Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LATE BREAKING HftL NEWS: Hartnell Shaves Head [for Charity!]

It turns out that Hartnell cut his hair for a more charitable reason ... he is donating it to "Locks of Love" and told FlyersTV that it was his first haircut in three years - WOW!

[sorry we're a little late with the news - the picture was taken (and Hartnell "debuted" his new 'do) on Saturday, October 23rd ... some things have come up over the past few weeks that have kept us from blog duties]

Well ... not a full-on shave, but compared to his mop prior to this, he really did some chopping and I have to say, it looks nice!!  Definitely a difference, huh?!!!

What do you ladies think (ECEC material?)???

We actually have to credit a friend's husband for bringing this to our attention (who shall remain nameless out of respect for him - LOL)!!! ; P


EHisCDN said...

It's an improvement that's for sure but definitely not ECEC material! (I find it hard to think of any Flyer as ECEC lol).
Now what am I going to mock him for?

India said...

At least he no longer looks like something terrible from the 70s/times gone by.... agreed with EHisCDN, NOT ECEC AT ALL...... an improvement though.

mully17 said...

Yes he is DEFINATLY ECEC material!!! He looks so adorable now, although I wasn't to mad when he had the long hair either

Unknown said...

I say ECEC material. But quickly before he grows the hair back. lol

Jane said...

Slight improvement, but NOT ECEC material. It's still Hartenll underneath the hair, no matter the length LOL

EHisCDN said...

@ Jane
Well said.

Anonymous said...

He is A MILLION times better!!! He is not ECEC material though. I agree with everyone saying that it is hard to think of any flyer as ECEC material. HAHA. But a much needed improvement:)

Char said...

the penguin fan in me can not say it looks nice. it wont even allow me to say its an improvement.

because its scott hartnell.

mully17 said...

What does everyone have against Hartnell??? Im just asking