Sunday, April 22, 2012

Maybe Some Hockey Hair Will Help!!

Penguins fans hearts are just newly broken, so I thought we could all use a little cheering up and what better way than with HOCKEY HAIR?!!

Awesome article by Ms. Conduct from theScore, "Flow it, show it, talkin’ about hair" (great for lightening the mood of today's heart-breaking series end)!!

This would also be the perfect time to officially talk about our Letang hair poll that I posted a few months back (for which I apologize, but I've just been spending A LOT OF TIME writing about the Penguins for Rant Sports which I would encourage you to visit; not just for my articles, but for all sports articles -- it's an 'up-and-coming' sports site that is continually growing on a daily basis by leaps and bounds and has the best coverage from some of the best writers!)!!

But back to the poll ... as you can see, most of you ladies are still lovin' Letang's sex hair and always will!!  Regardless of the type of cut, obviously, his hair will always be among the favorite hockey heads of hair out there!!!  And I honestly can't argue with that.


stoneyblue said...

hmmmm now let's see if you can guess how I voted in this poll????

Stephanie said...

I really have NO IDEA, Deb!! ;P

JamieLynn19 said...

one of my friends was tellin me the other night that he needs a hair cut....i was like hell no he doesnt! his sex hair is JUST fine. but seeing that amazing picture of him did help the heartbreak just a little bit!

AussieGal said...

Tanger needs a haircut, it's starting to look a bit creepy!

Stephanie said...

I have friends who LOVE Tangers, so I'll keep comments to myself (honestly, I don't really have negative comments about him / his hair) ... the only thing I WILL say is that I wasn't liking it too much when I posted the poll; HOWEVER, I think all he really needs is to layer it more ... I discussed it with on of those friends (just look at older pictures - I think think thats the only difference!)!!

I'm sure Letang and the team would be amused to know there's so much talk about his hair!!! ;)

THANKS for the comments, ladies, keep 'em coming!! :)