Friday, December 23, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen ... I Present to You "THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN HOCKEY"

YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!  This is turning out to be ONE GREAT HOLIDAY BREAK for me so far (and it's just started) ... the above is what I found waiting for me in my email inbox just a few minutes ago (see how nice I am to drag my ass up off the floor so I could share it with all of you?!)!!! ; )

That is a whole-lotta-sexy-goin-on right there ... don't even get me started on that "staring at me with those 'looking-at-a-face-off-puck' eyes!"  [TAKE ME NOW!!]  And THEN they had to make the title "THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN HOCKEY."

Dear baby Jesus why do you do this to me?!!!

THANK YOU, THN, for finally acknowledging that (1) he IS a MAN and (2) he's the most powerful one in hockey (even if it is for a silly-little-poll!)!!  The rest of us know what exactly that really means (and all the layers of the meaning!)!!

Well, I'm off to clean all the [*DROOL*] off my laptop!!  ENJOY, LADIES and GENTS!!!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In Light of Crosby Being Placed on IR ...


But in his honor ...

Bells will be ringing the glad, glad news
Oh what a Christmas to have the blues
My baby's gone (my baby's gone) I have no friends
To wish me greetings once again

Choirs will be singing Silent Night
Those Christmas carols by candlelight
Please come home for Christmas (please come home)
Please come home for Christmas (please come home)
If not for Christmas by New Year's night

Friends and relations send salutations
Just as sure as the stars shine above (yes they do)
This is Christmas, Christmas my dear
The time of year to be with the one that you love

Then won't you tell me, you'll never more roam
Christmas and New Year (Christmas and New Year's)
Will find you at home
There'll be no more sorrow, no grief or pain
Cause I'll be happy (happy) that it's Christmas once again

(on a lighter note) ...
to the Special Olympics

I'm hoping / wishing for something under my tree that alot of us probably are
but none of us may be able to have this year
(or with any consistency for any Christmas to follow)
: (

we miss you
(but your health should always come first ...
it's just not the same without you!!)

how eerily Sid's career echos that of his mentor ...

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's A Boy!!

LOTS of babies these past few months (funny how the hockey world works in "cycles" - weddings in the summer (off-season) and babies in the winter (conceived around season's end!))!!  This one is a few weeks old, but still baby news, nonetheless!!

Detroit's (former Dallas Stars') Fabian Brunnstrom and his wife Sandy welcomed their first child into the world on Friday, December 2 -- a baby boy they named Alexander Noah.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's A Boy!!

THANKS to Nichole H. for the info!

The Staals (Eric, Tanya, and Parker) welcomed the second boy into their family earlier today -- Levi John who weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds, 5 ounces (WOW!) -- definitely another hockey player!!

From the Carolina Hurricanes twitter:
Congrats to Tanya & capt Eric Staal (+big bro Parker) who welcomed Levi John Staal (9lb5oz!) today in Raleigh!

It's A Girl!!

THANKS to Liz S.and Sara H., for "the tip" on this news!

On Friday (December 9th), Patrick Sharp's wife, Abby, gave birth to the couple's first child - a baby girl they named Madelyn Grace.  She weighed 6 pounds, 2 ounces, and was 19 inches long.  CLICK HERE to read the article from the Chicago Sun Times.
"When I saw the baby for the first time, it was an unbelievable feeling. You really can't describe it until you go through it yourself." - Patrick Sharp

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Now You Can Watch Crosby's "Hat Tip" Anytime You Want!!

Remember THIS?  It's one of the sexiest things I've ever seen in my life - my REASON #80 to LOVE Sid (IDK why, but it just makes my knees weak and it has since the very first time I saw it!)!!!

Well, now I [or the rest of you ladies] can watch it (and RE-watch it) anytime I [we] like!

For those of you who don't know (and didn't pre-order it), HBO's 24 / 7 - Penguins/Capitals: Road to the NHL Winter Classic is now out and ready to ship!!  If you still have to order yours, you can do so on the HBO internet store and KEEP IN MIND to look on the internet for promotional codes.  I used one when I pre-ordered mine and it was enough to cover the cost of S&H which was a pretty good deal!!

