Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crosby Picture of the Week

LOVE this one of Sid and Johnny!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey ladies I'm new here!!!! I think I'm the only brazilian girl who love hockey .Ok Lets talk about the pic!Actually I'm not a good girl to talk about Sid because i love Crosby .Love this pic !!Both did a great job in this game !!!!!!

Staal1187Crosby said...

Awwww! :-) Love the pic too. I'm so happy for Johnny. He's really been on a streak.

lavsgirl said...

i'm new to this site also, but the pittsburgh penguins own my heart and to see their off season happiness is great. thank you for whom ever made this site and thanks for sharing...LONG LIVE THE PITTSBURGH PENGUINS

Stephanie said...

THANKS lavsgirl!!! I'm really tickled you enjoy the site ... I have a really fun time creating it, so when others enjoy it, it's a great BONUS for me!!

Glad u found it and I hope you become a regular here!!!

THANKS for commenting!! LET'S GO PENS!! (")>