Thursday, June 25, 2009

HftL HOT Topic

Jarret Stoll of the LA Kings was to marry supermodel Rachel Hunter August 14th - that is, until yesterday.

It was hot gossip at first, but confirmation was made by Hunter's rep later in the day.
"Can Associates Limited regret to inform you that the August wedding of Rachel Hunter and Jarret Stoll has been cancelled and the couple have decided to split," Hunter's rep says in a statement. "We ask you to respect Rachel and her family's privacy during this extremely upsetting time."
Several reports have said that Stoll e-mailed guests to inform them the wedding was off, but failed to inform Hunter who "has been left confused and heartbroken after Jarret failed to give her a reason behind the cancellation."

The couple got engaged last year after dating for two years. They also purchased a $5 million home in Hermosa beach around the same time.

At age 39, Hunter was 12 years Stoll's senior and was previously linked to another infamous hockey player, Sean Avery.

THANKS to Michelle J. for the "heads-up!"

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aww, that stinks :[
ha. of course sean avery has a piece of her, too.