Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pens Diesel Party

Have any of you seen these videos of the Pens party at the Pittsburgh night club, Diesel, or were any of you actually there? I'm pretty sure the "Keeper of the Cup" was having massive coronaries throughout the night from the looks of it (especially the video of the view from outside!)!! I really wish I could've been there - it really looks like a fun time!!

There's a few of them, so I'm only embedding one here and posting links to the rest.

If any of you were there and have any stories / photos you don't mind sharing, please feel free to post a comment or e-mail me!!


PK_37 said...

Thanks for the links. All those falshing lights gave me an headache=/

It looks like they had a fun time, a very fun time.

Unknown said...

It was fun to see the party. It would have been better to be there though.

Stephanie said...

@PK_37 - sorry : ( Did mean to give you a headache!!!!! I just wanted to share the neat videos with you guys!! Is your headache gone?? : P

@saved2serve87 - I would've definitely LOVED to have been there!! I was at the parade and heard girls talking about green wristbands and didn't know what they were talking about (I think this must've been it!)!!!

THANKS for commenting!!

PK_37 said...

Stefanie - I feel better now, I just suffer from motion sickness=/
It was worth seeing them partying with the Cup though.

ladybugamk said...

I've lurked [as creepy as that sounds =P] around here often but I don't think I've commented before- love the site, btw!

And bless your kind soul for posting these! [I had no idea they existed]

Stephanie said...

@ladybugamk - I'm pretty sure you're not the only "lurker" on this site (not that creepy!), but we always LOVE comments and glad that you decided to "come forth" and do so today!!!

I figured alot of you would like to see these which is why I posted them (I REALLY ENJOY this kind of stuff and figure there's others who feel the same!).

I'm glad you enjoy the blog, so I hope you keep coming back and commenting!


Julia said...

hi ya'll can anyone tell me the song that is playing in the second video at the beginning i hear it during the pens games all the time and i am going crazy trying to figure out who sings it or what its name is. if anyone can help me that would be awesome thanks!! can't wait for next season