Monday, March 5, 2012

LOOK Who We Have Here, Ladies ... Mr. March

Well lookie, lookie who we have here, ladies!!!  None other than our long-lost (and SORELY MISSED)Cappy ... he's our Mr. March (looking fine as ever!)!!  I get to look at his beautiful face every workday of this month, so LIFE - IS - GOOD!!!

Is this a sign ... could he ... dare we hope that this means ... HE'LL RETURN THIS MONTH??!!!

Tell everyone you heard it here first - LOL ; D

Enjoy the view for the month until he's back on the ice, ladies!!!


stoneyblue said...

yes I almost emailed you when I turned it last week as you had said nothing yet..... a bright moment in my funk and my missing the Tanger

Stephanie said...


I was "all over it" until the flu bug hit me!! He is a sight for sore eyes! ;)

I'm sure Tanger will be back soon (sooner than last time!)!!

AussieGal said...

Well helloooo Mr March!
Looking fine as always :)

stoneyblue said...

At least tanger is my "Mr March" on the smaller Pens 2012 calendar

Jana said...

this is a sign!!! he has been cleared for contact :)

Stephanie said...

It IS a sign (you guys DID hear it here first - LOL)!!!!

I was going to update this post about how it's a sign, but you beat me to it!!! :)

I just had a feeling, you know?

Let's hope he'll be on the ice soon!!!

THANKS for commenting ... keep them coming ; )