Thursday, January 28, 2010

Say Cheese (While You Take Your Clothes Off)!

This has been the talk of the internet since yesterday when the pictures were posted on Orland Kurtenblog - featuring Chicago Blackhawk players Patrick Kane and John Madden in what looks to be a pretty fun-filled night (so OF COURSE we have to cover it here!).

The post (in letter-to-the-athlete form) simply talks about the fact that athletes are human and it being completely understandable for them to partake in human activities that we all have or wished we had taken part in during one time or another in our lives, but that these athletes should think a little more when it comes to their choice to pose when someone pulls out a camera during these "questionable" activities.

I mean, if you knew and trusted the people you were with during a fun night out, wouldn't you feel comfortable enough to do stupid things and then be agreeable to pose for pictures while doing it (and at the time, since you trusted those people, you felt comfortable enough in the fact that it was just understood that the pictures were to remain between you?)? I'm sure we've all been there and can relate to that; however, the only problem is the fact that it only takes ONE time or ONE person for it to get in the wrong hands at the wrong time. OR PERHAPS I'm giving them a little bit too much credit and the boys were just stupid enough to pick up trash that would smear this shit all over ... in that case, WISE UP guys!!!

Of course there was the debate about whether or not the photos were legit. I'm not going to argue that here because all possible scenerios and explanations have been hashed out elsewhere aside from the fact that I'm not an expert, but what I will say is that whether or not these photos are real, I believe that what they do is their choice and they have a right to do whatever they wish (and their money allows) them to do in their free time.

But my main point is ... so what?! It's none of my business!!! And seriously, some of us or the people we know and hang around could easily have our faces pasted on these pictures and no one would think twice or debate about it (we've quite possibly been in similar situations ourselves). It's just unfortunate for these athletes that the only difference is the fact that they're recognizeable and in the public eye (but that was something that I'm sure they understood came along with their choice to become a professional athlete). [LATE EDIT] Although we all have consequences to contend with no matter how different they may be (for John Madden, it would seem he has some explaining to do to his wife and their child which is a shameful situation to be in for him / heartbreaking for his family, and still not for me to judge).

I'm not condoning or condemning what these players do (and they're not immune to making big-ass mistakes), but I don't think it's necessary to analyze them, their actions, or their choice of entertainment in their spare time (if Kane or any other player lucky enough to be in the NHL wants to take a chance of messing up a golden opportunity, that's his problem and not mine) -- let's see ... who's missing from these pics? [*cough*] Sharp [*cough*] Toews [*cough*]!
: D

I don't know about you, but I have enough in my life to keep me busy without worrying about someone else; namely, looking at gorgeous hockey players and doing "research" for this blog - I have my hands FULL enough with that!! I mean, when I look at these pictures all I'm thinking is "MAN, hockey players have nice bodies - what LUCKY girls!"
; P

[LATE EDIT] The thing that I found most amusing, aside from all the views people have taken over this situation and how much coverage it's been getting, is one writer's perspective of it being all about the Blackhawks 'tough guy' image (i.e., they don't look like rugged hockey players in these pictures but rather a cross between the Backstreet Boys and N'Sync). To that I must hang my head in shame [rolls eyes!]!! This guy is a credited Chicago journalist and he gets paid for that shit?!!! The media is definitely going down-hill quickly (soon they might catch up to the likes of Kane and the rest)!!! : D

THANKS for the "tip," MM!! : )


Natasha said...

I think that first one of Kane looks "off" but definitely the rest are real, and isn't John Madden married? His poor wife! :(

I LOVE that Sharp and Toews weren't there (or Seabrook or Keith).. or basically any guys who would be representing Canada in the Olympics! Not that Sharp is... but he was very close! And Sharp's getting married this summer -- his fiancee would not have been too happy.

Trish said...

All I keep thinking about when I see these pictures is WHERE is Kaner's pants and HOW did they come off.

I wouldn't mind seeing Sharp or Toews in their underwear...but Kane can put his pants back on : )

k of c said...

I believe the team has admitted they're real (some statement like "We're aware of the photos and it's an internal issue"). It's getting too much attention here in Chicago; I heard it's on the back cover of the Sun-Times today (guess I'll have to buy one!).

I can think of other players I'd rather see...but I don't mind any of this. Well, yes, Madden is a married father--showing off his muscles seems harmless, but if anything else happened, he might have some explaining to do...

wispensfan said...

I really don't have an issue with Kaner being involved. Sure he's a pro athlete but at the same time I remember how my guy friends were at that age and they weren't multi-millionaries. I can't believe that John Madden was involved though. He doesn't seem like the type at all but apparently that isn't true. The only other thing that I can say is that I agree with Trish. There are several players who I wouldn't mind seeing without their pants but the guys that I am a fan of are too classy. I haven't decided if that is a good thing or not though. lol

Zigh said...

Why is it always Patrick Kane?
But I agree... the Kaner one looks a little funny... the rest all look legit though.

Oh Madden, go home to your wife.

And really boys, I know we all do foolish things... but don't pose for pictures WHILE you do the foolish things... /facepalm

I'm so glad Toews isn't there... if he was... I'd cry.

Anonymous said...

Believe Versteeg was there as well.