Sunday, January 5, 2014

Let's Talk Taylor Pyatt

Taylor Pyatt - the newest hottie, um I mean member, of the Pittsburgh Penguins and obviously a very good reason for me to come out of my hibernation from HftL!!  Just look at those mesmerizing eyes of his!!! ;)

For those who are new to HftL, those regulars who need a memory jogger, or those who would just like to read it over again, HftL featured Pyatt as a "Western Conference Hottie" back when he was with the Vancouver Canucks (THANKS to Kena!) - CLICK HERE TO READ.

His NHL career began in 1999 after being selected in the first round (eighth overall) of the NHL draft by the New York Islanders.  Since then he's played for the Buffalo Sabres, Vancouver Canucks, Phoenix Coyotes, and New York Rangers.

He's a big body on the ice at 6'4" and 230 pounds (with a sexy deep voice to match ;) ) that allows him to be exceptional at finishing his checks and good in the corners mucking and grinding for those loose pucks.  Kinda reminds you of a certain former Penguin player named Jordan Staal.  That's not the only thing the two have in common as they both hail from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (there must be something in the air up there!).

Even at the young age of 32, Pyatt is unfortunately no stranger to tragedy.  Back in 2009, he tragically lost his fiancĂ©e, Carly Bragnalo, in a car accident while vacationing with her family in Jamaica just four months before the wedding.  A few years later, Pyatt opened up about the incident in a touching article, DUTHIE: COYOTES' TAYLOR PYATT DISCUSSES TRAGIC ACCIDENT.

And that's Taylor Pyatt in a nutshell - a great addition to the Penguins, but I have a feeling we'll definitely be talking a lot more about him here on HftL!!  In the meantime, you can add your own thoughts and observations in the comments - you know HftL LOVES your input!!! :)


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Great to see you writing again :-). Hope your well x

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THANKS, Gill ... it feels good to be writing again. I am well and hope you are well too!! :)

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