses great skill ...

And to take this a step further, here are a few of my husband's and my ideas for what Crosby could have rightfully said to Semin when they shook hands -- keeping the above in mind (but we know he's just too good of a sport which is why some of them are pretty funny):

"It's Mr. 'Dead Wood' to you, Semin!"
"And you must be the 'other' Alex"
"Yeah, I'll hand it to you, you can hit the broad side of a barn!"
"Hi, I'm Sidney Crosby - and you are?"
"You're right, 8 goals and 13 points isn't so special!"
"Will you be using a three-wood or 'dead wood' in the fairway tomorrow?"
"'Special' must mean something different in Russian"
"Where have you been all series?"
"You use that stick like you're chopping 'dead wood'"
"Who's special now, bitch?"

He's NOT Ovi

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rossi Interviews Malkin

This video appears to be raw footage of the media in the Penguins locker room after their Game 5 win in Washington. Pittsburgh Trib-Review's Rob Rossi asks Malkin a few questions and he seems to be grasping the English language pretty well these days.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crosby Pictures of the Week (Playoff Edition)

What a disappointing loss especially for our Captain who tied it late in the third!!

ENJOY this week's pics, ladies!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Eastern Conference Eye Candy: Mike Fisher (Ottawa Senators)

Mike Fisher has spent his entire NHL career with the Ottawa Senators. He's an aggressive player with some defensive skills and usually plays on the Senators second line.

  • center (defensive forward)
  • shoots right
  • drafted 2nd by the Senators in the 1998 draft (44th overall)
  • 1998 - 1999: nominated as OHL’s most gentlemanly player from Sudbury
  • played for Canada at the 2005 World Championships
  • he signed a 5 year / $21 million contract prior to the 2007-2008 season
  • ranked seventh in the NHL in hits with 234 in the 2007-2008 season

A large forward at 6' 1" and 213 pounds. He's a pretty aggressive player that actually delivers hits which is uncommon among forwards. His nickname is "Fish."

He has his own website,, and has set up the Mike Fisher Hockey Camp which raises money for various charities. Last year's camp raised over $50,000.

Fisher is rumored to be dating country singer Carrie Underwood and that the couple spent New Years Eve 2008 together. Fisher's friend, Tony Greco, made this comment about the couple,

"He's really happy with her. They're a perfect match."

"Mom and Dad My Good Luck"

Dan Potash's post-game interview of Evgeni Malkin after Saturday's game at Washington. As always, BIG THANKS to grizelda71 for posting the interview on YouTube!!!

Another View

Here's another view of the 2009 Crosby Hallmark Ornament from The Ornament Shop. THANKS to one of my readers for sending this information along!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

He's Even Sexier on the Ice WITHOUT a Helmet

Yes, this week's reason is one of the more "fun" ones, but when I was watching the game last night, his helmet came off and I was just in awe of how sexy he was - his hair all messy and sweaty!! The picture below is actually from the Capitals game back on February 22nd, but it illustrates my point!!!
THANKS to Pensgirl87 for another illustration of my point (she snapped this shot of Crosby after a "tussle" during a game she attended back in March):

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's A Girl!

Craig Adams and his wife, Anne, are the proud parents of a new baby girl named Francesca Alice (7 pounds, 8 ounces) who was born yesterday. This is the second child for them; their first born is son Rhys who is 20-months old.


Western Conference Hottie: Bobby Ryan (Anaheim Ducks)

Well, today I'm writing more of a sentimental than "fluff" piece. Here we have a guy who's over come a lot. Especially a really messed up family situation. [Link Here ]. In fact, Bobby Ryan, isn't even his real name. (I'm telling you, read the link, it's so worth it." But all of that aside, what initially caught my eye, is the fact that he's full of determination and has his mind set on nothing stopping him from being the very best hockey player he can be. and well, that's hotter than hell in my book.

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: 2008/09 Top scoring rookie. After winning national championships with his minor hockey team, the Los Angeles Junior Kings, he initially committed to playing for the U.S. National U-18 Program. Despite telling Ontario Hockey League (OHL) teams he would not play major junior, Ryan was selected by the Owen Sound Attack 7th overall in the 2003 OHL Selection Draft. He was convinced to play for the team and immediately began his major junior career with a 39-point rookie campaign in 03–04. After improving to 89 points the following season, Ryan was drafted second overall by the Anaheim Ducks in the '05 Draft behind Sidney Crosby (PIT). He ended his OHL career in 06–07. When he joined the the Portland Pirates of the AHL for the final 8 games of the season. Then he started the 07–08 season with the Ducks, scoring his first NHL goal in his debut against the Los Angeles Kings. He was, however, sent back to the AHL (Portland) after 4 games. He was recalled on March 7, '08, when Corey [DON'T get me started on, him, he goes in the same pot w/ Hossa] Perry's leg injury sidelined him for the remainder of the regular season. In 08–09, Ryan once again made the reg. roster, but was sent down to the Ducks' new AHL affiliate, the Iowa Chops [thank you salary cap]. He was called up during the season and recorded a natural hat trick [yes, I had to look it up too], on January 8, 2009, against the Los Angeles Kings. He became the first rookie in Ducks history to record a hat trick, and it was the fastest hat trick by any player in the 15-year history of the franchise. On March 22, 2009, he broke the franchise rookie point record, tallying 2 assists for 46th point of the year in a win against the Phoenix Coyotes. This year, he was named a finalist for the Calder Trophy, along with Steve Mason from the Columbus Blue Jackets and Kris Versteeg from the Chicago Blackhawks. [Pretty good for a kid with a past, huh??]

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: As you are all aware Stephanie and I have a few of the same weaknesses when it comes to hockey and/or hockey players. One of these weaknesses is AMERICAN hockey players!!!!! and we both have a very severe soft spot for one American hockey player in particular who Bobby Ryan also idolizes. His idol is none other than Mike Modano [previously on HftL...]. and according to the announcers on the Stars v Ducks game where I noticed him, he recently changed his number, to 9. In honor of his hero. Sweet, huh. We have a very subtly blended type of looking guy here. Lovely "chocolate-blond" hair, and very pretty mellow blue eyes. One of those very strong jaws, and a creamy smooth completion. He stands 6'2 and weighs in at a healthy 208lbs. Once you look at him, you'll be hooked. I was. His teammates refer to him as a "good kid" and something he says he rarely gets the opportunity to do but is very important to him. Is to spend time with his dad. Just a sweetheart. The quote that ultimately made me fall in love with him is this. "This is who I am, I'm not running, I'm not hiding," he says. I don't think I need to say anymore. He sells himself.