Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Operation: Behind Enemy Lines

Our fellow Penguins fans are THE BEST!!! Cases in point ...

THANKS to both Lexie H. and Melany M.for sharing the following story of their courageous trek to pretty unfriendly territory, Philadelphia, just to watch our boys play the Flyers last Sunday afternoon (and pictures to go along with it which always makes it that much more FUN!)!!

So, first off never ask Philly natives for directions, i swear we went in circles most of the time! But we did made it there! When we got there we saw a group of penguin fans, so Melany rolled down her window and yelled Pens Fans, Yeah!" and they invited us over and we all got some group pictures. We then continued our journey into the box office at the arena to get our magical wristbands that got us into the Lexus Club, and what we would soon find out is between the exercise room and the locker room for the Penguins. We walked down to the Lexus club and got to see the where the Flyers are interviewed and whatnot Then continued to find our friendly little usher guy who was talking to us saying how if any Flyer fans give us trouble to let him know and he will take care of it when...*GASP* Sidney Crosby, Pascal Dupuis, and Matt Cooke walked right by us, I was just standing there like 'Oh My God is this a dream?', My mom was just said "Hey Sid" and Melany had been facing the other way when my mom had said that and was like "WHAT?!", in the meantime Matt walked like right beside us! And they are all in their shorts because they're playing soccer :) Then maybe a minute later Mel was on her knees trying to catch her breath, i am pretty much just sitting on the floor shocked and then Billy Guerin goes by...then Skoula(Melany did not know this because she was trying to stand up and almost ran into him and Alex Goligoski and Alex Goligoski laughed at us, as i managed to cough out a "good luck!" We stayed there a little longer and then decided to go take a breather and Tweet and Facebook what had just happened, when our friendly little usher came over and says "now, you didn't hear this from me but...if you stand over there with me and you can speak up on your own you can get their autographs..." So we went back over with our usher guy and waited, and Billy G came out and i had to get his attention because Mel was too excited so it went like this..."Billy G?(in high pitched voice) will you sign my jersey?"..."sure"..."Thank you Billy"..."No Problem" and then he had to find Melany to give her sharpie back, and then Godard came out so i was like "Eric could you please sign this?"..."Sure thing!(all smiley)", and then i turn around for maybe one second and turn to see Jordan just sprinting across the room! LOL! Then Eaton was walking by and i was like "Good Luck Mark!" and he look right at me smiles and says "Thank you" , then Mike Rupp walks by i say "Good Luck Rupp!" and get no response...he comes back i say "GOOD LUCK MIKE!" and he looks at me chuckles and says "Thank you" :) Then Dupuis walks by and Melany goes "oh...uh... mmm... ugh... I hope you feel better soon Duper!" and he said thanks, and I thought he was through the doors and Melany said "Wow, those were some tight shorts!" And he heard it! LOL! Then there was Craig Adams Melany was like "Yeah Craig Adams!" and he just shook his head and laughed! Geno smiled when Melany told him good luck and Melany freaked because it was the last penguin that she needed to talk to! When they were done playing soccer, Cookie came out, looked like he was gonna come our way, saw all the people that had gathered, and quickly turned and went straight to the locker room. Then in warm ups Dupuis had this big goofy smile on his face when he saw me and then he waved *it was AH-mazing!!! Then Melany gave her Billy G autographed ticket to the little boy behind us*

All i have to say after this trip is that the boys MUST know us by now! :) (they just don't know our names, LOL)

~ Lexie

THANKS also to Maureen
, who also travelled to Philadelphia to attend the same game (separate from Lexie and Mel), and sent me this story along with a link to a few pictures:
I was lucky enough to get to go to the Pens vs Flyers game today at the Wachovia. I had glass seats on the end the Pens shot twice it, it was awesome. I saw both of our goals get scored!

After the game, a few of the guys skated over to wave to us (as we were wearing our jerseys), and give us a thumbs up. I was able to get some awesome pics, so I thought I would share a few with you and the ladies on the board. I have more too...



Char said...

wow. just wow. What an amazing experience!!!

abby :) said...

omg!! thats sooo freakin exciting like omg! and let me say you guys are VERY brave to go philly! glad you came back alive to share this awesome story :) hahaha!

Bandit'sgirl said...
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aBurghGirl said...

I'm so jealous of both Lexie and Melany for getting such an up close and person experience with the guys before the game! Great stories!!!!!

I have to say though, I wouldn't have traded my seats for the world. It was SO awesome to sit that close for such a physical game.

I won't lie, I actually was trembling after we scored our first goal to tie it up, the Philly fans around us were NOT thrilled with our excitement.

aBurghGirl said...

oh... and on a random side note, I have the same hoodie as Billy is wearing in Lexie/Melanie's pics! I'm wearing it at work today!!!

Rebelheart87 said...

It was such a blast! And thanks so much for putting it up!!

If any of you ladies would like t oread my version, I'm putting it up on my personal blog on here. It pretty much the same as Lexie's, just longer* LOL!

I wrote it out like a military operation, and got soem good laughs out of it!!

Amy said...

<3 billy guerin pics!