Friday, January 22, 2010

Where My Ladies At?

(How I Became a [Female] Hockey Fan)!
I actually used to watch with my dad when I was little. When I couldnt sleep my dad would sit on the couch with me and we would watch hockey usually the Habs.

I just recently got back into the sport. I was dating someone who was a huge Pens fan. I wasnt sure at first but once I started to learn some of the rules and the premis of hockey. I became hooked and the Pens became my team. I love the way hockey is played. Everyone who plays has so much heart and that is what I love about it. I am slowly learning the history of hockey and it is making me fall even more for the sport.

I know that it isnt really an exciting story but really hockey in a way saved me. I was going through a hard [time] and hockey it self gave me something else to focus I owe a thank you to alot of players that I have watched over the past year.

- Meg M. (justawriter1986)
Another story involving a girl watching hockey with her dad - I love the fact that girls are able to spend time enjoying hockey with their fathers. I'm glad to hear that hockey gave you a diversion, Meg, and hope that things are better for you now!! There's nothing like a good hockey game to make your cares disappear ... it really is easy to get engrossed in the game especially when the players are as exciting as they are now ... THANKS for sharing your story, Meg!!

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Great story!!!!

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