Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An Introduction to this Week's "WC Hotties"

I feel the need to make an introduction to this post before any of you loyal Pens fans / HftL readers get the wrong idea (or feel the urge to "lynch" me or my buddy, Kena!)!!

Kena and I both realize that the Detroit Redwings defeated the Penguins to win the Stanley Cup last season and we all know that Marian Hossa left the team for a "better chance" at the Cup (and the wounds may still be fresh); however, what we fans must realize is that Detroit was / is a good team (despite the number of geriatric players making up their lineup) and that we may be fighting an urge to totally disregard their hotness based on strong loyalty to our team. If anything, this blog and it's writers prides itself on the fact that we do not discriminate based solely on team association. When you're hot, you're HOT!!

And please understand that I have explained to Kena (to which she has laughed at me hysterically) that under no circumstances will I allow her to write nor will I post a WC Hottie post for Marian Hossa (to which Kena responded, if I'm remembering correctly, "not even if he was the last man on earth!")!! Aside from the fact that he is now part of the Detroit organization, I cannot get past the facts that he feels he has less of a chance to win a SC with the Penguins, but worst of all he lied to Pittsburgh and robbed them of valuable time that could've made the difference between keeping more of our UFA's and losing a majority of them like we did. This is not acceptable and unforgivable as far as I'm concerned so, although he may / may not be attractive (Kena and I argue this point quite often), he is in no way deserving of HftL's attention or precious blog space!! I'm not anything if not a loyal Penguins fan (you just DON'T mess with my boys!)!!

With that said, I ask you to keep an open mind with any "WC Hotties" on players from the Detroit Redwings!!

Thank you, ladies! ENJOY today's post!


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

VERY well said Stephanie. I couldn't agree more.

Lauren said...

IF there ever were to be a post dedicated to Marian Ho$$a, I would have to stop reading this blog. Blech. Just thinking about him puts a bad taste in my mouth.

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Please rest assured lauren, there will NEVER be such a post.

Neither of us EVER even entertained such a thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No way, no how, not for money!!!!

Stephanie and I both agree. If he's the last man on earth, we're giving up men [period].