Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Off the Market?

courtesy of @25stanley
According to a few of the sports / hockey tabloid sites (one being my buddy and "supplier of all juicy Pens info" over at 25stanley.com), two of hockey's most eligible bachelors are no longer eligible (or so they believe that's what the pictures prove). 

Presenting the new ladies in Jonathan Toews and Kris Letang's lives.  Take it for what it's worth, ladies!
@25stanley - Sorry ladies but another hot hockey player is off the market. #Pens Kris Letang on vacation with this blonde girl
Quite honestly, the picture of Tanger and his woman looks like it could easily be some kind of advertisement (what's with the "black screen?") ... remember, he DOES dabble in modeling.  Although I did more 'research' on 25stanley.com and it looks he has other pictures of Letang pool-side with someone who resembles the girl in the picture with him (to the right) - Catherine Occupation Double?  Who knows ... decide for yourself.

As for Tazer, he was at the Cubs game on Sunday with a blonde bombshell by the name of Gabrielle Velasquez.  Apparently Twitter was A-BUZZ about it that day.  If you'd like to know / see more, visit "Busted Coverage."

courtesy @AndrewCieslak via "Busted Coverage"

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