Friday, September 4, 2009

EVEN MORE Colby and Mel Wedding Pics!!

OK -- the floodgates have opened!!

After seeing the recent posts with all the pics from Colby's wedding, HftL reader Jen P. was generous enough to send along even more pics!!

Mel made a really beautiful bride (and they both look really happy!)!!



Jane said...

OMG! You are such a rockstar at finding these!! Thanks so much for posting them!! = D

Jane said...

Sorry, I forgot to say 'thank you' to Jen for her incredible sluthing prowess!!
; )

AA said...

ah so awesome!! why are we not finding any pictures of Sid from the wedding!!!

Megan said...

*sniff sniff*
bugsy!!!!!!! why'd he have to go????????
to a crappy team, no less!

Michelle in NS said...

I can't believe there are no pics of Sidney...maybe he wasn't there?!
I can't imagine him not being there!