Sunday, January 3, 2010

MORE AMAZING Pens Fans (and Their Stories)

To carry on with the theme of Friday's "Where My Ladies At?" with some 'intense fandom,' one little lady who always comes to mind is faithful HftL follower, Lexie, who is always so sweet to send along her stories and AWESOME pictures of her Penguins escapades!!!

Here's her latest:
So my mom and I met some of our friends Mel and Erin at the Penguin Practice this Saturday [12/26/2009], and i must say even though it was VERRRY crowded it was a blast!

Mel always tells the funniest stories and im PRETTY sure that when it got quiet in the arena that the boys heard us, haha! and then there is the fact that we have very dirty minds...for example when Disco was practicing with Skoula my mom just HAD to say "Look at Disco Bangin' Skoula!" haha. but towards the end the boys were picking out some little kids that were down by the glass and would give them their sticks! and we were lucky enough to be sitting by the little kid who got Sid's sticks family! so my mom just had to touch it as did I, haha! and then my friend Mel got her picture taken with Sid's stick after telling my mom to stop trying to grab Sid's stick! haha and then there was only two of our boys left on the ice after that, Letang and Godard! Letang was giving out pucks to the little kids while godard escaped the madness! and just when we thought Letang was about to leave he through a puck up to US, and i caught it! :D

and i have some pictures to go with it the second picture the one of Johnson [the one at the very top of the page]; he looks scared because he cant get out lol the third one is a picture of me with the puck letang threw to me :)

Along those same fandom lines is faithful HftL (and TSCSF) follower, Michelle U., who has a pretty AMAZING Penguins story (project) of her own (the pictures and artwork are just UNBELIEVEABLE -- there are some extremely talented Pens fans out there!) ...

... i live in Pittsburgh which also means that i eat and breathe the sports here, mainly the Pens. I missed the second cup winning by less then a month and my first game was when i was about 9 months old, i was also an extra in the movie sudden death. Look for the little girl by the penalty box ;-). Anyways, my graduation project had to be on something i want to do in the future. And i have some big dreams. I want to be the head physician or orthopeadist for the Pittsburgh Penguins. I recently had the chance to work with their doctor and it was incredible. The pictures attached are part of my project. As an artist i love to draw portraits and i used my skill and my love to make one great project. I drew every player from the Cup winning team last year and put them into two frames. The players just loved them, but a few havent signed yet... My favorite would be brooks and Max and their reactions. I had to chase down Brooks to get my picture back because he wanted it, and max asked if i could do one of him. And cant forget Sid, he high fived me and said, damn, this is some talent. I laughed. Dan also B lined over to me and signed. He also pinky promised that he would tell the guys to sign. I just thought i would share a tid bit of info on my project with you.

Thought it would add something different to the blog.

BIG THANKS to both Lexie H. and Michelle U. for thinking of us here at HftL and sending along their stories and incredible pictures to share!!!

5 comments: said...

That's really awesome about the pucks :D who doesn't love some Tanger? I got to meet Max and MAF after the game where they sign autographs. But Letang didn't come over :( It would have been nice. Even though they lost. To Toronto.

aBurghGirl said...

SOOOO COOL!!!! Thanks for sharing those stories, and how awesome. I love our Pens! and I love this blog and it's followers.

Rebelheart87 said...

Oh Lexie... we do have some good times don't we?!
Hi ya'll, I'm Mel!

And I can't help the conversations that the guys might hear. I try to be quiet, but when I'm near them, I normally can't control the volume of my voice or what comes out!!

And that second story, AMAZING drawings!

Karissa said...

Wow, those portraits are just AMAZING... as are, of course, your dreams to be working with the Pens staff =) I SUPPORT! I want to be up in the office with all the deskwork, so hopefully someday, I'll see you there, Michelle U. ;)

CrackerLilo said...

I love both of these stories, and Michelle, I love those drawings! I hope you do get to be a doctor for the team one day.

Winning or losing, it's amazing how this team can be, like, muses to so many creative fans.