Sunday, July 25, 2010

What Do Marian Hossa, Henrik Zetterberg and Patrick Sharp Have in Common?

[UPDATE - Patrick Sharp Wedding]
THANKS to stoneyblue for this golden nugget!!  She found a church bullentin dated July 18th that lists "Abigail Banever and Patrick Sharp" under "Upcoming Weddings of Parishoners."

Yeah, they all won the Stanley Cup, but it has NOTHING to do with hockey ... they all got hitched quite recently this month!!

Hossa's wedding was last Saturday (July 17th) in Trenčín, Slovakia to longtime girlfriend Janka (Jana) Ferová.  The ceremony and celebration was attended by 150 guests including NHL royalty (with their significant others) such as Pavol and Majko Demitra, Tomas and Mary Kopecky, Marian Gaborik and girlfriend Sono, Miroslav and Ingrid Satan, Martin Havlat and girlfriend Ivana, Zdeno and Tatiana Chara.  The menu consisted of salmon tartar, noodle soup, duck breast in honey sauce with mashed potatoes, strawberry sorbet, chanpagne with 14-carat gold flakes.  For more information and pictures / video, CLICK HERE, HERE, and HERE!

Zetterberg's wedding was this past Friday (July 23rd) in Skåne Mölle, Sweden (alot of what I've been reading says the wedding was Saturday, but the official Red Wings site has stated the wedding took place on Friday).  He married longtime girlfriend Emma Andersson (Swedish TV personality).  But the party started long before then with the 120 guests arriving earlier in the week.  The internet was completely bombarded with pictures of "Z" and his bride along with their guests outfitted in old-fashioned striped bathing suits - it was a pre-wedding party - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO (the start of a "three-day wedding party" to be exact, according to the official Detroit Red Wings website!) with teammates Filippula, Lilja, Franzen, Kronwall, Ericsson, and Lidstrom in attendance to take part in the festivities (UM ... I gotta say it, Lidstrom ... YOW-ZA!)!!

The beautiful and lavish wedding was thanks to the couple's wedding coordinator, TangerDu.

BELOW: VIDEO of the couple (arriving and departing from the church) is below COURTESY OF EXPRESSEN (Extra) Magazine / TV from Sweden; photographer: Stefan Soderstrom.


Speculation is that Sharp's wedding was this past Saturday to college sweetheart, Abby Banever.  I use the word "speculation" because confirmation of this was HARD to come by ... no articles, no twitter, no FB with any word of it LET ALONE PICS of the [obviously very private] celebration.  The only certain thing is that the wedding was set for July according to an article posted this past June

Also in my search, I found the couple listed on the guest of another couple's wedding site [which I'm purposely NOT including a link to respect the couple's privacy] listed as "Mr. Patrick Sharp and Ms. Abigail Banever-Sharp." This makes it look like they are already married ... the odd thing is ... this couple's wedding took place on July 10th ... so could Sharpie and Abby be pulling a fast one with already being married before word got out to the public??  IDK, but be sure that when any further news breaks (pictures leak), it'll be here!!!


stoneyblue said...

would this help? Dated July 18 and the couple listed in upcoming marriages

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The striped bathing suits are a riot!

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