I got it in the mail yesterday (and it was a nice surprise) ... I already opened it and watched the first three episodes (and, yes, the "hat tip!")!!  The disappointing part is that there isn't anything additional on the disc (no extra footage, no deleted scenes - nothing), so for those of you who look forward to that kind of thing especially with this - you'll be just as disappointed as I was!

Although seeing the "hat tip" whenever I want more than makes up for all of that!! ; D

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Gone (I Think) ... Wait, WHAT?!

So I've been waiting for some pics or word that Sid shaved today and ... I THINK he did.  I say that only because I have yet to see one of him facing the camera (its all side views).  And the "WHAT?!" in the title is because of this picture (I saw that butt and lost track of everything else!)!!! ; D

I never knew that suit pants could cling to a man's ass so nicely, did you?!!
As for his mustache, well, YOU be the judge (I'd say it's still up in the air and we need "face front" picture confirmation - although he looks "clean" to me!!):

[UPDATE] It's A Girl!!

[UPDATE]Ad'a from Slovakia sent along a second article about Višňovský's new baby girl (who's given name is Liliana Višňovská) and this one comes with a picture (SO ADORABLE!)!!

THANKS to Aďa from Slovakia for letting me know about this recent birth!!

This past Monday evening (November 28th), Ľubomír Višňovský (from the Anaheim Ducks) and his beautiful wife, Katarina, welcomed a baby girl to world. Her name is Lily Alex and she has a big brother, Luke Maxima who was born back in January 2009.  If you recall, the proud parents were married back in September (READ ABOUT IT HERE!)

According to Ad'a (who was nice enough to loosely interpret the Slovakian article announcing the birth - THANKS again, Ad'a!), Lily's daddy was secretly hoping for his daughter to be born on November 29th in honor of his dear friend, Pavol Demitra (who's life was lost in the tragic plane crash a few months back).  Honestly, in my own opinion, just the thought of his wanting to honor Pavol would seem good / close enough as if she was born on that day - how special!!

And from The Orange County Register:
Injured defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky and his wife, Katarina, welcomed a baby girl Monday night.
CONGRATULATIONS TO Ľubomír, Katarina, Luke, and the entire Višňovský family!!

Where My Ladies At?

(How I Became a [Female] Hockey Fan)!

First of all, I must begin with announcing that I am a born and bred East Texan, but there's little I love more than my Pittsburgh Penguins.

Any die hard Steel City fan knows that we span across the globe. Hell, I saw a Steelers bar when I was in Rome! Needless to say, I am minority in Texas, but when it's hockey season, I bleed black and gold.

My obsession with Pens hockey began when I was still in the womb. I was born very shortly after the Pens won the Stanley Cup, but my mother began to feel contraction during the final game. Now, she should have gone to the hospital, especially when the contractions grew closer together, but she'd be damned if she missed one second of the final game. But when Mario lifted that Cup, my mother finally allowed my father to take her to the hospital, but alas, I was a tricky girl, even before I was born, and decided to stay for a few more days. Shortly after, a brand new Pens fan was born.

Growing up with four brothers only furthered my obsession with the team. I was always right next to them on the couch or in the stands, screaming my head off for someone to just shoot already, or pass goddammit! I could rattle off the entire roster and worshiped Mario. When Mario returned, I could see comparisons to the second coming of Christ. I am die hard, to say the least.

In this acquisition of Lord Stanley, I was watching the final game one day before my birthday. I prayed, I hoped and I wished with all my heart that the best birthday gift would be for the Pens to win the Stanley Cup. My prayers and wishes were answered and I woke up on the morning of my eighteenth birthday all smiles because my favorite hockey team had lifted the Stanley Cup high above their heads the night before.

So no matter rain or shine, win or lose, I love my Pittsburgh Penguins. I wear my Staal and Letang jerseys around my small East Texas town and I wear them with pride despite the funny looks I get.

I am, without a doubt, a die hard, female Penguins fan.

You go, Victoria!  I am also proud of being a fan just as I'm sure every Pens fan is - male or female; but I'm always SO PROUD to see fans from outside of Pennsylvania representing our boys as well!  The Penguins are slowly becoming like the Steelers in the fact that no matter where they play, there are Penguins fans in the seats and that is DEFINITELY SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF!!!  So keep wearing your Staal and Letang jerseys (your boys are doing well this season!), screaming in the stands, and rattling off Pittsburgh rosters because you're representing Pittsburgh and we gladly accept you as one of us ... THANKS for sharing your story, Victoria!!

