Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hotties of the Western Conference: Brad Winchester (St. Louis Blues)

Here is guy who is an "unsung hottie" and "eye candy" all in the same package (which I don't think anyone who has a pair of X-chromosomes wouldn't want to unwrap!!)! He is also the owner of (in my opinion at least) one of the all time most AWESOME names in history. The sad part is, I had never really paid much attention to what he looked like when he played for the Stars. But as I later found out, I was REALLY missing the boat.

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: In this area, he really doesn't shine too brightly. Most of his success was during the lockout when he tied for team leader in goals scored for the Oilers (and most importantly he scored a playoff goal against the Red Wings. He played 41 games for the Stars last year and has signed on with the Blues for the 08/09 season (of course, not I HAVE to keep some track of how the Blues are doing).

THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: At 6'5" 215 lbs. he's perfect in that respect (I like 'em tall). If you let the red hair turn you off, you'll really be missing a cutie. He has pretty, soft, blue eyes and he's kinda shy so he does this "long blink thing" that turns me inside out. OK, simply put, he's adorable; and he blushes - just darling. He's what I call "shy-sexy." But he can fight and he's good at it (103 penalty minutes in one of his college season in Wisconsin). So, of course, that just makes him even hotter.

For as gorgeous as he is on TV, I have been told that he's MUCH better looking in person by my friend (and fellow Steve Ott admirer), Myra, who lives in Dallas. Unfortunately, I have (so far) been unable to confirm this, so if anyone happens to get the opportunity to check him out, let me know if my hypothesis is correct.

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Heatherly said...

Love the blog! Made me laugh when I came across it.

One of the cutest boys ever in person. Amazing personality. A propensity for country and rock music; perhaps you'll see a record from him in the near future