Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crosby [and Malkin] Picture[s] of the Week

With the 2010 Olympics quickly approaching, the NHL's focus is slowly beginning to turn to men's Olympic hockey. For the past few days I've noticed new advertisements for men's hockey Olympic gear / merchandise.

This week's picture is our beautiful captain sporting his Team Canada jersey and looking mighty fine as always, I might add! Malkin also has one, so I thought I'd include that one too (because I believe there are just a few fans of his who read the blog as well!)!! ; P



aBurghGirl said...


I LOVE the olympics!!!!

abby :) said...

i am cheering for team usa, even though i really want canada to win. i am quite torn. i guess its a patriotic thing since i live here...so go USA (except...not really) hahah! love the pictures!

CrackerLilo said...

They both look good in red. May this be the only way either of them ever wear red jerseys.

Thanks for reminding me to go online and get some stuff for the Olympics, like I really need to spend that money. If Beloved's gonna wear a Team Russia T-shirt, it may as well be a Malkin one.

@ Abby: I'm cheering for USA first, then Russia second 'cause I'm married to a Russian. But I wouldn't hate to see Crosby and Fleury win gold, put it that way. It'll be much easier for me to cheer on our womens' team, and that's a womens' Team USA T-shirt I'm buying, not a mens' one.

EHisCDN said...

YAY, Sid looks so good in the Olympics uniform.

Like I really needed another excuse to get olympic wear. I already own so much Canada stuff!

I'm dying to get a Canada jersey customized with 87 and Crosby on it...but alas it is way out of my price zone :(

EHisCDN said...

btw I'm totally cheering for TEAM CANADA, but I watched a program on Finland yesterday and it almost made me want them to win, almost. So they're my second team (although Canada is going to win so they'll have to settle for silver ;p).

Ashlen said...

Let's go Canada !
(Even though I'm CLEARLY from St.Louis...;])