Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"COSMO girls" Picked Jeff Skinner's Suit for Tonight's NHL Awards

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UGH - I found this a week or so back (when it was a little more relevant), but never had time to do anything with it, so I apologize if you're upset you won't be able to participate (the poll is now closed)!!

ANYWAY ... NHL Rookie (the Carolina Hurricanes first round draft pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft!) AND Calder Trophy nominee Jeff Skinner opted to have the readers of "seventeen" Magazine choose which suit he wears tonight at the awards ceremony.

He looks dashing in all three choices (classic is always a great look).  See if you can pick out which one HE likes (my guess would be the one he has on in the picture with the biggest smile!).  If that is his personal favorite then I'd have to agree with him!!  The article notes that "He promises to wear whatever you pick!"

So BE SURE to tune in to the awards tonight to see what teenage girls everywhere chose for him to wear!!

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