Monday, April 22, 2013

Marc-Andre and Veronique Fleury to Welcome Baby SOON!!

As you all may know, Marc-Andre Fleury and his wife, Veronique, are expecting their first child any day now (she is due this month).

There have been "conflicting" reports as to her status, but what is known is that Fleury did not make the trip to Ottawa with the team for tonight's game.

Different reports say that she IS "in labor" while another says she's not in labor, but she's close to giving birth while yet another says that Fleury is home for the birth of his child, so as you can see I'm not quite sure what's going on, but it sounds like it could be soon.

Stay tuned, ladies, as you all KNOW that I will keep you posted for sure!! ;)


JamieLynn19 said...
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Unknown said...

Did she have the baby last night? I hope so! Fleury is one of our fantasy hockey goalies!! We need him!! Lol

JamieLynn19 said...

It was announced during Penguins warm ups that they are still waiting. There were rumors that the baby was born yesterday but no official word.
Maybe he will have a huge breath taking save that will break her water?? lol

Fleury29Forever said...

In interviews with Fleury & Bylsma after the Pens' morning skate on Saturday, 2/27, it was revealed that baby Estelle was born Friday, 4/26/13, sometime in the afternoon or evening. You can see the interviews on the Pens' website.

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