Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photo Gallery (But NO Reports) from Training Camp Yet

I've been pretty much waiting all day just for a morsel of what's going on at today's prospect camp and NOTHING (probably because yesterday wasn't officially anything big except for meetings) and actual practice doesn't start until 3 PM today ... so I should probably just be patient, but that's like asking your dog to balance that biscuit on his nose all day long (I'm hockey-starved and need a quick fix!)!!

Well, it turns out the Penguins webpage just posted a gallery of photos from today's medical and fitness testing at the UPMC Sports Medicine Complex in South Side (and hopefully my readers *cough, Lisa* will come through for me later on today!)!! ; )

notice how the photographer seems to be focused in on Tangradi and Despres
(which isn't all that bad ... both are hotties & Despres is looking better than I remember!)

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