Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pens 'Stache Tracker 2010 - FEBRUARY

Not only are the Pens motivating players at the beginning of every month with they newly employed "Moustache Shootout" competition, but it has also turned into a big point of interest among us fans!!

Today, fans PACKED the Iceoplex in Southpointe to witness which player would be the next to grow the newly fashionable players stache

Since this is a monthly occurrence and one that fans are so interested in, Ive decided to create a "Stache Watch" to announce the "loser" as well as to keep an eye on how the facial hair is coming along throughout the month ... ENJOY!!!

But FIRST, let's take a moment of silence as the outgoing stache man shaves off his moustache ... R.I.P - Billy G's "Up-and-Coming Porn Star" Stache or, simply, "The Guerin" (photo courtesy of Lexie H.).

FEBRUARY'S "LOSER" - Ruslan Fedotenko ("BEFOREstache")

- "I already did it once so it’s easy," Fedotenko said. "On me you probably won’t even be able to tell until the last week."

MY THOUGHTS - SWEET ... the invisible stache (aka ... "The Fedotenko") ... can't wait to see this one!!!



EyeHeartCandy said...

I went to that practice today and it was freakin' SWEET! It came down to Rupp and Feds, and Rupp fired one in the net declaring Feds the loser! I got some photos to document Billy G's stache. This should be interesting considering Feds couldnt even grow a playoff beard!

Amy said...

i was there! billy g's celebration was epic when he scored on the first shot! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm new to this blog, so sorry if you've already done this, but can I suggest that the next reason why we love Sidney be his awesome backhand?

I swear he's better on his backhand than some players are on their forehand!

aBurghGirl said...

LOL... Gotta admit that I LOVE Billy G's stache...

Feds should be interesting...