Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hotties of the Western Conference: Eric Brewer (St. Louis Blues)

It's hard to find folks who truly appreciate the hotness of the “position” (minds out of the gutter, ladies) of defense [I think it's more like, 'get your mind out of the gutter, Kena!']. However, if you're looking for really intensely attractive hockey players, it's an area you had best not neglect. This week I am offering for your viewing pleasure one Eric Brewer. Star defenseman of the St. Louis Blues and owner of one of the sexiest smirks in the NHL.

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: He is Captain of the Blues. Yes, I know, the Blues. (who incidentally haven't exactly been stinking the place up so far this year), but since he's a D-man, we'll give him credit where credit is due (and my aunt's friend works for the Blues, so I can't be too hard on them). Sometimes defensive contributions don't show up on paper. Yes, I know, saves and blocked shots, but still. He's definitely no slouch. So far this year, he's been doing his share of scoring. Tell me you wouldn't want this guy [VIDEO] on your team (Stud). Ha, I won't believe you. He's played on a Canadian World team that won the World Championship and was also an alternate Captain on that team (I might be wrong on this, but I think I've got it right). He has 200 career penalty minutes as a Blue. He also leads the Blues in TOI (Time On Ice) averaging 24 ½ minutes per game (Stud). He was a first round draft pick of the NY Islanders.

THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: Uh, oh, yes. I was distracted there for a minute. [ah - Kena, you crack me up!] Defenseman! 6'3” 222lbs. (swoon) Blue eyes and really dark blond/light brown hair. If you have been reading this feature for any length of time, you have already figured out that I have a preference (or weakness if you prefer more honesty) for blond hair. [that really doesn't take too long to figure out, little Ms. Kena!] But I'm going to say it again, just in case you all have forgotten - he's a defenseman which in and of it's self contributes significantly to the hotness factor. [you got that right!] A defenseman who can score and I DO mean that just in the hockey sense (although he could score with me, with very little difficulty as well [quit laughing Stephanie]). To me he looks like he'd be a perfect casting addition to the “I'm too sexy” video as he's perfected the “sexy smirk.” He also has a very intense on ice presence (I like to believe that this carries over to “other nocturnal activities” but I could be wrong). Another suggestion offered to me was that he looks like he belongs in one of those razor commercials where the men are shaving (BUT do we really want him to shave? Uh, jury's still out on that one...)

Check out this interview [VIDEO] and rate the cuteness factor for yourselves. I've been sold on him for a long time. But I'm not sure how good a sales(wo)man I am. Or is he for sale? (Humm, I might want to rethink that last question.)

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