Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Western Conference Hottie: Shane Doan (Phoenix Coyotes)

This particular post comes at the suggestion of none other than the leading lady of HftL (Hockey for the Ladies), Stephanie herself. Who says "It just got my hormones in a rage every time he'd skate back to his daughter (during the All Star Elimination Shoot Out [LINK HERE ]) with a smile and she'd be hanging all over him." Well, Stephanie's not the only one!!! To have that reaction, I must admit, it put the thaw on my cold, cynical heart as well. [Oh, come on Kena! You have anything BUT a cold, cynical - maybe a little bit - heart, little missy!] Just watch THIS VIDEO (yes, you have to watch till the end. The first part is rather bland; then YAWZA, I dare you to keep control of your estrogen. I can't.).

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: He's the Captain of the Coyotes. Don't worry, it's one of the most deserved Captaincy's in the league as he had no qualms about signing a contract that will probably keep him in AZ, playing for the Coyotes, until his retirement. [shows commitment which is overwhelmingly sexy in a man!]

He suffers from the same affliction as "our" Petr Sykora once did seeing as Doan now leads the all time list of 2-goal games with no hat tricks (32 as of this writing, 5 so far this year). And Sykora has managed to slay that dragon putting poor Doan in the "position" of being the number 1 "2 goal
goat" (whatever caused this idea to form in my head I have no idea, but it sounded good). [I like it!] He just reached 600 total career points and is the Coyotes leading scorer of game-winning goals (TOTAL clutch player = SEXY!!!!!). [SUPER SEXY!!] And lest we forget to mention, Doan has played in 54 games this year, has 50 points, 21 goals, and 29 assists with a +5 which is just your average day at the office, huh? [hysterical laughter]

Doan captained the 2007 Canadian IIHF World Championship team that went undefeated to win 4-2 against Finland in the final and clinch gold in Moscow.

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: A very sexy, dark brown haired, brown eyed, 6'1" 224lbs. of a sweetheart, darling hockey stud. If you don't believe me watch THIS (although I'm putting out notice, 60 seconds with Shane Doan is DEFINITELY not enough time for me). [Not laughing, it's totally true.] I am also totally enamored with his hard hitting style of hockey. The guys who deliver bone crunching hits just do it for me EVERY TIME. [I really don't think you're alone in your feeling that way, Kena! Is she, ladies?!! ; )]

There are some guys who are hot simply because of character and that description just totally fits Doan. If he were ugly as a dog, he'd still manage to reach the top of the hotness meter just because of the way he conducts himself. The love he shows his family and the way he's earned and keeps the respect of his teammates. Says he'd like to stay in AZ forever. [
Read Here] "I’ve got four kids that love it here. My wife loves it here,” he said. “I wanted to stay here. I don’t want to move. I felt that it was important to know that for the next five years this is their home. They don’t know any place else.” (How SWEET!)

Despite a bit of controversy [
Read Here] which after a little research I found to be quite the "hyper-sensitive" crock of BS, I have to admit - it adds some spice to the pie.

In summation of this post, I'm going to offer
THIS VIDEO Because a picture (especially a "moving" one) really is worth a thousand words.



Erika Zimmerman said...

that all-star vid is too cute! :]

Katie said...

ahhh this was a great choice.
Shane is absolutley sexyy:D