Thursday, June 16, 2011

And the Winner Is ...


Ummm ... YEAH ... (as you can SEE) Stephanie stayed up way past her bedtime and needed some sleep last night!!!  The graphic / winner is INCORRECT!! : ( It should read the Canucks, but I was too tired and doing 100 things at once and didn't notice I put the actual CUP WINNERS on the graphic instead of the "Cup of Hotness" winners ... I APOLOGIZE (I was distraught over it being the official end of hockey season!)!!  As soon as I have some free time at home today, I will get that fixed right up ... SORRY, LADIES!!!  I'll keep the graphic up until then to prove I can make fun of myself (and find it genuinely amusing!)!!  Feel free to join in the fun (just don't be too mean ... I may just cry!)! ; D

The Vancouver Canucks may not have won THE Stanley Cup, but they are the winners of HftL's Second Annual "Hockey Cup of Hotness!"

As illustrated above, there were a total of 458 votes, but it was semi-close between the Bruins and the Canucks (which is a coincidence since they were in the Final).  The similarity ends there as the Canucks received 41% of the votes (189 total) and the Bruins received 30% of the votes (with 138 total).  Again this year, it turned out to be an interesting poll since there still seems to be a direct corrolation between HOT players and GOOD players (which I think is because we find good hockey players attractive).  WE DO know our hockey and players (NO "puck bunnies" here!)!!!

So CONGRATULATIONS to the Canucks for being crowned the most attractive players in the final four teams in this year's playoffs by HftL readers!!

And THANKS to all of you for participating and making this such a great success (be sure to look for this again next year!)!!


goaltolive said...

Hmm... the burning question for me is who on the Canucks or the Bruins even warranted the votes? The Canucks have Raymond, Bieksa and Hamhuis (worthy of the vote) but the rest of them??? How the Pens didn't get in the Poll is beyond me.
Enlighten me ladies, maybe it was the beard's hiding everything!!

Stephanie said...

The Penguins didn't get in the poll because they were not one of the last four teams chasing the Cup this - or last - year (they were out in the first round) and it's not "fixed" because my favorite team IS THE PENS (and I'll admit that I'm quite a "homer!")!!

The poll was conducted as fairly as the blogger program allows (I, as the blog owner, didn't even vote this year!)!! Unless there were an over abundance of Canucks fans who continued to vote day and night for their team, it was pretty fair since I think my readers / followers represent a broad portion of NHL teams.

All I can suggest is if you believe the outcome was not a true representation and / or you were too late to vote, make sure you vote next year!! : )