Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sid, WHY So Superstitious?! Just SHAVE!

I genuinely understand hockey players and their superstitions along with how crazy they can be about them.  I'm like that to an extent as a fan and I'm sure most hockey fans are.  HECK - I just dusted off my Sid jersey to wear to the game he returned (since the last time I wore it about 10 months before)!

But, Sid, that mustache (I don't care how much "better" it's come in since "the last time!") ... IT HAS TO GO ... I actually never thought there would be anything that would make you less sexy / appealing, but I FOUND IT ... that thin, little tuft of hair above your upper lip ... it makes you look like you haven't showered for a few weeks and as much as the THOUGHT of your sweat seems like a good idea to me, the visual aid of the mustache gives me the creeps ... like you're 14 and SO PROUD you can grow facial hair for the first time.

NO, Sid, you don't look adorable there ...
and I refuse to let that mustache "grow" on me

(get your heads out of the gutter, ladies!)!!

I was ok with it for the time-being (for a good cause and all), but I'm SO TIRED of seeing it on your beautiful face ... like a half-dead, raggedy, old field mouse got trapped there.

PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING HOLY IN HOCKEY, SHAVE THAT DAMN MUSTACHE (I sincerely cannot stand looking at you with it for another solitary moment and I highly doubt I'm alone in my opinion!)!!! : (  (but for some reason, that screen-cap I got of you doesn't look half-bad ... see what I've resorted to?  A dirty lady in love with a hockey player who has taken on the appearance of a 14-year-old who hasn't taken a shower in a few weeks!)!!  UGH!!!

ALTHOUGH, I must admit that your banter with Potash about it today was pretty amusing (you little devil, YOU - lol - you can still make me smile EVEN WITH THAT DAMN MUSTACHE!)!!! ; D

From the Penguins webpage:
As today marks the first day of December, all of the Pens came to the rink this morning with clean upper lips after shaving off the mustaches they grew for November in honor of "Movember." ... All of the Pens, that is, except for captain Sidney Crosby – who's currently on a three-game point streak. We're not saying he's superstitious, but...

ROOT SPORTS' Dan Potash asked Sid following today's morning skate if he's keeping the mustache because of his point streak. Sid's response (with a sly grin...)

"Couldn't find a razor."


SunniD53 said...

I agree it should go. Personally I don't find him attractive but the mustache only makes it worse!

Stephanie said...

I appreciate your thoughts, SunniD53 - as you can probably guess, I'm a big Sid fan so its not typical for me to dislike much about him ...

THANKS for commenting!! : )

gards said...

As sad as I am that he didn't get a point tonight, let's hope he can "find a razor" after tonight and shave that thing off! Point streak over=stache gone!! *fingers crossed*

PuckNut said...

If it means honoring a point streak, I'm ALL for the stache! Personally, I'd like to see him grow his hair out a bit! Just something about that mussed up look. Aargh!

AussieGal said...

I agree, get rid of it Sid! it just makes his gorgeous face look creepy IMHO!

Stephanie said...

All good points, ladies!!

@gards - honestly, I didn't want his point streak to end either; however, I was hoping for sooner rather than later so he could shave that thing off then start another "whatever-streak" and be clean-shaven the entire time!!!

@PuckNut - NOW ... his hair (on his head) is a different story for me ... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE his hair longer (read a few of the other millions of posts on it!)!!! Longer and disheveled IS sexy on him (ON HIS HEAD, NOT ON HIS PRETTY FACE!)!!

@AussieGal - def creepy ... there's just something about it (just like Disco Dan - separately, that stache was something to be proud of, but ON HIS FACE, looks like he's up to no good!)!! LOL

THANKS for all the comments, ladies - LOVE IT!!! ; )

gards said...

Hahah... you know what's even WORSE? THIS: A perfectly good wallpaper gone bad. I love the guy. But if I had this as my background that would be all I would see for the entire month of December!! No thanks.