Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You're Going to be a Daddy, Kris Letang??!!!!!

I know this news will bring alot of you to the brink of hysteria, but I'm sorry, I have to report it because it's very HftL-newsworthy!!


According to our buddy over at (and BIG stick-tap to my good buddy, Laura for pointing me in that direction!), Tanger's father announced on Facebook yesterday that Kris and his girlfriend, Catherine LaFlamme, are expecting a baby!!!

Now ... one thing we've always associated with Tanger is SEX (thus SEX hair), and lets face it, we've all thought about how strong he is and his core and what amazing sex some lucky young lady(ies) would experience (for some reason, just like when you look at his hair at times, I tend to think of harps playing in the background!)!!!  But fatherhood ... IDK about you, but it never ever crossed my mind the two could ever be related.

No ... no - I'm not lying.  Here's Kris' father's Facebook post:
Good news for me and my family, a new member will be added this fall. Hey yes Catherine and Kristo expecting a baby. Congratulations lovers. I love you.
Also according to 25stanley, the two have been dating for a long time and Catherine had moved to Pittsburgh to be with Letang, so good for them!!!  Can only image how beautiful that baby is going to be!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TANGER!!! 

It seems that this is the only information on the baby for right now (birth date, sex, etc.), so stay tuned to HftL ... I'll definitely keep you updated with any news!!!



mtfree said...

I wonder if this baby is going to be born with hair...

Stephanie said...

LOL ... hilarious!!!

But I just got the perfect name to refer to the baby with --


JamieLynn19 said...

waaaaaaaah say it isnt so! :(

TheNWChica said...

Baby Tanger!

I'm cool with it; but if and when there is a baby Crosby on the way, I might not be as happy. ;)

mtfree said...

Stephanie, I thought about saying that the baby is going to be born with sex hair, but I refrained. lol

Stephanie said...

SORRY JamieLynn19!! :(

I think I'll be able to relate with that TheNWChica, but I'm hoping by that time I'll be dead!! LOL ; P

Mary - that would've made me laugh EVEN HARDER!!!! And you should know by now that there's no need to refrain at this site (I never do!)!! ; D

Kmayla said...

Kris, congrats! I know your baby is going to be super adorable! (I mean look at you!) LOVE YOUR HAIR!! I HOPE YOUR BABY HAS AS MUCH AS YOU DO<3

Kmayla said...

Kris, congrats! I know your baby is going to be super adorable! (I mean look at you!) and i REALLY hope that your baby has your kinda hair<3

joyboy115 said...

Congrats to the lucky couple,I'm so very happy for the two of you! Hope the very best for the two of you and your new baby! Had to be the best birthday present ever! Congrats again to the two of you!