Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sidney Crosby at the Kentucky Derby

Why not?!!  He's a stud, too (sorry - couldn't help myself, ladies!)!!!

Looking sexy as ever (still confused about the pockets, but he could wear a clown wig and I'd think it was sexy as hell - it's SID!)!!!

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YUMMY - LOVE his hair
(could do without the little blonde!) ; P


TheNWChica said...

Poor Bing. He looks so very uncomfortable around pretty girls. Is it shyness or is he worried about pissing off a GF? However, if I were his GF, I would be pissed if he didn't take me with him down there and show me off. :D

mtfree said...

And here I thought I was the only one who thought how uncomfortable he looked, especially in the picture of him and the one blonde.

AussieGal said...

I read somewhere that he's been dating the same girl (a model of course) in New York for a couple of years. If that's true then she must be ok with having to be a total non presence in Sid's life. Has he ever be photographed with a gf? he looks very uncomfortable in those pics!

Crosbys_Grl87 said...

Sid just broke up with his gf Nastya not that long ago...they had been dating since just after the Vancouver far as I know he's still single at the moment. As for looking uncomfortable, he's really shy. I watched an interview where he talked about being shy around women.

Unknown said...