Friday, January 22, 2010

That's RIGHT, We Actually DO Know Hockey!!!

We're finally getting due props!!!

I found this on a Chicago Blackhaws blog thanks to my "google alerts." It's from a post on Second City Hockey called "As Long As They Don't Take My Seat" which discusses "bandwagon fans"(in the comments section). The comment was made by a female fan, but it sounds like she's a little fearful of coming right out and saying she thinks the players are attractive by what she posts:

Also found thanks to Twitter, the slightly scary (but they do actually know hockey) “Hockey for the Ladies” blog had a post on “Western Conference Hottie” Duncan Keith yesterday. Find it if you dare… KofC
Slightly scary? Find it if you dare? Come on, sweetie, it's OK to be a female fan and allow yourself to enjoy the sights as well as the game ... there's NO SHAME in it if you know hockey and aren't there to pick up a husband - there's always a place for you at HftL (we really don't bite!) and we'll welcome you openly!!

Her comment did stir up some curiousity for the site, so we may have some new readers as well (THANK YOU, KofC), so WELCOME!!! We even have a ECEC suggestion ... gotta remember Brent Sopel. ; )

this is me being helpful and using Google
- the Trib piece
- the
Hockey for the Ladies piece (let me put my girl hat on for a minute here— why the fuck do they have a page for Patrick Kane? Mind-boggling.) @ChiBlackhawks
Help please with Hockey for the Ladies site?
Thanks for the link. Just went there to find some inform on my favorite Blackhawk, Brent Sopel. Can't seem to find him anywhere. Maybe in the archives? EvilClown
But PLEASE let me educate a few of the Blackhawk (and possibly other) fans commenting on the post that women ARE NOT "only into hockey because of the cute young players!" Are we, ladies?!! Nope!! I (and the readers of this blog) LOVE hockey just as much as the next fan!!


aBurghGirl said...

thumbs up Stephanie!

Stephanie said...


k of c said...

Ha, that was me--wow, I should have known everything would track back...

Actually, I've known about this site for a while. Honestly, probably not the kind of site I'd blogroll, but I do read it. ("Slightly scary" = a bit much Crosby for me.) I'll link to the Keith piece...

I'm not afraid to mention which players I think are cute on my blog and elsewhere (Hjarlmarsson!) but I do try to be gender-neutral-sounding on SCH (which is funny, because anyone can click on the blog link in my signature and immediately see I'm female).

Katie said...

I agree. I love hockey for the game and the fact that I find some of the players attractive to me is just the added bonus. I watch the games because I find them to be so much fun to watch.

Stephanie said...

@k of c -- thanks for posting a comment!! I'm glad we understand each other, but I was just as surprised to see it in the Blackhawks blog comments as you were to find that I found it (and it honestly wasn't bad ... I took it as a compliment, actually because I've had worse said about me and the blog -- at least you can tell we know about hockey!)!!! And you are VERY neutral because I didn't realize you were a female until I clicked on your profile!! MUCH RESPECT for you in case you didn't that from the post!! THANKS!! : )

Val said...

I am loving the fact that HFtL is getting some publicity and it isn't bad, lol! Very cool, oh, and you can be chained to the fence and still bark, my people (re: hubbies, bfs, and hockey players!)

Stephanie said...

LOVE THAT @Val ... "you can be chained to the fence and still bark"



Ashlen said...

Amazing :)
& I'm glad to know people actually DO know that I am not just a dumb puck bunny. I actually know & love the game, ever since I was a baby.
I couldn't tell anyone in words how much I love hockey!

Anonymous said...

This is about the third time I came to this site and this site represents REAL woman loving hockey like they should, never once was it a page drooling over all of the hockey players. This site is awesome and you guys do know about hockey. Guys that say stuff about woman and hockey are intimidated and scared that we actually know about the sport.