Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hotties of the Western Conference: Brenden Morrow (Dallas Stars)

Ok, I am just a little prejudice here because he is the Captain of the Stars and they are my favorite team, but there's more than a little Star worship (pun is intended) going on here. He's one of those guys who could disintegrate my self control with a single look. In fact, he could most probably just look at me and I would simply melt into a puddle of estrogen right there on the spot. Yup, I've got it that bad. [I understand COMPLETELY!!]

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: In my opinion, he pretty much single-handedly got the Stars past the Ducks and Sharks in last years playoffs. In fact, he totally kicked all ass in the playoffs last year. 5 assists in game 2 against the Ducks. {and I think he tied with Zetterberg for most points in the playoffs} Not as much by scoring (which he does in spades), but by never giving up no matter what [watch a prime example HERE][and read more about it HERE]. He plays the whole game until the final seconds with the same intensity that he starts a game. He has 100+ career goals. Last year he was second in the League in hits. Anyone who watched the overtime game against the Sharks should have fallen instantly in love with Morrow with no exceptions. It was fabulous, but actually not that unusual for Brenden Morrow. He pretty much plays that way all the time.

THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: 5'11” 205lbs. Really dark red (auburn) hair (which curls and waves in all directions, and is just adorable), and strange dark blue (although sometimes appearing to be some other color) eyes. I have never seen a guy with more unique looks than he has [Link]. In fact, there really isn't a guy that I have seen yet that I would like to get in the sack more than Brenden Morrow (he just has to be fabulous, with all that intensity in everything else). He simply turns me inside out. Not just because he's pretty but because he has everything [VIDEO] from personality all the way to looks with a very healthy dose of strength of character. He has the amazing ability to go from diplomat to enforcer (and boy can he ever enforce [Video]). And he never gives up, no matter how deep a hole the team has dug for themselves in a game.

As a special note. He maybe doesn't fight as much as some other guys. I think because he prefers to beat you in the game, rather than just beat on you. But I can truly recommend checking out some of his fights. You won't be sorry. (He really looks spectacular when he's pissed off.) Really it's (he's) awesome.

And on a final note if you stare at that sepia tone picture for very long, I dare you to remember your own last name, oh hell, your own first name. I know I can't. [I love Kena - she's so hilarious; makes my day!! Actually, I had the same experience with several Crosby photos - I still don't know (or care) what my name is, but I think it's Mrs. Sidney Crosby!!] ; )


Kylie @ Faux Hawks and Follies said...

I saw Sid "in real life" after practice in September. I defintely couldn't form a single coherent thought, let alone remember my own name.

Lauren said...

Great post - I love the description! And I loved the commercial too! :)

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Hey, thanks guys.

It's nice to know I'm not the only one with "brain freeze".

Laughs 2 Loud said...

Hey Life, guess I shouldn't mention that we saw him yesterday. He signed the Kid's jersey. I stood safely behind the Kid and Hub. We all three stood there speechless as he signed. He said, "How's it going?" and we still all just stood there. :) Guys(as in Hub) are just as much in awe of him as we ladies are. And he is gorgeous. He has an adorable family as well. Never hear a bad word said about him.

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Myra, If I didn't know better, I'd think you were TRYING to make me jelous.

If I were a guy, I'd be scared of him, too.