Don't forget, if you wish to submit your story, I kindly ask that you
email them directly to me so they don't end up being repetitive for some of the readers. Also, if you don't want me to include your name, please let me know that as well (what I'll normally do is put your first name and last initial if I have it OR just your screen name).


I also want to let you know I LOVE these stories (and so do alot of our readers) - I've always found it interesting no matter who the fan, so I'm enjoying ALL OF THIS IMMENSELY!! KEEP THEM COMING, but I ask that you
email them please - THANKS!!!

Also, I ask that you please BE PATIENT as I'm still receiving TONS of stories (they'll be posted in the order I received them, to be fair). If you sent in a story, it will eventually be on the blog - I promise!! ; ) JUST BE SURE TO KEEP THEM COMING (the more the better!)!! AS A NOTE, I'm currently on stories I received back in March 2010!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sid, WHY So Superstitious?! Just SHAVE!

I genuinely understand hockey players and their superstitions along with how crazy they can be about them.  I'm like that to an extent as a fan and I'm sure most hockey fans are.  HECK - I just dusted off my Sid jersey to wear to the game he returned (since the last time I wore it about 10 months before)!

But, Sid, that mustache (I don't care how much "better" it's come in since "the last time!") ... IT HAS TO GO ... I actually never thought there would be anything that would make you less sexy / appealing, but I FOUND IT ... that thin, little tuft of hair above your upper lip ... it makes you look like you haven't showered for a few weeks and as much as the THOUGHT of your sweat seems like a good idea to me, the visual aid of the mustache gives me the creeps ... like you're 14 and SO PROUD you can grow facial hair for the first time.

NO, Sid, you don't look adorable there ...
and I refuse to let that mustache "grow" on me

(get your heads out of the gutter, ladies!)!!

I was ok with it for the time-being (for a good cause and all), but I'm SO TIRED of seeing it on your beautiful face ... like a half-dead, raggedy, old field mouse got trapped there.

PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING HOLY IN HOCKEY, SHAVE THAT DAMN MUSTACHE (I sincerely cannot stand looking at you with it for another solitary moment and I highly doubt I'm alone in my opinion!)!!! : (  (but for some reason, that screen-cap I got of you doesn't look half-bad ... see what I've resorted to?  A dirty lady in love with a hockey player who has taken on the appearance of a 14-year-old who hasn't taken a shower in a few weeks!)!!  UGH!!!

ALTHOUGH, I must admit that your banter with Potash about it today was pretty amusing (you little devil, YOU - lol - you can still make me smile EVEN WITH THAT DAMN MUSTACHE!)!!! ; D

From the Penguins webpage:
As today marks the first day of December, all of the Pens came to the rink this morning with clean upper lips after shaving off the mustaches they grew for November in honor of "Movember." ... All of the Pens, that is, except for captain Sidney Crosby – who's currently on a three-game point streak. We're not saying he's superstitious, but...

ROOT SPORTS' Dan Potash asked Sid following today's morning skate if he's keeping the mustache because of his point streak. Sid's response (with a sly grin...)

"Couldn't find a razor."
(no one could've written a better story!)

I should've done this a few weeks ago, but since there hasn't been one of these posts in a while I figured it's just as good of a time as any!!!

And how appropriate is it that it's THE 87th REASON?!! I did not plan that -- I DIDN'T!!!

Crosby's return ... could it have been any better?!!!  I was lucky enough to be there and witness it in person and it was even more chilling than it could've ever come across on TV, BELIEVE ME (I actually don't remember much from the night -- I think I was literally in shock that the time had finally come and I was actually THERE!)!!

Anyway, my favorite part of it all aside from the first time he stepped onto the ice for pre-game warm-ups was when he scored his first goal - SO EXCITING ... I could've watched his celebration over and OVER AGAIN.  In fact, I still get a kick out of watching it and I get just as excited about it as the first time it happened!!!

So here it is ... REASON #87 WHY I LOVE SIDNEY CROSBY (in motion!)!!  "FUCK-YEAH!!" -- sorry, I just HAD to do it!!! ; P