Monday, November 8, 2010

WE Believe in Fleury!!!

I recently received an email from a reader who has asked me for our help:
So, the story is that I am making a sign to take with me to the Penguins game this coming Wednesday (the game against the Bruins). Lately, as we all know, there has been media talking about everyone, even the coach apparently, losing their faith in Fleury and I'm sure all this negativity is affecting him, at least a little bit. So I thought of making a sign using an alternate form of the Twitter hashtag, '#IbelieveinFleury', so I changed it to #WeBelieveInFleury and I'm trying to put people's autographs to put all around the words.I've already gotten a really good response from my followers on Tumblr and I have about 25 autographs so far- but I need many more! That's why I was hoping you guys could help me spread the word and get more names!
I'm going to the game on Wednesday so I'm not sure how many more names I'd get in time for me to finish the poster Tuesday night (I'm at school downtown so I'm just walking over to the arena after class!) ...
My tumblr link is in case anyone sends an autograph. (Also, if they could tag it with 'pghpens29 sign' I can find it easily) The sign is almost full on the front but I can always add some on the back or squeeze them in, so all autographs are welcomed!
If anyone is interested in submitting their name (to be included on the sign), PLEASE do the following:
  1. SIGN your name on a blank piece of printer paper
  2. SCAN and UPLOAD (or take a picture and UPLOAD it) to:
    * tumblr (BY TAGGING IT with "pghpens29 sign")
    * OR upload it to a phot hosting site then email the link to


Anonymous said...

OMG I SEE MY NAME! third from the left on the first page :)

This is an awesome thing to do guys, definitely sign your name and scan it! :)

Stephanie said...

SO COOL!!! I'm definitely going to do this if I get a chance (watching the Steelers game right now) ; )

Maureen said...

I'm doing this first thing tomorrow morning! Mine will be on there. Its a great idea!

EHisCDN said...

If I can figure out how to use my scanner I am totally going to do this! Great idea! Flower needs our support, especially right now!
Haters gunna hate so we can at least try to counteract that somehow!

JD89 said...

This is so awesome!!! Too bad I can't sign the poster, but I'll still be rooting for Fleury!!! He's an AMAZING GOALIE despite what anybody says!!!

He won a STANLEY CUP and an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL, baby!!!


JD89 said...

AussieGal said...

Great idea!!!! I just sent mine in :)

I think Flower is fantastic so all the way from Melbourne, Australia:



Sunshine36616 said...

Fleury is coming to town this week and I was planning on making a "I believe in Fleury" sign, too! Maybe the support will help Flower get his groove back...the next night. I want my Thrashers to win :p

Stephanie said...

It really can't hurt ... I think the more support Fleury gets, the better!!! ; D