Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crosby Pictures of the Week

This week's pictures are courtesy of the lovely little "puck bunny" that showed up to the game last Wednesday in Calgary complete with a white dress and veil and a sign that read "MARRY ME SIDNEY." [If you'd like to read more about it, CLICK HERE].

The message she was sending went a little bit deeper than the sign she held and even though she may know the "in's-and-out's" of the game of hockey or could analyze last Wednesday's game with the best of them, her appearance told a different story superficially and we all placed her in the steretypical category we're all too familiar with. I truly mean no harm to her or her character (I'm sure she's a lovely girl that could have as much "hockey smarts" as the next guy); however, by putting herself out there like that she made an impression ... one that she may not be concerned about, but I am (and we all, as female fans, should be)!!

THIS, ladies, is "public enemy #1" to all of us ... THIS is the very reason that we as females have such a hard time being taken seriously by men (as well as other female fans). So, thank you Ms. Blondie Bride, for having us females take two steps back when the day before we worked so hard to take the first step forward to begin with.

YES, I'll be the first to admit that I find the players attractive (for crying out loud, I have an entire blog dedicated to it), but what sets me, along with alot of other female fans, apart from this stereotype is the fact that I wouldn't show up to a game (or watch one) being more concerned about having Sid or any other player notice me than actually watching the game itself. I watch the game of hockey for the enjoyment of the sport and appreciate the talent of the players on the ice and not in the hopes of finding myself a husband.

On the lighter side of this story, here are other pictures throughout the rest of the Pens western trip of guys who decided to poke fun at this young lady (quite amusing and I'm sure the guys on the team were entertained as well!)!!! Actually, these two men represent what the majority (if not ALL) of the men thought after seeing the girl show up to the Flames game last Wednesday night - a big joke.

AND FOR GOOD MEASURE (to end on a positive note) ... I'll throw in a picture of Sid because this post is supposed to be about him after all!! ; )


Tillie said...

Everything you said was absolutely true...but still. You have to admit, the crazy bitch has some balls!

I read the article and laughed for 10 minutes about Sid's response. So funny!

Great post :)

Stephanie said...

I AGREE totally ... no denying the girl has balls (AND she got featured on several media outlets!)!! Isn't Sid great?!!!

THANKS for posting a comment!!

; )

Flora said...

Great post. I agree with what you said! And as much as I like staring at Douglas Murray when I see the Sharks play, I'm there as a devoted fan and season ticket holder. Not because I'm trying to get some ass.

Stephanie said...

@Flora - EXACTLY (not a hockey fan to pick up a husband OR piece of ass!) LMAO!!!!! Although ...

; P

KEEP THE COMMENTS COMING (I want to know everyone's thoughts!)!!

Char said...

seriously? I mean seriously? I mean, she has balls. but seriously?

As much as I love Jordan.. I mean... I'd never do that! (Besides, he and i have talked and decided we're too young to get married ;-) )But, if it were between me getting a date with him and them winning the cup again, i'll take the cup. It's bad enough that whether we win or lose affects my mood the next day... haha

Zigh said...

See... it didn't bother me at all, in fact, I LOVED it... it made my night.

Maybe it's just the fact that I don't care what people think about me... when it comes to being a female hockey fan, or some other reason... but I really wanted Crosby to give her an autographed stick or something. I mean, that's dedication right there.

I love hockey but I would never were heels that high to a game... never... lol

I think we just have to go on the fact that many of us know more about hockey then our male conterparts, and be able to laugh at things like this.

I didn't feel annoyed or feel like she was 'putting us back' in anyway. I think she wanted to do something funny, and as far as I'm concerned... it worked.

Next... someone needs to dress like catwoman and hold a "I love Flower" sign... someone get on this!!

aBurghGirl said...

@ Char...

I agree totally. And actually Jordan and I talked about it and we agreed that while we're serious, there are not marriage proposals in the immediate future.

I agree though, I will definitely admit that there are some GOOD looking hockey players, I care MUCH more about the game than their looks.

Given the choice between a date with one of them or a Stanley Cup win, or even glass seats for a season, I'd take the last 2.

CrackerLilo said...

I loved Crosby's response. I don't know if she embarrassed me as a female fan, but she definitely embarrassed herself. I see women making fools of themselves in other sports, but I see men making fools of themselves, too. A man being drunken, loud, and violent doesn't reflect on other male fans, you know?

I blushed when I read that she's an interior decorator. So am I, part-time. Interior decorators also have a (generally) undeserved bimbo reputation.

Then again, I can't hate her because they showed her while I was talking to a friend of mine the night after the earthquake in Haiti. (Her husband's Haitian.) We needed that laugh badly.

@ Zigh: That idea for Fleury's hilarious, too!

Char said...

ahahhahahhaha. THAT made my day. I mean, both of us could be right. if we get rid of heather..

Zigh said...

alrighty, here's a question... why are we assuming that she's a bimbo?

If I was ever in England, and went to see Wayne Rooney play... I'd wear a wedding dress too!
I'm one credit away from getting my BA and I personally don't think I'm dumb.

Maybe I just don't take myself too seriously but... meh.

I mean, I'm not trying to start anything but... for all we know she's the most dedicated hockey fan of all time... maybe she knows more statistics than all of us put together...

If we judge her on this one act, then aren't we no better than the men that judge us because we're girls??

Heather said...

