Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Western Conference Hottie: Kevin Bieksa (Vancouver Canucks)

Another interesting one this week, as when I first saw him, I thought eh, maybe. Maybe he's hot. Well the more I read (and watched) the hotter he got. What do you ladies think?

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: Defenseman, +3 in 10 games in the playoffs. Logs a lot of ice time. Yup, typical of your basic defenseman. You never even notice they're there until they make a huge save or blister in a really fast shot. At which point, your scrambling trying to figure out "where did he come from and why don't I know him?" He's tough, gritty and he'll get the job done (if you particularly enjoy the defense and what those guys are all about THIS little gem on VAN d-men is definitely worth a watch). And for a little more information on his "physical game" check out this article. It speaks for it's self about what an asset he is to his team. He might not be the biggest of fighters, but if he fights, he wins. Evidence is here, and here and here.
He's one of the more physical and intense D-Men you'll see or at least I thought so when I watched him. And before you ask, yes, it's nearly always against the Stars. He was named to the AHL All-Rookie Team (2005). In his 4 years with the VAN Canucks he's only had one serious injury, and that one was a doozy (details here), causing him to miss 47 games with a severe laceration of the calf. He just got back into the swing of things this year and it was a really good year for the Canucks being as how they made the playoffs and all.

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: If he doesn't just ooze the classic "come and get me look," I'll eat my computer mouse; however, I think I'm pretty safe from the inevitable digestive discomfort which would result from that. In my defense of this claim, I offer you Exhibit #1, this video -

Disclaimer: You may want to watch the following video, [especially the first 10 - 15 seconds] where no one is going to see the drool, before you can wipe it off.

I'm not going to give you much of a physical description, other than to tell you he's 6'0, 205 and let the above video and the pictures in this post speak for the rest. I know, I already said this, but it's definitely in the REALLY IMPORTANT category... he's a crushing, bruising d-man with a very physical game. That particular detail works for both making hockey entertaining AND hormonally pleasing.

Now, for the personal tid-bits:
  • Says Ocean’s Eleven and Old School are 2 of his favorite movies.
  • Watermelon, his favorite food.
  • Steve Yzerman and Cam Neely are his his hockey idols.
  • Hobbies include golf [don't they all], poker [hot dog, I'm in] and watersports.
Taking the gild off that warm, fuzzy feeling your probably feeling right about now, he does have a wife (Katie) and a 1-year-old son. No, actually being a family man, just makes him hotter.


Aubrey said...

I love how he carefully removes Hinote and Richard's hats before fighting. It's like, "Oh hey, let's get rid of that the better to destroy you!"

Stephanie said...

@Aubrey -- he's just HOT ALL AROUND (oozes sexiness!)!!!!!!

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Yes, Stephanie, some of us (me) are aware of that opinion.

I like the fighting. He does it with gusto!!!!!

@ Aubrey, It's nice to know someone checks the links. I wanted to pick the right one to embed. (did I Stephanie??)

Katie said...

Jeezz! He's goregous.

Steph said...

yeah, I love him!

Unknown said...

I generally try not to crush on married men but I'm gonna have to make an exception.

bozakattack42 said...

i lurve him.