Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Western Conference Hottie: Aleš Hemský (Edmonton Oilers)

When I actually put him on "the list" he wasn't out for the season with a shoulder injury. But still, we can drool on him till he comes back.

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: Well, #1 he plays for the Oilers. That instantly means, that there's lots of information out there about him. He went in for surgery on his left shoulder, following a check from behind by LA Kings forward Michal Handzuš after playing in 22 games this season recording seven goals and 15 assists. Scored his 100th career NHL goal on Nov. 23 vs. PHX.

2006 Winter Olympics:
Hemský was selected to represent the Czech Republic in the 2006 Winter Olympic Ice Hockey tournament mid-season. Czech hockey icon Jaromír Jágr had a large influence on Hemský's selection, to the point where he insisted that Hemský skate on his line. The two had previously played together on the Czech team that won the 2005 IIHF World Ice Hockey Championships during the NHL's 04–05 lockout season. Hemský scored twice in the Olympic tournament, and the Czech Republic defeated Russia in the bronze-medal game. He missed the 2010 Olympics due to his injury.

The 2007/08 campaign was a short one as the Oilers were eliminated from playoff contention. Hemský finished first on the team overall in points scoring with 71, and was first in assists with 51. He sat in third place for goals with 20, which was a career high. 08/09 campaign was another that saw injuries for Hemský, who played 72 out of the 82 regular season games and finished first on the team with 23 goals and 43 assists for 66 points.

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: I'm such a bad girl, I'm chasing blonds again. But look at those eyes. WOW!!! 6'0 192lbs. So he meets all the requirements for both this blog, and my personal list of "what to watch in the NHL".

I didn't have the usual fare that the Oilers provide, but never fear. I went looking on my own, and found some pretty interesting tidbits.

That pretty scar you see, in the picture. I'll bet you think that's from a skate gone awry, well, nope, it's from something a whole lot less mundane than that. Hemský returned to the Czech Republic to play 47 games for HC Moeller Pardubice during the 2004 NHL Lockout. During that time, he scored 13 goals and 31 points, fifth on the club. Pardubice won the Extraleague championship for the first time in 16 years, and Hemský was named playoff MVP for his efforts.[yea, I know this is in the wrong spot, but I felt the need to explain.] While in the Czech Republic, Hemský was slashed on the left side of his neck with a broken beer bottle by an unidentified assailant in a Czech bar. He still has the scar you can see [must have been a heck of a beer bottle]. I'm sorry ... I've been keeping quiet here for awhile now (allowing Kena to have her well-deserved "spotlight" and all), but I just HAVE to say something before I EXPLODE ... this kid is CRAZY, SEXY, HOT!!! And that scar ... uh - even sexier!!! This is probably the first time that Kena and I have agreed on a player which isn't that surprising because we have two totally different [HP] types!! OK ... I'll stay quiet now - SORRY!! ; P

A list of his favorite things from the Oilers "favorite things" auction (see pic below). After reading that, do you think he's a health nut? That's sexy in it's own respect. Nothing hotter than a guy who takes care of himself.

I'll end with this, because I LOVE these, and I wish all teams did them for every player.


Maureen said...

I'm with Kena on this one, blond, right build, he definitely does it for me. Why can't we play the Oilers more???

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

2 things -

1 - Stephanie, you can cut in anytime, and I'm with you on the "crazy, sexy, hot" thing. 100%

2 - @aburghgirl -
The Stars play the Oilers TOO MUCH for my liking. No matter how much I love my Stars, I forget that the Oiler guys arn't supposed to score! It's similar to the agony of the yearly Pens v Stars game.

MyDearestObsession said...

Yes, he's adorable...but I've been checking up on my other boys, the Phoenix Coyotes and I have a video that will absolutely MELT anyone's heart.

Um, Matthew Lombardi? Yum. And an "aww..." for the kids. It's such a great story. =]

Unknown said...

HOT. Hemsky is just beautiful. I have loved him forever. His eyes... his hair... :)