I can't say she disgraced me as a female fan, because well 1) who's to say she's a fan, and not just a Crosby stalker (and ladies we know those are out there) and 2) if she IS a fan, she's not me as a fan.

I think it took a lot of guts for her to dress in that skimpy little outfit and sit in Pengrowth Saddledome like that. It's COLD in there. Trust me I know. I'm from Edmonton (our barn is better, but we'll give Calgary the fact that the dome in DAMNED cold). But seriously ladies, should we be worried about ONE girl?

If ONE girl is going to make all the male fans out there think that all the female fans are paper thin blond bimbos looking for a husband then I'm sorry I might as well give up on male fans entirely right now. Seriously?? I love the sport because I love the sport not because of how male fans treat me, or believe what I'm like! Hell I had a guy tell me we needed to STOP talking hockey because I knew more then him! Put that in your pipe and smoke it dudes!

I'm proud to be a hockey fan, it's my right. As a Canadian AND as a girl.

And Zigh. I'm in... in two years when the Pens come through Edmonton, watch the game. I'll be the girl in the catsuit. (Just don't blame me when I bring a parka... brrr...)

Stephanie said...

@Zigh - you're not "starting" anything ... we're all entitled to our opinions and I welcome them ALL here or else I wouldn't be blogging (and not moderating my comments!)!!

I did touch upon that in my post ... I did say that she may be able to analyze the games with the best of them, etc., but showing up like that would certainly cause one to judge (we all do it) and its normal ... it's superficial and I suppose I could also be wrong thinking that her showing up like that means she's not interested in watching the game, but when you're watching the jumbotron to see whether or not you're on doesn't seem to me like you're paying attention to the game and

personally, I can't go to a game in anything other than jeans and a shirt / jersey or I'm not comfortable enough to watch the game (so I have no idea how someone could show up like that and pay attention to the game) - that's all.

THANKS for your comment, @Zigh ... EVERYONE IS FREE TO POST HERE WHETHER YOU AGREE OR NOT (that's how we become more understanding of each other).

Stephanie said...

oh ... BTW @Zigh ... I think I would enjoy seeing one of you guys show up in a catwoman suit with a sign saying "I Love Flower" ... now I GET that (that comes from Pens "background info" and is hilarious to begin with but for someone to think to do that - brilliant!)!! IDK why, but that just "feels" different to me then someone in a wedding dress ...

So @Heather, be sure to remind us when you plan to do this (and I want to have the exclusive!)!!!

; P


Zigh said...

@Stephanie, I totally read the bimbo thing in your post! (Just so you know I actually read it lol) I was more referring to 'us' as a collective whole (basically everyone who watches hockey)

I also agree that it would be impossible to watch a hockey game in that dress... I like to yell alot when my beloved PEI Rocket play and that veil would just be all up in my face lol.

@Heather... lady, I'm gonna be watching that and if I don't see you, I'll be so sad.
However, if you need someone to go with you... you and I could pull a nice dumb n' dumber team and hit up the United Centre... I joke not. haha

Heather said...

@Stephanie if Zigh's ok with the excusive I sure as heck am!

@Zigh, you name the time and the place babe's! I'm sure someone in Chicago could put us up for the night!

Stephanie said...

GOSH @Zigh ... I keep getting myself in deeper (and putting my foot in my mouth)!! ; P

I didn't mean to offend you or "imply" that you didn't read the post, but (you may already be aware of this from reading the blog for awhile), I'm not big on judging or being mean and just wanted to explain myself, I guess - I've been on the receiving end of that enough to know it's not pleasant.

ROCK ON, guys!!! : )

Zigh said...

@Stephanie hahaha oh lord no, not at all! I wasn't saying that that's what I thought you meant or anything... I was just trying to clarify what I meant!

You didn't put your foot in your mouth so don't even worry about it!

And I agree we've all been there!

Alright, I'll stop spamming the comments LOL... I just wanted to say I wasn't offended at all... I just fail at explaining myself sometimes =)

Heather said...

You know ladies... After all that... I am kinda disappointed in her... Her shoes are black... Who goes to their wedding in BLACK shoes? sigh....

Anonymous said...

HA I thought this was hilarious and really I don't think it affects us but I do feel embaressed for her but I hope that she honestly didn't think that Sid would say yes like come one girl. I think I was just to get his attention more than anything.

Ashlen said...

I couldn't agree with you more Stephanie. I can't STAND it when people show up like this.
Expect: I'd give a kidney to makeout with Sidney.

Love SID's picture :)
& it sucks I'm a little late on discussion, damn!

But back to the point, I hate it when girls put themselves out there like this and call themselves fans. I'm the most devoted PENS fan I have ever met. (Yes, Sidney Crosby is my favorite. And yes, he is attractive.) But that doesn't take away the slightest bit from the game from me at all. It's always about the game, always has been since the day I was born!

Joyce said...

@Heather . . . I noticed the shoes too ---- WTF????!!!!????

Val said...

@Heather - yep, it was the shoes for me, too!

I think that she has been the girl who did this has been bashed enough...it is not something I would do, but on the other hand, it got everyone's attention, which was probably the point!

I love seeing all of these comments, and Stephanie, thank you for allowing freedom of speech on this blog :)

Henrik Lundqvist Fan Blog said...

This is so funny! Yeah I'd say she has balls to do something like that! I have a fan blog for Henrik Lundqvist of the NY Rangers but I am a true, die hard hockey fan and I love the sport. I could never show up to a game in anything but jeans and my jersey but I can't judge her for living in the moment! :)